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AT&T / lies from at&t

1 206 Tuten DriveParsons, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 7317338602

OMG so I am totally getting the run around from AT&T about my refund status. I just got cellphone service with them on 7/14/08. I choose to get 2 Blackberry Pearls from them. The order total came to $175.18. They told me my phones would be here by 7/17/08. 7/17/07 arrives any I am really excited. The UPS guy calls me to get directions to my house and I tell him. No less than 10 minutes later he calls me back to inform me that AT&T has ordered them to stop shipment on the phones and that I need to call them asap. So I am kinda mad and really confused at this point. Keep in mind I bought and paid for these phones. So I call AT&T and get a rep. They connect me with their fraud department who informs me they had a problem with the address on the account and needed it confirmed that's why they stopped the order. I was like omg, you guys had no right stopping a set of phones that I bought and paid for with my bank account. They tell me they are sorry for it and said I had to order a whole new set of phones and replace the order again. I was like I am not gonna pay for these phones again. They said that's fine, however, then you must wait for these other phones to get back to our warehouse then we will send them back. I was like no way. They said ok sir then you have to order a new set of phones. So I asked them what about my first order? They inform me not to worry, that when the first order got back to their warehouse they would refund my bank account the original $175.18. So i was like ok place another order. So I payed another $175.18 and the order was shipped out. I got them the next day and activate dmy phones and everything looked to be going good. NOT! I get a email Monday saying the first order of phones was received back at the warehouse and that I can expect my refund with 5-7 days. 7 days passed and stil nothing. So i called them back and the told me no it usually takes 8-10 days. So I call them back after the 10th day and they tell me No sir it takes 10-14 days. At this point i am frustrated and demand to speak with a supervisor. They say ok please hold while I go get them. So I hold for like 10 secs and she disconnects me. I was really mad now. I called back and got another guy after like being 15 mins on hold. I demand to speak with his supervisor and he says ok let me go get him. He puts me on hold too and came back on like every 2 minutes to tell me wait a minute sir hes coming in just a sec. After the third time he back back on and put me on hold again he hung up on me. I was some kind of mad now. I call them back this time the persons transfers me to their manager. he acts really stupid and keeps avoiding my question of where in the world is my like $175.00 So i demand to speak with his boss, he tells me he will have to make a referral and he should call me back within the next 1-2 days. I was so mad at this point i decided to file a complaint with the BBB. I really didn't know what else to do at this point. this is the highest level of customer disrespect I have ever seen from a company before. i was with T-mobile and my contract was up with them. I should have stayed with them. AT&T got me with their commercials on the fewest dropped calls. Thats true... but at what price we got to pay for this? I want my money back and to be frank with you I only had them about 20 days and i have 10 more to decide if I will stay with them and get locked in at a 2 year contract. I think when I speak to them next time i tell them either help me and stop hanging up on me or I will cancel my service with you guys right now. What else really can I do at this point? What would you guys recommend?

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  • Sh
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Same with me. been waiting for like 4 months for my $99.87 still nothing. I filed complaint with BBB too and they got me results. ATT called me today to tell me they just sent the money back to my bank and my bank said its a pending deposit so it looks like justice will be served. You did the right thing with going with BBB. Goodluck and keep us updated.

  • La
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    First of all...the BBB does nothing. It was a mere coincidence that you got results after talking to them. Do you realize that companies pay the BBB to be isn't something that is bestowed upon them. should never have paid for that second set of phones and although your right, you have 30 days to cancel...if you think getting one refund is bad...getting this second one is going to be a nightmare plus even though you are within the 30 days, don't be surprised if you get hit with the $250 fee for contract cancellation. My only advise is to keep calling...keep calling and keep calling. Insist on a supervisor on the spot...NO CALL BACK!! When u get the supervisor...get his name & number and then follow up with him again w/in 48 yrs. Good luck!

  • Jo
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    Sir, we will be able to assist you if you call us about your rebate status. We have been in a slump for awhile regarding rebates but we are back in the swing of things now. If i understand you correclty you are wanting a rebate for your Blackberry Phone .Ok well as long as it hasn't been past 90 days, we will be able to assist you in this matter. If it has been you will need to call the manufacter and tell them your IMEI number sir. This is located inside your phone underneath the battery area usually. If you have any questions please give us a call at 1800-866-1514 M-F 8am-10pm EST. Blackerry rebates range from 50-$100 rebates.

    If you report this to the BBB, we will let them handle the issue and we guarantee you will not get any refund from us, until that investigation is over and we know the outcome. We reserve the right to charge you a fee of $50 for our investigation teams inqury into your issue, so its's best you call us to try and solve the issue and don't them involved. Catch my drift, Sir?

    Hope this helps you, and thank you for chossing AT&T as your wireless service provider and we want you to know you made the right choose!

  • Jo
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    UPDATE...I just owned AT&T and called them the very minute they opened. LOL
    I got the supervisor almost instantly. Her name was Angelina Gale her rep ID was AG893-K.
    So when you guys ask for a supervisor mention her name and ID. LOL I got the ID off of another post here at this site. I called exaclt at 7:59 am EST 1 minute before they open. Went through the blah blah and was connected right on time with a Rep who helped me. She instantly transfered me to Angelina Gale, who was a royal pain at first, but after I told her I was hella gonna cancel my service and report them to the BBB, she changed her tune. I told her I knew her ID and name so she was sucking up after that. I will have me refund within 1-3 business days. So by Tuesday it will be mine. Thank you god. And I even got my grandson another phone and they are sending a prepaid envelope to me to send the Blackberry Pearl in for exhange! TY god. You guys the lesson here is call them right when they open. 8 am eastren time baby and use Angelinas ID LOL she goona flip after veryone starts calling her lol. Tell her Josh sent ya lol.

  • La
      31st of Jul, 2008
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    You go Josh but let's just wait and see how long it takes you to get the prepaid enveloped and ultimately your CREDIT!!

  • Ro
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    AT&T dsl standalone (called dry loop) is not payable online, the company does not have the technology in place to pay your bill online. I have tried for 6 weeks to pay the bill online and nearly 12 hours of phone calls for someone at at&t to finally tell me this. I do not have paper checks and haven't had any for a couple of years, all my bills are paid online. I have AT&T cell phones that are paid for online and do not have a problem paying that bill, now I have a late charge because I can't pay online.

    A company as big as AT&T and they can't accept an online payment is absurd, they are the link between my bank and my creditors that I pay using online banking. On the paper bill it states that to pay your bill online go to, but you can't pay for dsl unless you have a landline phone number. The information given on the bill is false and misleading if you only have dsl.

  • Bo
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    AT&T (and maybe other carriers) have colluded with cruise lines to charge exorbitant rates for telephone service aboard ship even when still in sight of land. The Cruise Roaming charges occur without notification whenever the cruise line has the system active. I called AT&T customer service and questioned them about the service and they assured me there was no way to decline or avoid the charges and no way to set the phone to avoid roaming. In my case the charges were about $60 for 20 minutes or so (for calls made within sight of Los Angeles). I can imagine some people getting billed for hundreds (or even thousands) for a service they never requested. As soon as my contract is up (pretty soon now) I'm going to get a prepaid phone so I will be able to limit my losses as the phone companies get creative with new ways to rip me off. For now, I suggest people turn their phone off whenever they are within 100 yards of a cruise ship (even if it is at dock) and not use the phone aboard ship at all.

  • Sh
      14th of Apr, 2009
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    I am disabled, I live on income that is per Washington state far below the poverty level. I live alone and out in the country where I can afford to live cheaply. I needed an emergency phone, since I cannot afford a land line and a cell I made a choice and began searching the best deals; since I could not go out to a store to talk to someone I used the internet and my land line.

    AT&T seemed to be very nice and have the best deals for my income (not being able to afford and not wishing to be locked into a contract) I looked at the 'Go Phone'. I liked what I saw to some extent and proceeded to get help from the 'chat now help agent'.

    After over an hour explaining my issues and what I wanted she 'Assured' me she had the answers I went further saying I 'required a guarantee' for any and all money spent as I could not go further without it, she said no problem, that as long as I sent it all back within a month under their terms and conditions which I read (she directed me to them) and agreed too I would get all the money back.

    SO of course it did not work out I got my money back for the phone but have spent so far a total of 3 days and almost 13 hours trying to get the rest back (140.00 and some change).

    I met all of their terms BUT what they no-one bothered to tell me was that if you buy a Go Phone OR ANY Prepaid phone from AT&T you are NOT entitled to ANY money back on the minutes.When Christine/the rep. who sold me the package made me the guarantee (I took a snapshot and have it saved) and told me to read the return policy it was not for the Go Phone it was in the regular area for contracts as that is where we were looking for the phone I wanted.

    I have explained countless times the situation to them and they said and I quote 'to bad lady those are the rules, I am sorry you were mislead our sales people often do that but there is nothing I can do'.

    One guy even said I was crazy and laughed when I asked for a supervisor, when I said I was going to contact the BBB this place and the state attorney general he laughed and gave me his name and ID#.

    This story is much longer and uglier but I am literally sick because of all the stress it has caused me, I am going to follow through with the steps to get the word out there I am sure I am not the only one who has been treated like this by AT&T I am making sure that everyone knows how they have treated a disabled poor person who was trying to make her life a little bit safer and now is out the money that I went without to make that happen and will never see and as if that is not bad enough they treat you like you are a piece of garbage.

  • Ma
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    AT&T - Terrible company
    United States

    Scott Barth and Philip McGahey are two very good con artists when it comes to selling the alleged 'online marketing services' by These guys will lie and tell you whatever they think you want to hear in order to make the sale.

    I have a witness in the meeting where they came into our offices and promised us thousands of leads for our business. After more than 1 month they delivered just 1! has apparently, out of desperation to compete with the likes of google, trains their sales people to lie, cheat, steal, whatever they can do to convince the 'customer' to sign on the dotted line.

    Their program is designed around deception and false promises. Scott Barth and Phil McGahey of, Yellow Pages Internet marketing, etc. have the business model of dinosaurs. In other words, when you have an inferior product or service, do whatever it takes, including misrepresenting your service, hell lie if you have to, just lock businesses into 1 year contracts.

    Think about this - if their service was any good, people would naturally continue doing business with them without being forced to stay in a long term arrangement that they coerce people into...

    Stay away from these liars con artists, what have you, beware of!!!

  • Sc
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dear Sheyla, I am so sorry to hear you were treated that way. And here I thought I was being mistreated ( That is no to treat someone in your state let alone anyone. I hope your situation is resolved.

  • Th
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    We have been without phone service in our bedroom since December 5th because AT&T in their infinate wisdom cannot get it together enough to get you connected to the right person who can help you. When you ask for a supervisor you get put on hold for up to one hour I'm sure so you will quit trying. I decided not to quit one day and spent 3 hours on the phone with these Yahoo's. Nobody at the phone service department had the brains enough to help us out and to this day we remain out of service in our bedroom which we pay for monthly like a good customer. My wife is disabled and uses the bedroom as sort of her office and she has been without for quite some time not to mention God forbid something should happen to her while she is in the bedroom and she cannot dial out.

    I'm sure AT&T has great lawyers however some day the little guy is going to win and I hope they wipe them out of business.

    Looks like we will be calling Verizon and hope for the best.

  • Re
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am sorry that you are not happy with I was looking online and found a website called I went to the website and found that your business can have an ebillboard for FREE. I was talking to my friend Rob. He told me that he has a ebillboard and likes it.

  • Sa
      13th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    at&t liers they stooln my $100 gift card and they billed me twice, I stopped service with them, Please be careful dono`t ever deal with them

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