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AT&T U - Verse / at&t u-verse lack of training and professionism

1 PO Box 5014Carol Stream, IL, United States

U-verse account number: [protected]

To whom it may concern:

I am an at&t wireless iphone user, but never use at&t other service before and I wanted to give at&t internet a the month of august, at&t had dsl elite promotion for $20 a month, which I called to sign up at august 11th. however, at&t representative told me my home address no longer offer dsl service. instead, she promise $250 gift card for sign up the u-verse internet service and $100 rebate for modem. I believe what she said and agree to sign up without hesitation.

Initially, at&t missed appointment schedule at august 27th for no explanation. I took off & loss a day's pay to wait for the technician who never appear. finally, after persistent calls to at&t during night, they finally sent someone and got it installed at august 28th.

Late september, I received the first bill and found out the monthly price is higher than expected. called at&t u-verse customer service immediately and was told they can not honor the $250 gift card promotion which was promised earlier. instead, I was instructed to close the account, return the modem and ignore the bill I received since I am qualified for full refund. I followed the instruction and returned the modem, then totally put whole thing behind me.

But starting from december, I start to get credit collection agency call for owning at&t money ~$180. I was very angry and called at&t at dec 14th. I talk with representative, followed by manager (melinie). they agreed to remove $100 modem charge only, because I indeed sent it back by usps. but they insist on the rest $80 since they do not have any record in their system that I am qualified for either gift card promotion or full refund. I nicely asked them to go over the recording of each conversation, and they will find the proof that I am the victims in both cases. "at&t is large corporations and representatives do make mistakes, which we are not responsible", I was told. now, I have no choice but escalate the issue. hope it will get addressed by professional manner.

In summary:

1. at&t either does not train the representatives sufficiently or they are instructed to mislead customers.

2. I get in-consistent information from every representative. the first person use $250 gift card promotion to sign me up on u-verse internet; the second person does not honor the offer but agree to cancel the service and give me full refund; the last person, melinie, does not honor both offers, and insist I pay for at&t's mistake.

3. at&t miss initial installation date for no any single reason or call. I lost 1 days pay for nothing.

4. what I get is time and aggravation spent talking to representatives to address the issue.

5. finally, I still receive morning and/or night call from credit collection agency every day.

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