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AT&T violating rights against disabled consumers:

On 6/15/2017 I requested cancellation of service for DIRECTV over the phone to an ATT representative, it was clear that I made the service request for cancellation clear and coherent to the representative over the phone. In mid – July about a month later I received an updated statement with charges that clearly indicated my service was not cancelled, and ATT continued to bill. After speaking with a representative credits were applied backdating to the requested cancellation date.

Service at my address was then activated under my Mother’s name, unfortunately due to a serious illness (stage IV colon cancer), I felt it prudent to have utilities and other bills established with my mother’s ability to access it. For this reason just after the cancellation of service in June for my DIRECTV, my mother opened an account in her name at my address (29 Eastman St). Weeks later I received multiple bills of which some had different account numbers, after speaking with many representatives, making multiple calls, visits to the local ATT store, and later a conversation with the office of the President of ATT it was confirmed that multiple accounts had been opened under my mother’s name. The duplicate account(s) were closed, then about a week later another bill was received indicating that I owed for an early cancellation of the contract. This fee was in excess of $500 and later added to more than $600. ATT opened a false account fraudulently under my mother’s name, and then later assessed an early termination fee, this was SUPPOSEDLY corrected and the account should have been closed and the account should have no balance. This was not the case Victor McGrorty from ATT Office of the President did not correct this, instead I received another collection bill from ATT for the balance. Another call to ATT and supposedly the manager for Victor’s department had corrected this and closed the account – this is yet to be seen since as I typo this letter 7/28/2017 I have not received any verification of this action.

As part of a long time customer of ATT’s and the obvious inconvenience that this has caused, along with mental distress, and ultimately the fact that this is taking time off of my life as I am a cancer patient - I find their behavior and ATT’s behavior grotesque in their treatment, and their offer of a $25 credit towards my account. That is not a misnomer $25 credit. I refused the credit and found it so insulting it nearly brought me to tears. As I type this it’s difficult enough to manage finances on a fixed income, but when a company clearly violates your rights and commits a flagrant, fraudulent, and beyond inconvenient distress to the remaining time I have left and my ability to continue to manage my finances for myself and my heirs. Restitution should be significant based on these circumstances.

The story does continue….

My cell phone service also had fraudulent activity committed against it. A new IPhone 7 was fraudulently ordered against my account. ATT’s security failed and allowed someone over the phone with an agent to order and obtain my personal information. My cell phone was hacked in June, and safety precautions were taken to prevent this from occurring (on my part NOT ATT’s). However, the lack of support from ATT, the lack of empathy, and no apology for their lack of due diligence to ensure that I was the only individual to access the account without authorization is frustrating to say the least. Both of these fraudulent instances occurring nearly simultaneously is suspicious and the FCC/CFPB/FTC/Office of the President of the United States, and the Attorney General should investigate to see if other consumer’s rights are being violated by ATT’s practices

Jul 31, 2017

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