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I never signed up for AT&T support plus, but it was added to my bill at $5 a month. I requested that it be removed from my account and the payments refunded. AT&T agreed to remove it from my account and refund 3 months $15. My next bill showed the $15 credit, but then they charged me another $5 for the service again!

Oct 11, 2013
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      Mar 09, 2014

    March 9, 2014

    Yes, i have a similar situation with At&T with this support plus. Since i had signed up with paperless billing i had gotten in a bad habit of checking my bill regularly. i had missed a couple of months with just paying my bill then checked it next month and noticed this support plus charge of $15, then noticed they had been charging me for this for a while. i was furious, like what the hell is support plus? I work as a tech support manager for a software company and would never sign up for this to begin with. I called At&t to find out what it was and did not get much of an answer but was told that it would be taken off my bill as well as never to be charged with it again. I was support plus free for a while then noticed that it mysteriously resurfaced on my bill again and again!! i again, had to use my valuable time to call at&t and jump through all of the hoops to finally talk to a poor soul who has to work for this company. They were nice to give me a $100 debit card as well as reimburse me for something that i had never signed up for to begin with. i then get next months bill and guess what showed up on this bill?? No, it was not another $15 charge for support plus but a $10 charge for Support Plus Early Termination Fee!! I have had it with this company. i will again call At&t to get this off my bill, but will also tell them I plan on calling the St. Louis news team to get them on the 5 o'clock news to report the despicable, immoral company practices they have and still are practicing. It amazes me how they are able to get away with billing their customers for all of these illegitimate charges!! It would not surprise me at all if I get this taken care of and then find another $15 support plus charge next month along with a few more illegitimate charges. They will hear from me about this before it happens again!!

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      Jun 28, 2019

    It's slow to upload and sometimes it doesn't at all. When it does.. sometime it doesn't scan correctly. When it completes a scan.. sometimes it stays on buffering and doesn't stop. You have to completely disable it and reset it!
    That's a pain in the ass that I'm paying for.

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