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AT&T DSL / at&t service rep lied and lied again

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I just signed up over the phone for dsl on Friday. My friends have it for about $24 a month. Justin, the At&t rep, said it would be $35/mo. I questioned him on it because it was higher than expected. He said that was the price. I asked about discounts. He said I would be getting a $200 rebate. I said I wanted a phone...he said it would be $7 per month and would be good for the entire metroplex. He then asked for a credit card number to secure the modem. I protested saying I used to have AT&T before and that I usually don't even have to pay a deposit because my credit is good. So I signed up, the phone was turned on and I was to receive the modem in a few days.

Then I got a call from the AT&T credit department...they had the wrong account number on my account. I was transferred back to the sales department. Turned out Justin lied and lied again to me about my options. There are 3 tiers of internet service based on the speed. (Actually on line there is an even cheaper version making 4 tiers) The amount ranged from $25/$30/$35 which I was only given the choice of the premium $$$ service. The rebate is incorrect, $150 max. Also I'm being charged for the modem and shipping, something that Justin didn't bother to inform me of. Also the basic phone line only can have 25 outgoing calls. Something Justin forgot to mention. And he didn't mention I was being signed up for automatic monthly bill pay. I do not want monthly bill pay. I would have backed out of the "deal" if I had known that. Now I have to wait for the dsl to be turned on (according to the new rep) and then cancel it and change it over to a regular account. This new account will be based on my actual credit score which Justin didn't bother to run. My instinct was not to go thru with the "deal" when he asked for a credit card, but he assured me "that is the way we are doing it now". Evidently, NOT.

Trust your instincts. Hang up and call again and see if the next new rep says anything different. Do it 2 or 3 times. Perhaps you can eventually get the real truth about their range of services.

Because of the lies I was told, my instincts tell me not to do business with AT&T, however, as far as getting telephone or higher speed internet, I'm stuck with them.

I have a message into the supervisor to file a complaint against Justin formally. He needs to be repremanded and reinstructed on how to sell the service. If he cannot improve, let him find other work

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      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I have received my $50 modem rebate in the mail. The internet service is great. Much more reliable than TimeWarner or the Sprint pc card and service.

    However, the revised $100 rebate never materialized. I called and the AT&T rep said it would be added. I checked's there but I would have to ADD 2 ADDITIONAL services to get it. This is not was was told me by the second AT&T rep. I was told I had a refund because I had switched from a different provider (in this case Sprint) and for signing up for the DSL Pro. (Which is the ONLY service I was offered by the first liar representative.) So now I have to call again. I checked the website and I am definitely suppose to get at least an additional $50 rebate for signing up for DSL Pro and should have wireless at various hotspots from what seems to be available on see the disclaimers. Don't agree to anything unless you check out their website. Don't trust anything they tell you. AT&T customer service representatives make promises they have no authority to offer and no intention of keeping.

    I have still not had a return phone call by a supervisor to make a formal complaint against their sales person, Justin. I left another message on the supervisory phone and still have not had a return call.

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      25th of Sep, 2008
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    I have Frontier high speed DSL internets service. Frontier won't let me cancel when It is time to conetact them a few days befor renewal date. They did not tell me how many days ahead to call them. Renewal date is the 22ed of September I called them on the 18th of September. The lady said on the phone that she will checked to see if I am renewed then to call me within 24 hours. I did not hear from them. Then my sister called them. Very angrly and rudly my sister yell at costumer service personal about my situation. The ledy told my sisiter that she will give me a call. She has my call noted and forgot to call me back. That she will call me. I have a feeling they kept me on. My money situation is tight and looking for ways to work it to pay my bills. Canceling my DSL service is one of the ways to get extra money to help pay the bills
    I think these serviese are not being honist with us. They are greedy. And force us to keep the service we do not want. Or cancel to pay$200-$500 cancelation fee that I can not afford to pay. You are in for a battle in canceling the DSL pro. Do not be surprise that they renewal your service way befor you call a few days befor the duedate to call them to renewal or cancel your internet service.

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      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I've tended to find that AT&T products prices are better online and it's better to order online with AT&T. You can purchase the specific products you'd like online.

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      11th of Mar, 2009
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    I was informed by two AT&T representatives that DSL service was not able in my area when it was available however I was able to place in order online for it. I was able to receive the DSL service.

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