AT&T DSL High Speed Internet / poor quality, worse service

Pleasanton, CA, United States

We switched from comcast internet to at&t dsl internet to save money and are seriously regretting it now. After starting the new service last week, we found that it was too slow to use with our xbox and ps3 or netflix, and called to upgrade to the "elite" dsl service. The salesperson promised the upgrade would be seamless with no downtime. This is crucial, as I telecommute and rely on the internet to be available all day. She convinced me to add phone service, since bundling would save even more money. What she failed to tell me was that this would create a disconnect order and then a new service order instead of a simple upgrade. Our internet service was down from 8:00 am yesterday (Friday), and after several calls to at&t, I was assured that service would be up by 8:00 pm last night. It was not. I was then told that I would have to wait until monday for service and that no one could help me. After several more calls to at&t this morning, a tech came out to install the service we were supposed to have yesterday. He left without checking that it worked properly, and now our speed is half of what is was before the "upgrade," at a whopping.97 mbps. I can get my email, but images won't load in my browser half the time, and forget about xbox or netflix. We really needed to cut our budget, but I sure wish we could have afforded to stay with comcast. Their techs would never have left without ensuring that we were operating at the speed we are paying for, and they are open 24/7. No, "provisioning has gone home without finishing your order. Call back monday." geez, at&t. You've had, what...60 years longer than comcast to get your act together? This is no way to treat customers, and it's for sure we'll leave for greener pastures as soon as we can afford better service.

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