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At&t & Dish Network / free dish that is not free

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I signet up for AT&T phone service, internet and free dish. The quote I was given for my total bill was $121.00 a month. However my bills are over &250.00 a month. I never received free dish. First Dish bill $167.00 dollars a month and att / dish refuses to fix the bill. My second dish bill is $85.00 Again no fix by ATT. Dish tells me they cant help, sine I signed up with ATT. ATT has been very rude and even threatened to cut off my phone if I don't pay. I have the online agreement that states what credits I should be getting and ATT refuses to live up it. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  • Ka
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    I have the same complaint but with slightly different charges. I felt I was lied to and get a different story, depending on whom I speak with regarding my bill on any given day. I just contacted and notified AT&T Dish that I would file a complaint next week with the Public Utilities Commission. Please do the same.

  • Bo
      18th of Jul, 2007
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    AT&T is the rudest, most disrespectful company I have ever had the non-pleasure of dealing with. Furthermore, their quotes are ALWAYS incorrect. They get you signed up, and stick you with inflated bills.

    I wish that AT&T would go under, and every one of those ###s would lose their job.

  • Ch
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    I totally agree. We had dish network installed and it wasn't complete. we could only get one tv working in the house. called for a dish repair technician. never showed up. never called. even though the notes said he did. which is b.s. otherwise i would have seen a missed call.
    rescheduled for another appt. they sent out a subcontractor who couldn't get on the Marine Corp Base. got rescheduled the very next day. spoke and confirmed to some supervisor that morning that it would be an internal dish network employee. time slot was 8-12pm. 12 pm came and went. nothing. no call. nothing.
    so i called the # again. turns out they sent another subcontractor instead. couldn't get on base of course. called at&t back and made me hold for 22 mins for a supervisor. this time it was a male supervisor. i asked him why i was told it was going to be an internal employee then i find out it's a subcontractor instead. he says to me "what do you want me to tell you differently?" and hangs up on me. that's one ###ing ### that needs to lose his job. i hope he gets his.
    so needless to say after 11 days, i cancelled my service with dish network the same day. i hope at&t goes under and all those ###s lose their ###ing jobs. they can all go to hell.

  • Kr
      6th of May, 2008
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    I just had to deal with these guys yesterday. I signed up with them on February 14th. I talked to the guy on the phone and he said my total bill for internet/phone/digital cable would be 126.00. I was like great. I got home last night and my bill was 177.00. I called and got some guy laughing on the other end of the phone about my bill being 50 dollars more. He said that this is what the bill is supposed to be and that I shouldn't argue with him about it or he will add on the last 2 months they didn't have it on there. I said you know what, cancel everything right now. He was like "what??". Cancel it all. I got transferred over to a lady who tried to say they would take 20 dollars off a month for me to stay. I'm like, Let me get this straight. You guys quoted me wrong, uped my bill 50 bucks and want to take just 20 bucks off? You're still making 30 dollars more a month than what you quoted me. Screw that company. I will be reporting them, that is for sure.

  • Re
      1st of Oct, 2008
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    Contract company for AT & T/dish came to my home to explain what a great deal this was. I explained if set this up do not change plan because the phone is inm my mothers name and she has a lower rate. No problem. Asked what it would cost for dsl and dish and states it would be around 115.00 plus I would receive a Visa Card for 375.00 to use as I wanted.
    So I set it up and was schedule for dish to come on 07-19-2008 to set me up with dish.
    When dish came to my house, the first thing I asked the gentleman before you set me up that I do not want a contract with dish and he showed me the form. On that form inital to disagree terms or 24 months. So after he set me up then I inital decline aggreetment.
    Oh this gets even better. Received bill from bell south for 78.00 showed dsl but not dish so I figure it would come out next month witch was under my mother's phone number. Then got another bill from AT & T for 179.57 under another phone line. So I contact sales rep explained the problem because of 2 lines. So he contact every dept to get change under my mothers phone line with a 3-way conversation and brought my bill to 59.82 well I thought was great and wanted to let his supervisor know.
    Then receive another AT & T bill for 142.06 and the billing date for 09132008. So I called again on 09232008 & asked to speak to supervisor why I recieved another bill and the 142.06 would be credit on 10-132008 and explained payment due 10012008. So I wanted to know because the payment due 10012008 & was placed on hold and ? lost connection.
    So it was time to pay my bill so I went on line to what my payment was and it was for 155.50 under my mothers phone # & guess what as I said previously above do not touch my mother bill. Well they did, set it up under complete choice for 56.10 which what had service my mother does not use. So I contacted bell south 09152008 and explained what happen. So person brought the bill to a 2 pack service which included caller id, call waiting, long distance, internet dsl and dish for roughly around104.82. Then thought this would be fine. Well it was wrong waited a while and now my bill was for 50.03. Could not
    figure why but I paid my bill.
    09292008 Now he is the big one received a statement from dish for 129.64 almost had a heart attack. Just remember I have to call this company when I get home after work around 5:30 and I start calling So I called AT T sales representive explained from the beginning so they transferred me to customer service retention. So I explained to this person from the very beginning everything that I have been thru so hold on and then next thing happened outside operator came and if you would like to make phone call.
    Then turned around and contact dish customer service told why I received a bill from dish because it was not bundle anymore. so I asked who did this and states it was AT & T. Then I asked to speak to a supervisor and when he returned back to the phone that she stated I need to contact AT & T so supervisor would not speak to me.
    So I contact dish again & the customer service representative then switch me to account specialist and told her that I want to cancel dish and she stated since I cancelled I would have to pay 200.00 because I signed a contract and stated I did not and she will send it to me and next thing there was no more converstion it I lost her or she lost me.
    So I called back again and every one that they aplogize for the problem I was having. So the next person I talked to that I want to cancel well she offered at 28.45 credit to not cancel told them know and she switch me to account specialist and when that person came I told them I would like to speak to a supervisor so they wanted to know the problem to let the supervisor know and was placed on hold. Guess what transferred me to supervisor and lost connection so I called back 3 more times and never spoke to a supervisor.

    But also I went a chat line on 07-21-2008 to asked general questions regarding these services and they need account information and we chatted back & forth. So I finally asked to speak to supervisor and she states that she was trying to help me. So I continued back and forth and finally stated How hard is it for me to speak to a supervisor she then stated it isn't hard, no need to be rudd and I printed the chat line. So she told her supervisor the problem and she will call you in a few minutes. Well I am still waiting.

    This has been the worst experience with a company that I ever had. No one seems to take the responsbility.
    I know this story is long but I wanted everyone to know. The sad thing is that you can not reach the vice president for AT & T to let them know what is going.

  • Mv
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    i agree with the above and have had many problems with att and dish network ..starting with my bill anything from $120 a month to $190 a month and i dont even have any movie channels, but it gets better 2 weeks ago dish shut of my service one night so we called them got told it was att that shut the service off .so we called them got the problem resolved and was told that billing messed up. then last week had the same problem but with the phone getting shut off when it shouldnt have been cut off .then today (1-12-08)it happend again first with the phone at 830 am took 2 hours to fix the problem then 12 hours later dish went and shut off the satalite and its know 1030 pm and the problem is still not fixed and im still on hold waiting to speak with some idiot from dish network (55 minutes so far )so yes i think that the bosses at both companies need to be shot in the head for not giving a ### about thier customers and they might want to read some of the complaints about the company they work for

  • Fi
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    Ok, Seriously you all need to calm down.. Its TV.. Its not the end of the world. There is a lot more serious things in the world that you should care about.. If you hate the service, cancel it and move on.. They make you pay a cancellation fee, oh well, move on with life.. Its a lesson learned. Just remember, its just TV!

  • Bs
      18th of Sep, 2010
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    I am so relieved to read your posts. I have been in AT and T/Dish Network hell since May of 2010. And to fititt23, clearly a) You've never dealt with this company and b) You are missing the point! No one is complaining about TV. Read closer. What we are all complaining about is terrible, fraudulent customer service. AT and T has gotten so big that its giant corporate mentality has lost sight of who they are serving, the customers. Further, this is indicative of a much larger and more important issue which is money and greed and total lack of human concern.

    Here's my issue for what it's worth;

    I had AT and T for my home, cell and television services, all separate. Then I got this handy offer in the mail that I could bundle all my services together. I did the math and it appeared that this would be more convenient and cost effective. So I called to sign up for U-Verse in May.

    When the service man came out to install everything, I was not home. He moved my home phone out of the kitchen and placed it in the living room. I do not want a phone in my living room. Then he told my husband that AT and T has their own television service now and that we would need to cancel Dish Network. Okay...

    So on May 1st I began attempting to cancel my Dish Network service. I called on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th...etc. etc. etc. Each time I was put on hold forever, asked a deluge of stupid questions to verify my identity and then basically hassled to NOT cancel my Dish service. I was told, "We cannot help you m'am." "You'll need to cancel with AT and T." Even, "AT and T is ruining our business!" I was questioned about why I was cancelling and so on and so on and so on ad nauseum. I begged them to just cancel my service. I couldn't explain to them the whys or wherefores of AT and T's television service preferences. Finally, an AT and T rep promised he'd take care of it.

    So I'm happily paying my exorbitant bills for these great services and a few days ago I get this weird notice that since I refuse to pay my home phone bill I will be placed on toll service. What? I've been paying around $300 a month for my services. So I call AT and T and the nonsense starts all over again.

    Apparently, because I did not want my home phone in my living room they moved it back in the kitchen (thank you very much) but forgot to mention that my home phone would no longer be part of my U-Verse bundled service. AND I have an outstanding Dish Network bill of over $300. WHAT???? "But I don't have Dish", I explain, "I cancelled that a long time ago." Alas, I am transferred once more to the wonderful hell that is Dish Network. I am told I never cancelled my service and basically will have to pay for this no matter what. I ask for a supervisor and I'm told none are available but someone will "be happy to call you back tomorrow." No call, are we surprised. I call AT and T, more runaround, more useless, unhelpful and condescending pseudo-managers. Back to Dish and so on and so on and so on every day this past week. I have spent probably a total of 6 hours on the phone trying to solve this problem this week with absolutely no resolution. AT and T even has a record of each time I called and was transferred to Dish. Everyone at both companies knows I have U-Verse, that I do not have working Dish Network and that I've called repeatedly to cancel my Dish service but since they have "No notes on my account, " too bad for me. I will either pay the bill for the service I have not used since April, or I will be reported to the credit bureaus.

    I am demoralized, insensed and infuriated! I want help and don't know where to go. Does anyone know where consumers go for legal counsel against big corporations?

    I have had enough! I've been a loyal AT and T customer since I've had a cell phone and I cannot believe the way I've been treated. This is totally 100% their fault. When they invented U-Verse and their own television network they should have taken care of getting their customers switched over. Obviously, no customer would knowingly pay for two television services and only use one!!! Duh!

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