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AT&T Long Distance / they won't let me shut it off!

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I called At&T to disconnect my long distance service (as my teenage stepdaughter was making many calls out-of-state- $80.35 worth in June.) I first spoke with Jack, who stated he could not disconnect this service but could block my long distance for $13. He transferred me to a young lady who stated she could not disconnect my service because she was with the New AT&T and my service was with the Old. She transferred me to Trinity of the Old AT&T, who stated he could not disconnect my service because my local service was with AT&T as well. He stated I would need to speak with Jack again to disconnect my long distance. I was transferred somewhere and remained on hold for an extended length of time until an automated voice came on the line informing me that AT&T was now closed. I spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone that day. I called back, after a short out-of-town trip, on Wednesday, 7/11/07. I spoke with Rainier, who informed me first that my long distance had been terminated involuntarily (which it hadn't,) and then stated that my service had been "migrated." I asked for an explanation and he stated it was just "jargon." I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to an automated-voice system which stated there was a high volume of calls and I should call back later. I hung up and dialed customer service again, and spoke with Nicole. I explained my situation again and was transferred to Julius, a supervisor. Julius stated that my telephone service had been in the process of "migration" since prior to Saturday, 6/29/07 and was still in the process of migration. Julius stated that no changes could be made to my account while my service was migrating. He stated there was no way to make any changes whatsoever to my account until this had been completed. He then offered to place the $13 block on my long distance. Julius said he could not waive charges for my inconvenience. I asked Julius when my account would be done migrating and he said it generally takes 2-3 weeks, but he could not provide an exact date when I could successfully disconnect my long distance. I am supposed to keep calling until this migration happens. Is this even remotely legal? What am I to do about these obscenely high bills that I can hardly afford to pay? I did pay the $80.35 (which brought my entire phone bill up to $122.92) and I am stuck with continuing this service for an indefinite amount of time. My family is getting very sick of eating pasta.

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  • St
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    ATT is scamming customers with long distance billing errors. The send you through hell to try to resove the matter with various people across the world for hours of re-telling the same story. I SIGNED UP FOR A $50 DOLLAR A MONTH PLAN. MY PHONE BILL IS $637 ACCORDING TO att.

  • Ha
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    Did this get resolved. I am in the same situation now. Any pointers will be appreciated.

  • Si
      16th of Oct, 2009
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    I am looking into trying to contact someone above the ###s at the customer service number, because it seems that will be the only way to get anything accomplished. I called several years ago from my mother's phone and canceled her long distance service, at her request. At that point, everything went smoothly, the account was canceled, and she never heard from them again. Then, several weeks ago, she got a card in the mail stating that their records indicate that she is an AT&T Lifeline customer and that, beginning October 1, 2009, a $9.99 "minimum usage charge" would be applied to her account (which had been canceled several years earlier), so if she made calls that totaled less than $9.99, the difference would be added. Not a single long distance call has been made from her home phone for many years so, in other words, beginning October 1, 2009, she could expect to start receiving bills every month charging her $9.99 for absolutely nothing. Since I was the one that had canceled the service for her, she asked me to take care of it for her and sent me a photocopy of the card she had received. On September 24, 2009, I called the toll-free number on the card and the idiocy began. First, I went through three different people...all of them had the same heavy accent, but each had a different, very common American name (personally, I think it was the same person giving me different fake names)...and I got absolutely nowhere. Finally, after begging, pleading, and even screaming, I got to speak to a manager named Pat who, believe it or not, was actually American and actually knew what she was talking about. She checked my mother's phone number and verified that it had, indeed, been canceled several years ago, but she suspected that the problem was caused by some kind of switch at Verizon. She gave me a phone number (1-700-555-4141) and told me to have my mother call it from her home phone. If Verizon had not done there part when the service was canceled, she would get a recording that said something like "Thank you for being an AT&T customer", but if the problem did not involve Verizon, she would get a different recording that said something like the call could not be completed as dialed. She told me that if my mother got the first recording, we would need to call Verizon technical support and tell them to "check the switch". She then gave me another toll-free number and told me that I should be able to use it to bypass all the customer service idiots and get directly to the managers. After taking care of everything with Verizon, I was to call her back and let her know. She also stated that my mother should NOT receive a bill but, if she did, I should then call her back and she would take care of it. As soon as I hung up from her, I had my mother call the 700 number and she did get the first recording, so I called Verizon. It took a while to go through the channels to get to technical support but, when I did, they knew exactly what I was talking about and took care of it right away. Although they told me to allow 24 hours for it to take effect, my mother got a robo call within less than an hour that verified that it had been done, and then she called the 700 number and got the second recording which provided further verification. At this point, I called AT&T again in order to let Pat know that it had been taken care of, just as I had been instructed. Unfortunately, I never managed to get through to her. In fact, it seemed that I was being passed back and forth between one female and one male, both with heavy Hispanic accents, who provided a different, very American name each time I was "transferred". Finally, the male claimed to be a "supervisor" (though Pat was referred to as a "manager") and said that he would update the record. Since it had become blatantly obvious that I wasn't going to be allowed to speak to anyone else, I simply gave him the information and left it at that, assuming that it didn't really matter because Pat had already verified that the account had been canceled several years before on AT&T's end, and Verizon had now verified that they had done their part. After all, I had already spent 3 hours on the phone that day between AT&T and Verizon, and I was pretty sick of dealing with people that I couldn't even understand. Soooo, fast forward to now. A few days ago, my mother told me that she had received a bill from AT&T. (The funny part was that it was for $14.95 rather than the $9.99 stated on the card she had received.) She mailed a copy of the bill to me so that I could call AT&T yet again and have them take care of it. Yet again, I got to deal with the same two female and one male...who passed me back and forth until the male yet again (calling himself "Nick" this time) claimed to be a supervisor and refused to transfer me to anyone else. After I explained the entire fiasco for the umpteenth time, he said that my mother's account had been created in 1998 and had never been canceled...then he hung up on me. Needless to say, by this time I was livid, so I called back yet again. Of course, I first got the female (calling herself "Betty" this time), who did everything in her power to avoid transferring me to anyone until I started screaming at her and threatening to sue, then she finally transferred me to the male (who had now changed his name to "Clive" and was calling himself a "billing supervisor"). He, of course, reiterated that my mother's account had never been canceled and that she "had" to pay the bill. By this time, I was so angry that there was probably steam coming out of my ears, so I called him a few choice names and hung up on him. That, in turn, led me to the internet in an attempt to find out the names and addresses of AT&T's corporate officials and members of their board of directors. I haven't found that information yet as this was the first site found in my search results but, as soon as I find and verify everything, I will post it here just in case anyone else wants to take the same route.

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