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AT&T / internet service, customer service

1 Summertown, TN, United States

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have a complaint about your internet and most of your support people, especially the ones associated with the internet.
In the middle of February, 2018, I contacted one of your representatives about a TV and Internet connection. I spoke to Josh. He gave me a quote of $96.11 per month for both TV and Internet.
I agreed to the price of $96.11 per month and Josh said that someone would be out to install the TV and Internet services.
With-in a couple of days, a guy came to my home and installed a dish antenna and set me up with basic television. I asked him about the internet and he said, he knew nothing about the Internet and that I would have to call AT&T to get that set that up. That is when the horror show started.
I called AT&T and told a representative that I needed my Internet hooked-up and that I had spoken to Josh, a representative and got a quote of $96.11 for TV and Internet service. I was then passed around to several people and repeated that I needed my internet set-up. Finally, after about 1 hour, I was passed to a person who asked me my password. I told him that I did not have a password and no one have given me a password and asked what is the procedure to get a password. He said that Josh should have gave me one, which he did not. I told him and so, he then transferred me to someone else and he or she said (I had talked to so many of your associates and/or representatives, that I don't remember if it was male or female) that I had to have a password. Guess what, I was transferred to someone else. After 2 or 3 hours of being passed from person to person and even getting hung up on several times, because the person I was transferred did not answer or the connection was terminated by someone at the AT&T end, I gave up for the day.
The next day, my wife called and went through much the same thing, being passed from associate to associate for hours and getting exactly nowhere. To make a long long story short this went on day after day, hour after hour for four days, my wife and I taking turns and could not believe the total incompetence of the associates. At one time I asked one of them if anyone there knew what they were doing, they hung up on me.
I needed the internet for many reasons and was getting very frustrated. I had been with-out a internet for over a week, ever since I had moved into my new home and I urgently needed it for financial reasons since I do my banking and bill paying on line.
Finally, after 4 days, I got someone who said that the only thing he could do was send me a hot spot internet box at $61.00 per month. I told him that I had already been promised a TV and Internet for $96.11 and he said he did not know about that. He said that would give me 25 Mbytes. I asked him what that meant, he said that should be plenty and did not answer my question. I have found out later that none of the associates knows what 25 megabytes means.
I was desperate, so had him send it to me. That is when the horror show started.
It was shipped to me on February 22, 2018.
Then, I started getting the bills. In March, I got a bill for $159.97; I paid that. My second bill in April was for $274.05, this is a little more than $96.11 as promised by your representative; I received this bill on April 6that which time I had the internet immediately cancelled on April 6th at 8:00 pm. I paid that bill. I then received a bill in May for $115.13. My wife called and asked what was going on with the bill, saying that it had been cancelled. The representative said that we had used $60.00 worth of internet added on to my previous charges.
I had the AT&T internet for exactly 44 days. My charges for the internet alone were $386.51 for that month and a half. There has to be something wrong with the readings, especially since I was promised both the TV and internet for $96.11 per month. When I first started trying to get the service, your represented responded to my question of how much internet I would get and he said 25 Mbytes. I asked him how much that was and he said that it was plenty and gave me the impression not to worry about it.
I felt misled several times on the TV and Internet bundle at $96.11 and what 25 megabytes is when referring to the internet and they could only give me a hot spot and not use a dish.
I believe my charges are way to high for what I was promised and was delivered.
Leroy W. Dungan

May 24, 2018

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