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AT&T / at&t mail in rebate

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

Well i upgraded my internet service to AT&T High speed internet in May and with it i got a new router for 79.99. They told me it would have a mail in rebate for $49.99. I sent it in a day after i got my router and waited for 3months till my first call. They told me to wait an additional 4-6 weeks until i received my rebate. I waited then called them once more and they told me they would ESCALATE it to their supervisor. I called again 6 weeks later and they said there were some problems with the system and i would receive my check in 10-12 weeks. I waited and called again and they said they didnt know what was going on and they would ESCALATE it to their supervisor.I waited about 6 more weeks and called back and they said they didnt know why it still had not been mailed and they would immediately ESCALATE this to their supervisor. I told her to tell her supervisor to please give me a call and she said she would and even gave me a case number. So in conclusion, its been 8 months and still no 49.99 rebate form me.

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  • Da
      28th of Dec, 2007
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    I have also been getting the run around from AT&T about my $50 equipment rebate. I am highly suspicious that this is a tactic used by AT&T in hopes that most people will simply forget about the rebate. I will not forget!!!

    I am considering a class action law suit against them for false advertisment and fraudulent marketing practices. Are you interested?

  • Ma
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    Apparently we (consumers) have no one watching our backs when it comes to any cell phone companies, rebates "upgrades". I have written to my Senator and have not received even an acknowledgement. Surely there is an eager lawyer out there willing to take on AT&T. They promote "eligibility to upgrade" (which ends up costing us money and additional fees). They price their phone really high so that you have to sign a new contract in order to afford the phone.Their rebate system is fraught with specific qualifiers that make the rebate nearly impossible to get. The "rebate" is a Visa card which many merchants will not accept and which expires in 4 months... Plus let's look at those minute-wasting messages that we have to sit thru before leaving a voicemail message. I would LOVE to be part of a class action suit againist these jerks. But remember, it's an election year and AT&T probably stuff the pockets of our fine representatives and senators. COUNT ME IN IF YOU FIND SOMEONE WILLING TO BRING SUIT AGAINST at&t.

  • Dg
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I've got three expired cards in my wallet - they were hard to use, even harder to get balances on (since they are accross two phone lines). I wish I could have some recourse.

  • Va
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    AT&T has found yet another way to steal money from people. We bought a pay as you go phone from radio shack (an authorized dealer) instead of monthly minutes you're supposed to add money when your account gets low. They don't inform you when you buy the phone and add your original deposit that after 90 days if you don't add money they completely take all of your deposit... in my case $31.00 in other cases this could be $500 or more

    You wont find this information on the packaging or anywhere inside the manuals... Even worse, they will argue and lie on the phone about 'company policy' not allowing them to return these credits they stole.

    I understand cell company's not returning unused minutes but these Go phones are not under contract and the terms and conditions should be clearly stated BEFORE you have made the purchase. AT&T must be getting millions in extra income by this new scam

    P.S... Michelle Arnold is the customer service rep. there that lied to me.

  • Mi
      19th of Dec, 2008
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    Many months ago I was checking my phone bill only to find that two different companies or scammers had sent charges to my phone company and they in turn charged me. I never ordered either of these two services and was lucky enough to get them reversed eventually. The phone company reversed the charges immediately after I called the two companies. Now one of them is showing up again and I again called and gave them an ear full and they told me that I had ordered this service on the Eversave website which I did not. She said it would take a month or so to get the charge reversed and gave me a confirmation number. I don't understand how a charge only takes a few days to show up on your bill, but when it is going to be reversed it takes a month or so. They are listed in one place as ENHANCED SERVICES BILLING, INC., WITH A DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBER OF 1 888-298-3724. Watch your phone bills as the agent Dae in San Diego, Ca. refused to reverse the charge even after I gave him the confirmation number. AT&T is not watching out for their customers nowadays it looks like. They are fast to bill improper charges, but drag their feet when it comes to reversing those charges.

  • Da
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    In reviewing my AT&T bill for landline phone services, I saw that I was charged for “Voicemail Mo. Fee”of $19.95 as a third party charge from Advance Benefits, Inc. billed by Enhanced Services Billing. I did not authorize this charge and did not have any voicemail service. Rather I have always used a telephone answering machine to retrieve messages. The unauthorized charge has appeared on both my Nov. and Dec. bills.

    In reviewing my AT&T bill for landline phone services, I also saw on the same bill a charge for “InternetAccessMoFee” of $14.95 from Transcendent Corp also billed through Enhanced Services Billing. I did not authorize this charge and I use another internet service so I have no need for a second internet service. The unauthorized charge has appeared on both my Nov. and Dec. bills.

    When I complained to AT&T about both charges the AT&T phone rep advised that AT&T could not reverse the charges and my only recourse was to complaint to the Advance Benefits and Transcendent Corp.

  • Fr
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    In February of 2008, I informed AT & T I was canceling my service with them..they had raised there rates considerably from what I had signed up for. I paid my final phone bill on April 4, 2008 over the phone via their automated phone system. I received a confirmation number for my payment and considered everything finished. One month later I received another bill showing a returned check and returned check fee of $25. along with the original balance. I contacted an 'Ismail' at 800-288-2020 and was referred to the accounts receivable department where I again made a payment since my bank account had not been debited for the original amount. I was told that my bank had denied payment so I was liable for the $25. charge. I contacted my bank and they said they absolutely did not deny..there was never an attempt to debit my account.

    Further I got a running account balance showing I had more than enough money to cover the automatic withdrawal on that date and beyond. I faxed the information to a 'Diana' at AT &T's accounts receivable department and was supposed to receive a phone call from a her letting me know everything was taken care of. I never heard anything more, either phone or in writing and assumed this situation was resolved. Three weeks ago, I got a harassing phone call on my CELL phone (that wasn't even connected with the account) from a collection agency demanding payment. I had to look through my old records and find this mess once again has reared it's ugly head. During the last week, I've spent another three hours on the phone getting bounced from department to department speaking to no less than seven individuals. One, (supposedly a supervisor) I had to wait on hold for 50 minutes to speak to. She admitted the mistake and said it should've been cleared up last May. Still, upon further contact and more hold time (30 minutes) this situation is not resolved. In the meantime, there is a collection agency reporting this and affecting my credit. I'm sure if I total my phone time alone with this, it has to be at least eight hours. This is ridiculous. I feel I should be able to charge for my time spent.

  • Be
      11th of May, 2009
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    I had the same problem with AT&T. They told me my rebate expired. I sent the information in twice, due to the fact they said they did not receive it the first time. Now they won't pay the rebate. They transferred me from department to department like a lab rat. I can't believe there isn't a class action lawsuit. I'm going to end every possible service I can with them.

  • Cr
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    These companies charged my cell phone bill over sixty dollars.

  • Ho
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    Everyone I talk to says that getting the rebate is nearly impossible. I have been promised a $50 rebate and a $75 rebate because they couldn't get my DSL set up properly. My phone service was out for 6 days due to technician error.

    Who will get this class action going? They should not be allowed to continue these business practices!

  • Da
      26th of Jul, 2010
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    AT&T - Unauthorized Charges
    United States

    I contacted AT&T and had asked that my modem be replaced due to problem with intermittent internet stoppage. AT&T advised me that they did not give free replacements thus any replacement would be charged to the customer. I was told that since I had the same modem for over 10 years, problems that I was having was expected. They advised me that I had the option of purchasing from them or I could purchase one myself that was compatible at the local electronic store. I then advised them that I plan to purchase a new modem at the local store and would be contacting them later to get it set up. At no time did I asked to have them come to my home to check on the lines. Several days later, I found a note on my front door that they had come to the house and having not made any contact with the residents that they inspected the line going to the house but found no problems with the wiring. AT&T had charged me $60 for the service fee that I did not ask for on the next billing.

  • Br
      28th of Feb, 2011
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    yeah same thing here! waited months before calling them for my 100 dollar mail in rebate and they said there must be a mix up in the mail because they had no record of it! and if they haven't gotten it by now they won't and they are unable to give me the mail in rebate. seriously i am VERY mad and wouldn't have wasted a 100 dollars on a router if i wasn't going to get it back! i sent my mail in rebate the same day i got my router! i should be on file and should have already got my mail in rebate!

  • Ja
      4th of Jun, 2012
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    I have been paying for call notes & didn`t know it or what it was. I called to try & lower my bill & they finally told me I could save $5.00 a month if I canceled call notes. I ask what call notes was & they said if you didn`t ans. they would take a message. I replied that I had an answering machine & didn`t need call notes & didn`t know that I had call notes. Check your bill or call AT&T & ask if you have call notes. I have been paying this for years, does anyone know how I can get my money back?

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