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Nashville, Tennessee
United States
How can I begin to explain the nightmare U-Verse has created for me. My initial contact was by Adam, door to door sales. Normally I would not have even answered the door, but I did. Adam did a great job in selling me the U-Verse. I had been having weathered related problems with Direct so when I learned my TV would be delivered through fiber optics I was elated. I told Adam to sign me up. I purchased the U300 pkg with Showtime which included home phone, Internet and TV hookup for 4 TVs with HD and DVR. I was told, in writing, I would receive 2 gift cards worth $50 each. I asked Adam if he thought there would be any problems with my monitored alarm system and he did not think so. My install was scheduled for June 30th.

Problem (1) On Wednesday, June 30th, at 8:00 am an ATT employee knocked on my door and explained he would be checking my lines at the pole to see if I could be connected to U-Verse. He came back in less than 30 minutes and said I did not have the correct wiring or cables, something to that effect, and he was going to check it out and get back with me. The ATT technician (Ryan) to install the U-Verse arrived around 9:30. The previous gentleman had already met him outside and told him that someone from ATT with a bucket truck was coming to install whatever and he could not begin the interior installation until that was complete. It was not too long before a gentleman arrived in this bucket truck. Around 1:30 pm the U-Verse technician was able to begin the install. I was informed this problem was that of the salesman because he did not verify the appropriate lines were there. By the way, I have been a Bellsouth/ATT customer more than 40 years.

Problem (2) I had also contacted my alarm company to be here, while this was going on, to insure my alarm worked. My alarm is less than 2 years old and is digitally compatible. After 2 hours of trying to get my alarm to dial out on the new U-Verse, we contacted the Manufacturer of the alarm and was told it would not work with ATT VO IP nor would approximately 95% of alarm systems in the United States. I became very upset and told the U-Verse technician to stop the install, this was not going to work. Unfortunately he had supposedly already switched me over to U-Verse and could not switch me back. He gave me his supervisor's phone number (Ron) and I contacted him. He told me to call 1800ATT2020. It is 5:00 pm.

Problem (3) It is Wednesday evening June 30th. In contacting the 1800 number I was connected to a very nice gentleman whose name I have forgotten. When I explained my problem he said, we can fix this. We can change your phone back to analog to enable your alarm to dial out and still give you the U-Verse TV and Internet. I was ecstatic. He put me on hold for a few minutes came back and said he had changed my phone back to analog but I would need to give it a few minutes. We discussed monthly fees for the U300 and Analog phone, I was happy with the amount. Thanks and Goodbye.Today is Sunday, July 4th 8:00 pm. and I am still waiting for my phone to be switched to analog.

Problem (4) I contacted Ron and explained that I was keeping the TV and Internet and he said he would come out the next morning ( Thursday July 1st) with Ryan and they would finish the install. They both arrived around 9:00 am. I explained to Ryan what the 1800 operator had said about switching the phone back to analog and his response was, that didn't happen. Ryan and Ron stated a repair technician would have to physically come out and change something out on the pole. Ryan made a change right at the house that also needed to be done to switch me back to analog. Ryan called repair service and they assured him they would be out the next day around 5:00 pm. I called ATT repair on Friday and was told there was nothing in the system for repair to my line but he understood what needed to be done and would put in the order. I was then told it would be Saturday afternoon before they could get to me. Thank You Goodbye. I am still waiting.

Problem (5) After 2 days of watching HD TV and Video on Demand, I was thrilled that I had switched. It is marvelous. However, Sunday morning, July 4th turn on TV, I have no Showtime, I can not record any programs and the programs I had scheduled to record disappeared. I call 1800ATT2020 AGAIN. I was told I had been down graded to the U100 package. When I ask by whom, he didn't know. He said if I didn't make the change it must be a glitch. He put me on hold, came back said he had turned in an upgrade back to the U300 but it could take 24 hours because it is a holiday. Thank you. Goodbye

Problem (6) A few minutes later I tried to scheduled recording for my shows on my DVD player only to find it had been disconnected. I call the 1800 number back and was told that it did not go through the ATT box like Direct. This man offered to talk me through connecting my DVD but since I am technically challenged I said no. He saw where the upgrade had been put in and I ask him if I could speak to a supervisor and speed up the change. Shortly a Supervisor came on line and tried to reboot my system but to no avail. He to said due to the holiday there was no one in that department to change it and it would take 24 hours.

Problem (7) My daughter arrives home and neither of her TVs work on the ATT network but display some error message. ONCE AGAIN I call the 1800 number. This time the individual transferred me to Dallas. A wonderful gentleman named Jamel (JR790N) fixed my TV problem without me waiting 24 hours. FINALLY I talked to someone who CARES and who does not pass the buck. I even asked Jamel about my analog phone line situation. Guess what he said he did not know how to help me. How refreshing that he admitted he did not know. He gave me a number to contact and I was told I am scheduled for repair on Wednesday July 7th. Problem (8) I am leaving town on Tuesday morning and will not be able to set my Alarm because I was passed off to other people who had no clue how to help me.
Monday July 5th. An ATT repair guy stops by to see what is wrong. He informs me he can fix it at my house until the U-Verse releases it. It is a holiday and I will have to wait until tomorrow to call that in.
Tuesday July 6th call in requesting that my phone be swithed back from U-Verse to standard analog No problem will do.
Wednesday recieve a call from Tim the repair guy telling me that U-Verse never completed the install of my U-Verse in their system so it can not be changed until that is done which should be by Tuesday July 13th.
Wednesday July 14th Call U-Verse phone has been ported back no problems but I have to call someone else to come to my house and transfer the line. I did, was told it will take 7-10 days.
It is now 2 weeks later and I still can not get my phone switched back to analog. I attempted to place the order(for the 5th time) today only to get an email with the order confirmation of a telephone number no where near mine.

I emailed a customer support Manager (John Montgomery) about my problems on July 4th. I recieved an email from him on July 5th saying he was sorry and would forward my
email to someone else so no one would have to endure this problem again. I AM WAITING TO HAVE MINE SOLVED
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N  27th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too have had an interesting run with at&t. I was sold the u-verse package, but cancelled the tv service less than 30 days later because the tv kept freezing up during the world series! TV, DONE.

Then, about a month later I recognized that I didn't need the uverse phone service just to run my fax (I use my cell phone while at home almost exclusively). I called to cancel my uverse phone, and asked that my simple $18 per month analog phone line be returned. They cut off my uverse phone, and said that they would send out an analog tech to return my analog service. I now know that these two entities are not the same, and that their communication with each other is almost non-existent.

I have been waiting since December for my analog phone to work, and was recently told that I would have to pay for re-installation which will include a per-jack charge for every phone jack in my home.

All of this, AND they have been billing me every month for an analog signal that they know that I am not able to use right now! They apologized, and gave me a credit, which they are now using to pay the ongoing billing for a phone line that doesn't work in my home. Neat.

I spoke with an analog installation supervisor tonight, and was told that I would need to have the tech come out and re-install my phone jacks, one at a time, and then take the installation bill and contact customer service to dispute the bill where they are going to charge me to undo their uverse rat's nest and replace it with my old, existing wiring (PER JACK!!!).

She was nice enough to remind me that if I had the inside line service contract that this would all be free to me, and when I told her that I have had the service since 1997 she then informed me that as soon as I had uverse installed it cancelled my inside line service contract automatically. Wow, thanks for that!

I'm looking forward to at least another 1-2 months of customer service disputing, where I am almost certain to come out behind at&t.

Why can't Pac Bell just come back?!
N  15th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I setup service with an ATT rep. yesterday for a service technician to be at my home between 4PM and 9PM. I called at 8:30PM wondering where the technician was and they told me they've overbooked. This is not the first time this has happened and to add insult to injury they make it almost impossible to talk to a real person.
I left work 3hrs early to be at home for this and lost 3hrs pay and all they can tell me is that I can setup another meeting.
N  17th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
We knew this contract was going to be an issue from day one. First, the connection and installation too 5 hours and a patchy work connecting the voice part of the package resulting in wires tacked to walls in our garage and holes being drilled in the walls. First day we lost service and a technician had to come back out. Five days later no service once again and a service call had to be made. Guess what, they wanted to charge us over $100 for a service man to come out and we had to argue the point that we had not had service for a full week yet and were experiencing service issues with no channels coming through any of the boxes. Fast forward to three weeks into our service contract and the company will not honor parts of the promo service contract we were supposed to receive for signing up. After calling to discuss the issue we were told that it was in our account notes only to be told once transferred to the rewards department that were we liars. We received our first bill only to find out that they are charging us 2 months of service, service we have not even received yet. Of course we called right away to the very unhelpful service center to be passed around to 5 different service tech, none who could offer any assistance, only to be hung up on by the service manager. We ended up calling back to talk to another 3 people who continued to talk to us like we are uneducated and could not read or understand their bill. After and 1 1/2 on the phone, we discovered that on signing up the salesman should have disclosed the initial bill would be 2 months worth and that the customer service reps were not able or willing to assist us. Do not waste your time with ATT u-verse. Hidden undisclosed charges and terrible services are not worth the price for their services.

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