AT&Tno customer service at all

The customer service is garbage. I joined at&t mobile a year ago. After having multiple issues (No text delivered, no wireless service, phone calls that don't go through, iphones freezing I decided to get to the bottom of this and called 611. What a frigging mistake. They want to do "troubleshooting" to solve an issue that is at&t's issue not mine. I am in a metropolitan area nyc!! So every time I have an issue I have to call 611 and start trouble shooting!!!??? This is #!! I was with verizon for 8 years and never had one of these issues at all forget about "trouble shooting??!!! So I got a corporate phone number and thought well they will help me get this resolved. At this point I wanted them to take back both phones and 2 tablets (Which we don't use) without any cost to me and my wife. Well when I got a call back from the # from the presidents corporate phone call guess what happened??? He wanted to know what my"issue"was!!! I said I have multiple issues. He said can you tell me one of your issues and so I explained to the # that all of my complaints were on record if he had read them before he called me he might know ahead of time what my issue where. So I told him I have had texts not delivered, phones freezing up, phone calls that won't go through.. Now he start saying in order to help me he can troubleshoot my issues. So I explain one of the issues and he starts to check his system. Now he asks me when my phone call didn't go through where was i?? I said 5 miles from my house on my way to the hospital!! I needed to make an important emergency call and the message says can't be completed!! I was livid!! So now he tells me well sometimes you will not get service???!!! I am in a metropolitan area I told him!! I should not be having any of these issues at all. So at this point I am steaming mad. I said well you offered to troubleshoot my issues and I told you what they were so start troubleshooting!! Now he starts to back off the troubleshooting and basically starts to quote from their agreement that they"don't" guarantee coverage??? So after a few choice words he says their is nothing he can do for me with all my issues and #ful customer service over the last 8 months because my phone is working now??? This guy is out of his mind!! So I said so what if I have another issue tomorrow next week next month are you going to expect me to help at&t troubleshoot their issues with my service. Bottom line!! This guy could give a # either way! So as we all know all cell carriers are nothing but greedy crooks who lie and bait and switch people every day!! Google complaints and you will see the long list of complaints will all of their services. This is why cell carriers and cable tv companies have the worst customer service on the planet. And the best the fcc and congress can do is to make them richer with the recent ruling where they can sell you history information for a profit!! As if they are not wealthy enough now they want to profit off your history info and leave you with # customer service!!!??? How nice of them!! They all suck!!

May 19, 2017

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