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ATT Home Phone Service / ATT DSL Service / big mistake

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To whom it may concern,

I changed to att home phone service a few months ago (Big mistake) I also subscribed to Att Dsl service At the same time, I was told at the time of Purchase that My Home phone bill and att services would be combined, About a month later My DSL service was suspended for non payment, I then called att dsl customer service to find out why. The customer service Person was very rude to me saying that if I had paid my bill that it wouldn't have happened, I was transfered to Billing after waiting online for 45 minutes The person that I spoke to told me that I needed to have a credit card on file in order for my service to be turned back on he assured me that it would not be charged at all , I explained to him that it was a debit card and rarely ever used so there is never any money on it ,he said that would be fine, it's just for security reasons Last friday (over a month later) night I was online when Low and behold my DSL shut down again, I just got off the phone with Customer service again, being transfered from one person to the next untill I was told that my debit card was declined when they tried to collect payment, They told me that they needed another credit card on file in order to turn my service back on, I explained to him what was told to me and told them that i wanted it all charged on one bill along with My home phone service, he told me that he could do that, he told me to hang on, i was holding for 30 minutes again only to be asked for the last 5 digits of the card on file, I explained to him that it was my husbands card and he is out of town, he started to get very rude saying that without those numbers he couldn't help me at all, Just a few minutes before then i gave him My name, address, phone number and social security number. Thats not enough to identify Myself?? I asked he said no, he told me that he was going to disconnect the call if i couldn't Give that set of numbers to him, I asked Him to allow me to speak to a supervisor about the situation, all he said was that it wouldn't help at all, I told him that as a Consumer i had a right to speak to one and he told me that he didnt care, he flat out refused to transfer me to a supervisor.

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  • Wa
      4th of Apr, 2008
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    At&t / Phone Service - Incorrect billing
    United States
    Phone: 256-830-8143

    Contacted at&t for phone and internet services. We were quoted $79 dollars per month for unlimited package and excepted. First monthly statement was $102 which i paid thinking there were extra charges for installation. Next statement was almost $200 that got me on the phone. After numerous calls to at&t with all customer service employees are busy, i finally got a rep. They told me the extra charges were for phone repair, which there were none. The services they were refering to was our line went dead & we called to ask why. Within the hour, the line was back on. Later that day a note was hung on our door that our line had been checked and no problem found. I was told that i did not have a service contract so i would pay. After numerous calls with no result, i ask for and talked to a manager. He said he would remove the service charges & check into why my bill was higher than quoted when we subscribed for the service. I also agreed to a $6 a month service charge to keep this from happening again. This months bill has just arrived with the same overcharge and still having the service charge the manager said he was removing. I cannot believe how inapt this company is. It is a nightmare to attempt to contact them to no avail. They appear to place themselves in a position to disrupt your service and charge you for reinstating it.

  • Ja
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    I got at&t home phone basic service or at least i thought then these people sent me a bill telling me i have long distance service and rung up all these long distance charges i did'nt make called them up an automated service answers it's like these people have given up on customer service to complain about this bill and charges o.k. i thought i had fixed a problem that they where gonna take these fraudulent charges off my bill to correct this problem nope nothing was done instead they added last bill and added on to the next bill it totaled up to $107.31 i was shoked so i reported them to the Federal trade commsion for unlawful buissiness practices i fired them as my home home provider enough said people like this do not have to be in buissiness period there nothing more than telemarketers after a quik bulk they don't care about nobody but themselves and nobody else i have to report i've tried to be fair with these people but looks like fair just does'nt get it well tuff cookie i can guarantee they won't be in buissiness too long so be it end of story.

  • Ga
      19th of Apr, 2008
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    AT&T is the worse company, I will never deal with them again in life. I signed up for a bundled package of all three services, phone (unlimited long distance and toll), internet and satelite television. They turned off my toll even though I was paying the bill as agreed and asked for more money saying I had went over my $200 spending limit (what $200.00 spending limit on unlimited toll and long distance????). It seems as if their $99.00 all three services is a fake. How can you take out some of the services from a bundle even though the customer is keeping up their payment on a supposed bundle service that has never been billed $99.00. I have been on the phone with this company for 2 hours. I am a cancer survivor, Type 1 diabetes, suspect of conjestive heart failure and my doctor is located in Century City and I cannot even contact him. I am in Los Angeles and my doctor is in Los Angeles. I have to still pay the bill. On this day 4/19/08, AT&T Elizabeth informed me that there was only 1 supervisor on duty, and she was not a very nice person. She was not caring or nice. So, even though I pay the bill that includes all of my services, I will not have use of my services. I wish, I had never gotten AT&T as my phone company.

  • Mg
      24th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    AT&T As well as most of the boradband companies are horrible.
    We pay for a service and the amount we pay is based on the speed throughput, yet they refuse to warrant the minimum speed that we are paying for. They hid it under the cloak of "numerous different factors". These "numerous different factors" is really 1! and that is OVER SELLING bandwidth.
    They can sure limit your bandwidth but they can't define and allocate the bandwidth. The steps are simply 3 other lines in a Cisco router for the IP address we get!
    THEN I try to get new service in my business location, I just wanted Local service (the most basic available) and DSL service. When I get to it, it tells me my bill will be $76/month. I get a call a few moments later stating that they cant do it because the address is a business. I told them what does that matter I do not want all the extra business stuff. SO I go to the business side and the SAME exact service is now costing me $154./ month!

  • Ki
      14th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Don't use AT&T Home Entertainment. They owe me a refund and I have been trying to get it since August of 2007. This month will be 1yr since I disconnected my service. I have called over and over. I was told that they would call me back and they never did. I never seen such bad customer service. I'm searching to find out how I can file a complaint / investigation with their regulators.

  • Na
      17th of Sep, 2008
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    I called ATT re: internet service3 months ago.[June '08]. I was told that I could not get DSL @ my address, only Dial Up. I talked to 3 other people on the phone and have never dealt w/ such ineptness from any co. before. I ended up asking for dial up just to have the internet. I was told the man would come to install a few days later. When he came he told me I COULD get DSL & he would set me up for someone to be in touch from that dept. Subsequently, I got the kit delivered and got on DSL.
    This month, [Sept. '08] I got my monthly bill from ATT for the DSL, but, in addition I found a charge on my credit card for dial-up. I called the no. on my bill and was told I would have to give the name of my favorite singer in order for them to take that amt. off my credit card. I didn't recall any code from my earlier conversations w/ setting up my internet w/ them. They refused to take the responsibility for their irresponsibility in illegally charging me for no service rendered. I even talked to the manager and she refused to take the 22.95 off my credit card also.
    This is the only phone service available in my area. Otherwise, I would get another service. It's very frustrating to know you're pretty helpless to do anything but accept their obvious lack of customer courtesy & it appears to be an illegal act, in my case...receiving money for services never delivered.

  • Ch
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    To whom, i just paid my bundle account home phone, dishnet and highspeed internet bill with my creidt card and did, nt get a comfirmation number from an embarq repersentive, he told me that the system was down, i told him to use my creidt card as debit and he used it as credit, my credit union shows that the payment is pending and my dishnet work is not on then embarq telling me its not showing up in the system where i made a payment. Mrs.Cherry Crawford

  • Gw
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    I agree with people who say customer service people are rude and non-caring. I wanted to get u-verse and internet connection as a bundle and wanted to add my wireless phone bill. I got no help, waiting for 15 minutes to 45 minutes for someone to add more rude behavior. I can remember when ATT had customers service people that were kind and caring but these oversee customers service people is like a run-away train! I am second guessing that this is not worth the
    hassle, stay with TIME WARNER CABLE and pay more for services but never have they made me feel so bad. There is a difference between wireless customer service, they had not been rude just unsure about products, etc. I will be keeeping my cell phones until they become unreasonable.

  • An
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    AT&T SUCKS. I had the phone and DSL and I paid by credit card until I closed my bank account. I called and told them that I did and continued to pay with money orders every month and then I get a letter saying that since i did not pay for the DSL service with debit card that they were stopping the service. Even though it was paid for they shut the DSL off, and still charged me on the next two bills for the DSL service.

  • Ha
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    I never thought I would join others by giving my BAD experience. ATT has ideed become impossible and not at all customer service oriented anymore. Today, as I was trying to pay my bill according to me most recent bill, and payment was not even due for 12 days later - I could not complete the call with the bill paymment over the phone (it could not recognize the payment, even though I tried several times, subsequently I waited for a live person. I paid with a credit card, got my reference # and told me I had a zero balance. He then told me that my service had been disconnected the day before (I did not know that since I used my cell to call), however, he said he would transfer me to customer service and the phone would be immediately reinstated. Guess what - 5 hours later and speaking with at least 15 "customer service and or so called supervisors" I have gotten nowhere. In fact, they tell me I can't get my number back and have to get a new number. This is not what I want after 20 years with the same number. I have also been told by several of the 15 people I spoke with that I was given the wrong information and I should get reinstated, however, they connected me again with someone that said "no, can't have the number back". I then asked what their proceedure was about storing the phone number (like other providers do)? They agreed they do that too (especially, since my phone had been disconnected for only about 24 hours), alas, still were unwilling to get me reinstated unless I get a new number. At this point, I really did not know why I was disconnected, granted I did have a past due charge on the current bill, but I paid the entire bill, not even due for 12 more days, no notice to shut off the servi ce or warning.

    Anyway, I finally spoke with someone who truly looked into what happened, but couldn't help me and by that time all offices were closed, so I am going to try again tomorrow. When I first signed up with ATT years ago, I had a bundled service for local and long distance. Apparently, I was now told ATT detected that we were not using the long distance service (true) and decided to pull the plug - along with the pulled plug went my entire phone service. No one at this point at ATT is willing to help, they will not transfer a call to a supervisor, or higher up.

    If I have to get a new number, it certainly won't be with ATT. Having used ATT for many, many years, I have resisted offers from other companies even though I could have saved money by awitching, I was happy with ATT's service - guess what? I am unable to make recommendations ever again, they don't care...and I am sure I am not alone in my complaint. At this point we also have 2 cell phones with ATT, also for many many years, and if the slightest issue arises, ATT will be dust for us (so far the cell service has been good).

  • Si
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    at&t is pathetic. We have had home phone service for 35 years and I've been calling for at least 4 months trying to get it fixed. Customer service does not exist with at&t. They absolutely do not care. I was told last night that we had service for 35 years and I was ready to disconnect. The response from at&t was "we can do that". I told the rep he was rude and sarcastic and had no idea what customer service was. When we had bellsouth they were local and actually got any problem fixed within a day. Now you have to wait at least a week before they come out and if they don't fix the problem and you call back it then takes another week. This goes on and on and on for months and months and no one at at&t cares at all. I asked for a supervisor and he said I'm as far as you're going to get. I demanded for the call to be escalated and he put me on hold a long time and when he came back he said there was no one available. Then he said all he could do was send out a technician. I told him we had at least 20 technicians out already and he said there was nothing else he could do for me. It truly blows my mind. Whatever happened to the wonderful hometown phone company. at&t does not deserve to have any customers and I hope in the very near future that they don't. It would be a pleasure to see them go down in history as the worst phone company that ever existed.

  • Na
      26th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ever tried to pay your dsl bill with ATT when you dont have your landline? Using my cell also from ATT I call the dsl number listed the autovoice thinks im calling about my phone so going to rep. they tell me this is phone you need to call wireless I asked for the number same one I have I ask can you just tranfer me and explain what kept happening no she couldnt do that but she could transfer me tech support maybe they could. or I could pay online well I had already been online get everything typed in and asked for a number enter one on my bill nope they have to send you your number by MAIL make take up to 2 weeks???I just kept calling back finally they got me the person I need and I started auto withdrawl...

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