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AT&T Uverse / sales bait & switch

1 Bay City, MI, United States Review updated:

Where do I begin??? the sales agent (whom at&t later blamed for my billing mistake) sold me a bundle package at a 12-month rate of $30-$30-$30/month. I still have the promo offer at&t hung on my door knob, and the signed sales order form on which the sales agent clearly wrote 30-30-30. with two additional receivers ($7/ea per month), my monthly charge should be $104 (again, as written on the sales order form I signed). well, I get my first statement, and of course it is incorrect, stating I owe $49-$30-$30 (+$14 = $123) every month now!!!

Customer service was rude, interrupted me, and also flat out lied to me by telling me the 30-30-30 plan isn't available in michigan! can you believe that, after they hang the promo on my front door! this is a classic bait and switch campaign orchestrated by at&t.

I was told a (one-time) credit would be issued to my bill, but of course, I have no way of knowing until my next bill comes!!! due to the non-existent customer service at at&t, I will continue to post and share my dilemma on as many complaint boards as possible. this posting doesn't even go into the nightmare that was my installation, but I will share that in a different posting/complaint.

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  • Uv
      15th of May, 2009
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    Well, here is the sad part about this. I am in florida and was quoted in Jan 2009 that the 2 extra boxes that I needed were 5$ a piece and that i would be on VoIP telephone which would be 30$ a month. I then call back in the beginning of Feb 2009 to finalize and place my order and scheduled my install for the last Friday of Feb 2009. I again was told the boxes were 5$ a piece and that the VoIP service was 30$ a month. I specifically asked what my total was with all my services combined. I was also quoted a total (with my Uverse and Cell bill combined) would be 220$ a month. When my first monthly bill came in it was 248$ a month which is ok since I figured that taxes and FCC stuff would be about 28$ so I shrugged it off. My wife logged into the site and paid the bill. Now, 2 weeks after paying the bill I get a late notice for $248 that would be due by the 18th of April. This kinda shocked me since I made the payment. I called the billing dept and was informed that the boxes went up to 7$ a month and the $248 was just for my Uverse service (not including my Cell service). I asked him when the boxes went up in price and he told me that in Jan 2009 they sent out a notice to thier customers informing them of the change in price for boxes and that VoIP was not going to be available in my area in Feb 2009 as they said. Now, since I was not a Uverse customer, I never got this letter. The billing guy was nice and did apologize and told me that if i wanted to change my service I had to do it online. When I go online to change my service, it wont let me since I have an outstanding balance. Seems they are going to get me anyway they can.

    Someone needs to tell these sales agents that they are not just trying to get a sale. They are trying to build a relationship with AT&T and they need to inform the customers of all changes and charges. Seems like I got ripped off and the sales person who I sat on the phone with for 4 hours figured its just one more ### to take advantage of. I wonder if there is anything legal I can do to fight this.

  • Wi
      23rd of May, 2009
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    I am sorry for your inconvenience. Here is a solution for you. Even though your understandably upset call the center or the sales person back if you can and get the name of the Regional manager or the General Manager that's what they are there for. They should all have a code as to who your sales person was becuase of your receipt and hopefully you took notes as well. You were pretty explicit in your comment. There are changes being made daily for better service and if given some time there will be some progress as well. The one thing to think about is YOU ARE THE CUSTOMER and that is what MANAGERS are for. If you don't talk to a manager shame on you if you did shame on them if they didn't do anything. The reason for the call center is to verify your account status and if there was a problem that should have been taken care of then. The sales person should help you or refer you to a manager to straighten things out. That type of misfortune makes it bad for the rest of us out there to make an honest living. I would not sell anything to someone that I felt was wrongfully misleading or over thier budget he or she should have known the product better than that as well as the phone center I agree. On the other hand as for the relationship that should be with the customer, this is why, our knowledge is power the sky is the limit, know the product better, also our honesty and our integrity should lie in the relationship with our customers. I wish you well.

    I will keep my eye on the postings

  • Sb
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    I live in California and the same thing has happened to me! I have been dealing with this problem for 8 months now and am about to switch to Comcast or Dish Network even though I love U-verse, it is just going nowhere.
    I also signed up for the $30 $30 $30 deal which was not what I received on my first bill, not even close! They also messed up on my installation by hooking my our U-verse up to the wrong address, that was a whole other dilemma.
    I spoke to many different At&t people for hours at a time, getting passed from person to person, nobody was helping us. Not one person would even let me speak to a manager. Recently I finally was able to talk to a manager and he was so rude and wouldn't give me his badge number and even accused me of lying!
    My father in-law even works for At&t and is a manager for the tech side. He tried to help us and they gave us a $200 rebate only because our first bill was $380 and it was supposed to be $105! The rebate was great and all but we wanted our bill fixed to what they originally sign us up for!
    At&t does not care about their customers and it is obvious they do not care about loosing customers for that matter.

  • At
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    WHAT!?? Shame on you!?? That's what you call customer service?!! Shame on us is right, for being stupid enough for going with a bunch no class idiots like you at AT&T! Eat ### Winnie!

  • Ma
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    I have been dealing with issues from original sales call, misrepresentation of product and installation and what UVerse provided (they did not explain that the phone service was VOIP which would cause problems with a fax machine). I have spoke to numerous reps and have their ID#s only to find out that the next rep only apologizes for the misinformation of the previous rep and will attempt to appease you and talk you into keeping UVerse by offering you a different incentive - that by the way does not happen.

    I just found out that I supposedly am not receiving the $250 gift card that was promised to me because at the last minute the rep changed my order to keeping my phone as a regular landline and not VOIP and bundling the package (promising me the rebate) - which I am now being told I will not be receiving. I told them to pull the "recorded call", but they are now telling me they don't really record all calls...interesting...hmmmm. Funny how they say they when you give the name, ID# and date of call and tell them to pull the call.

    I am also now being told that my bill will be going up approx $67 per month after my 6 months promo is over and that I will not qualify for any more promotions (as promised in previous phone conversations - I also have the ID # of the rep). Let's see what happens in March. I will be cancelling my UVerse if they think they are raising the price of this mess after all I have gone throught.

    I will not give up - I want my rebate and I will do all I can to get it. I do not go quietly. I will call every day if I have to and speak to every manager that works for ATT. They will get so sick and tired of talking to me. If I have to, I might even contact the local paper and see how they feel about ATT pushing their product in the area and not making good on rebates that are promised to customers that have been with ATT for 35 years.

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