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AT&T / installation tech never showed up to appointment, horrible customer service when trying to find out when they will get here.

1 Pontiac, MI, United States
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I used to have AT&T about 8 years ago. I had all sorts of issues with them including charging me too much every month and me having to call them to get the correct bill amount. I finally decided to give them a try again since it's been so long and things change. Boy was I wrong in the worst way possible. I called to have a tech come and set up service over a week in advanced because I am moving into a new house and needed it installed before I moved in due to needing the internet for work. The time frame they gave me was ridiculous in the first place, 12:00pm to 4:00 pm. My husband had to take off time from work to drop me off to the house which is empty. I had to wait in the empty house for 4 hours with my 3 year old daughter, just to have no one show up at all. I get a text saying they will be late and saking if I want to reschdule (no I don't want to reschedule, I made an appointment in advance so I could plan my life around this crazy 4 hour timeframe they give you) or if I want to wait. So I chose the option to wait. 6:00 pm, still no one here so I call customer service for them to tell me my appointement is pending and someone will be here. Basically the most obvious and useless information. So I ask if they can contact their dispatch to find out when and they say no multiple times, that all they know is it's pending. So I wait 2 more hours. 8:00 pm. Still no one, and I call again and literally get the same information. I ask multiple times for them to connect me to someone who can contact the techs and they say there is no one. So I wait another hour. 9:00 pm I decided to try chat with my cellphone and someone tells me they've been laying down lines and will call me soon when they are on the way. They straight up lied to me there was no way that made sense but I said OK and waited until 10:30 and finally called again and the customer service rep actually called the dispatch center that was now closed (and the other reps should have done that in the first place) and said no one was coming and I would have to reschedule (Why? so they can not show up again). Then I find out they wouldn't have anyone available until about 2 weeks later! I didn't even get service started yet and they acted like I didn't even matter. What is the point of an appointment system if they don't even show up? A ridiculous appointment time frame as well. On top of that their internet speed only goes up to 25mbps for the same price as xfinity's 100mbps speed.

So Basically, I sat in an empty house for over 10 hours, with my 3 year old daughter for 8 hours (she went home around 8:00 via her dad because he finally got off work), was lied to by multiple customer service reps who didn't even want to take two seconds of their paid time help me find out if techs were coming or not only to be finally helped by someone when their dispatch office was already closed. This is the most horrible customer service experience I've ever had. I understand issues happening (and this one was a huge problem) but, I've had problems with them in the past so I feel like I have a right to review this company negatively.

May 19, 2018

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