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AT&T / service

1 Avon, United States Review updated:

AT&T assured me prior to installation, that the internet speed would support my four homeschooled children. I explained that they would use video streaming, and would all need connectibility at the same time. We had problems DAILY. We could not even connect at times. Most of the time they couldn't watch their videos- connection was just too slow! I called NUMEROUS times to try to get the problem resolved. We had service techs back to our house on two occasions. After trying to get problem resolved, I had no choice but to cancel service. That's when another set of problems arose: The date that service was to be terminated came and went and service was still on. I returned all equipment (via UPS, per instructions)(I have receipt for all), and reps for AT&T say they show where it was returned, but service wasn't cancelled. Wow. I am now dealing with ongoing billing issues. I spoke with one supervisor (after requesting one on several occasions), who assured me they would remove balance due- even early termination fee, after all this was a problem with THEIR service. I continue to receive bills (and daily automated calls) for past due bill. The employee names and ID numbers of reps I managed to get are: Jonathan JK372B, Jenny JD0818, and Michael 992P. I have questioned whether these are actual employee names and ID's as SEVERAL times I would ask for them (after being told bill would be "taken care of, but it's a lengthy process", only to be told they could not give their name/ID due to "security purposes". Unbelievable. I have NEVER had a more frustrating experience dealing with a company. Prior to my move, I was with Comcast for ten years. Perfect service always. I am also an AT&T wireless customer (for 20 years), and will be canceling that service as well. I have never had problems with the wireless service but the home services has turned me against AT&T.

May 17, 2015
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  • Mo
      11th of Jun, 2011
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    Dear Sir/Madam
    I travel first time in Qatar Aiways to Jeddah/Doha/CMB on april. The service of qatar airways and hospitality of crew are the worst I have ever seen, Also foods are nothing. Your airlines overwhelming about 5 star level but nothing is there. You must give good care to your customer, we are not going without paid. reply


  • Su
      24th of Jun, 2011
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    I went to walmart at the beginning of the week to get my tire fixed. It had 2 screws in it. The mechanic showed me the tire and said it wasnt repairable. I need a new tire. I had someone give me money to buy 2 new front tires so i went back to walmart to buy the tires knowing it would be cheaper for me there. I asked them to put the 2 new tires on the front of my car. They said nobody is in the bays so I could get my car right in and it would take 1hr. I noticed the bays were empty and the mechanics were just talking . I came back 1 hr later and the car wasnt in the garage yet and the mechanics were still standing there talking. I was upset i had a handycapp man with me and he wanted to go home. The guy at the counter said ok they will take your car in now and it would be 30 more min. So i walked around the store some more and was being paged by them to come get my car it was done. I went there and they said they couldnt get the luggnuts off 1 tire.So they couldnt put the new tires on. I was devistated. The next day i called them to see what tire they couldnt get off and they said ok you can come in and the mechanics decided to put the tires on anyways knowing how upset i was the day before. I decided not to go back there cause i dont have the time again for the long wait. I feel they were very disrespectful and the mechanics were doing nothing but chatting the whole time i was waiting . This is bad business and i will never take my car there again.

  • Jp
      27th of Jun, 2011
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    My Jeep broke down and Bosch requested I pay R28700 into Jeep's account for a new engine. So I did. After 2 weeks Jeep informed me that Bosch cancelled the order and only wanted a piston. Bosch requested the balance to be paid into Bosch account. Jeep refused and informed me immediatly. After 2 months of no vehicle I submitted a complaint at Bosch head office. They assured me the problem will be resolved. Every week I had to hear next week your car will be fixed. By my own investigation I found that this dealership is in financial trouble and had to lay off people (thus the reason for instructing Jeep to pay money into their account???) Now after 5 (five) months I still dont have me car and was just informed that I need to by a water pump. Nothing was wrong with the water pump in the first place! I have rented a car for more than 2 months, borrowed a car for another two months and payed 5 installments on a Jeep I dont have. I bought myself another car now as I was forced to do so, putting financial strain on my family. If Bosch told me in the beginning they could not fix the car I would have taken it to Jeep, it would have been cheaper!!!

  • Ta
      8th of Jul, 2011
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    Dear Concern

    Myself is Tajinder Singh & I am an owner of a Hyundai Verna CRDI VGT, sept 2009, Model, Registration No. CH04-K-3068, engine no. MAJBXXMRJB8B42507. This car has been purchased from JOSHI MOTORS, Industrial Area Mohali. I have few concerns regarding the vehicle which was not resolved by your Dealer M/s Joshi Motors Mohali, My concerns for the vehicle are as follows:

    I have Done all the services in company authorized dealer at JOSHI MOTORS -Mohali. As well the car is under warranty But JOSHI Motors not proficient to resolve the problems as follow;

    1. In 29 June 2011 I went to JOSHI Motors Mohali at 10 AM for car fourth service. Whatever they suggested to me about the car remedy, without any question I gone for it as this is related to car performance. After long time has been vanished then I called the services manager and they started work at 4 PM. This is called time management. Major one is unethical work done by JOSHI mechanical team. When, they were tried to open the air filter unit there was one bolt attached with battery substructure plait during the same they damage the part so badly then I went to the general Manager and described the whole story but what happened in next he given the instruction to mechanic to open the entire unit and paste that bolt through fewink quick as I raised up objection about manual amendment as my car is under warranty to replace the substructure plait but GM and Mr. Mehta who is manage the warranty section clearly refused to replace the damage part. Then & there I taken some photograph of specific part, which has been attached for your assistance to know about how your authorized work station doing the pathetic work. Under the influence of management they are not doing mark able work and they always try to sell third party products to deliberately increase the profit and staff always put more efforts towards earn the incentive part which is calculated on third party product.

    2. They are lease bother about customer complaints which was mentioned in Job card.

    3. Even in paid service they are not able to clean car, as filthy inside after proper washing. Photo has been attached for your reference.

    I am keeping lots of expectation from you to resolve my painful problems Kindly tell me the perfect or ethical work station who resolves my car predicament as I do not have an adequate amount of time to write the email and call on customer care.

    I have driven Maruti Zen for last 7 year, from year 2000 to 2008, but I have never faced such kind of problem with the car. Not even to me, I have recommended the Verna to my cousin too, he is also facing a lot of troubles with the car. But now I am regretting that why I have gone for this car?? This is my first car, being a middle class person it was more expensive but I geared up my mind about the same. I have numerous unforgettable movements where my VERNA has also contributed to become my event extraordinary furthermore performance is overwhelming.

    I would like to give an advise, if you will take the necessary action to enhance the dealer network as well as keep some quality check or randomly monitor, cause of it Hyundai image get effected.

    Thanking You,

    Tajender Singh

  • Wa
      21st of Jul, 2011
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    I have been a regular customer at Starbucks in Ennis, Texas for going on 2 years now. I am a quiet-natured person who usually communicates as minimally as possible. For the most part, I have had a pleasant experience, but this morning I had an issue with an apparent disgruntled employee, whom I know as Don (who was at this time in charge of making the drinks).

    I ordered my regular tall mocha. I waited and waited (for about 15-20 minutes...there were no other customers waiting for their drinks for at least the latter part of 10 minutes), and I finally approached the counter again. This then. By this time I am standing by the counter and Don was just standing there sipping a drink through a straw. His manner of disrespect was quite obvious!

    When Don noticed that I was standing there, he made some excuse that he "thought" I had ordered something different this time (or something to that effect). About an additional 5-10 minutes later he placed my drink on the counter. It was the worst mocha that I ever had with a VERY FUNNY TASTE to it. Normally a tall mocha has a whipped topping, this one did not.

    Once again I approached the counter and spoke with the short-haired lady that took my order before & explained the taste of my drink to her. This time I ordered a strong coffee (due to the fact that I couldn't see what Don was doing behind the counter). She apologized again & said that the coffee is on Starbucks & that she also bring me a free drink coupon. When she came over to where I was sitting, I asked her where I could go to make a report to Starbuck & she said she didn't know. I asked if it could be & she said "probably." I told her that I am going to make a report, but not about her. She on to say, "this is Don's last day here." I told her that I knew something was going on, but I wasn't sure what.

    Now that Don had caught my attention I sat there and watched & listened for any observation of any vindictive behaviors toward me (due to the fact that by this time he was aware that I was visibly upset). Don started making several under-the-radar comments, seemingly for my benefit, like "I get off at 5:30" (as if to say "if you want to fight, I get off at 5:30"). I don't deserve this kind of treatment!

  • Se
      22nd of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I believe that whoever sheepishly posted the prior complaint was just someone who decided they did not want to pay their bill. Otherwise there would be many more complaints on the internet for this organization which has been around since 1986. Just saying. Watch what you read on the net as most people are just vindictive smear merchants who cower behind anonymity. This biz has treated me right and it's just not fair that people can be so irresponsible. Look out because you could be next! What comes around goes around just google yourself!

  • Ma
      11th of Aug, 2011
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    AT&T ConnectTech - is a joke. Wish I had kept tract of the hours sitting in front of the computer. watching a "professional technician" working to clear up my problem. The last time as Monday 08/08/11 - after SEVEN Hours, I was told to reinstall XP. Needless to say, I was livid. I was asked if I was satisfied with the work what was done - I said
    "absolutely not" and disconected. I then called a local PC Repairman - for $40 he repired the problem in less than an hour. He then noticed that I did not have any Security Software - WHICH WAS THERE BEFORE THE
    "professional tech" started working. This service is a rip-off, they are no better than scamers, and will always speak against this service to anyone who is thinking of using this service. I tried to cancel, and was told that I would have to pay $80.00 for "early termination". I questioned the "supervisor" about how I signed up for a "contract". She indicated that they would have to find the recording - where I agreed - and it would take 7=10 working days. I told her that if I had been told of the "contract" I would have never agreed. I NEVER - EVER agree to a contract. I have the same cell phone package from 2005 - 29.95 and am constantly being asked to update - but will have to agree to a two year contract. Needless to say, my answer is alway no thank you.

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