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AT&T: U - Verse And Reward Center / bad service and not fulfilling reward

1 Saint Louis, MO, United States

At&t u-verse was installed on september 18, 2010. I now have their "cable, " internet and home phone. I have been plagued with problems ever since coming from inside at&t - not with my actual service. It seems that none of these departments knows what they're doing.

I first had trouble with on demand, but I had to go through [3] technicians and a few days before anything was fixed. It was terribly annoying and frustrating because two of these folks didn't know what they were doing. They were clueless. Then, I receive a notice in the mail saying my email account is being shut down. So, had to call.

The person I called in u-verse support told me everything would be okay and it wasn't being shut down at all. He didn't know why I received the notice.

Then, I receive a notice telling my "special promo rate" was being withdrawn for I had canceled my cell phone with them and that that would drop me below having three products with them - what it took to qualify for the promo. Which, my cell phone service with them was the fourth product and now even included in the calculation for the promo. So, had to call again.

This lady assured me my rate would remain and again, didn't know why I received the notice. But, in speaking with this lady, I mentioned receiving the notice about my email address and she said yes, there is a problem. So, she transfered me to tech support and they finally fixed the problem. Had I not by accident mentioned that to this lady, I would have lost my email.

Now it is five weeks since I received a notice that I qualified for a reward because of all the services and to check online - - which I did on oct. 5 and redeemed my reward. Today is november 4th, the day it was to mail but it is showing still in process. So, I call again!!!

Turns out, customer service has just decided not to give me the reward for I signed up for 3 services and have the promo rate. Uhhhh, didn't you know that immediately when I qualified for the reward back at the end of september??? I truly believe with all my heart that this company is deliberately ripping people off from their rewards. I mean, they just spoke about my reward and decided not to give it to me.

That phrase was actually said to me by kathleen in their reward center.

When you go online and sign up for the promotions, you receive a promo rate (The more products you bundle - the less you pay) and it will tell you what reward you qualify for. So, why am I denied? And just suddenly, happenstance so?

As bad as charter her in st. Louis is, i'd stick with them if I were a customer. I am seriously considering totally switching back.

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