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I am at my wit's end with AT&T.  Please understand why:

I became Power of Attorney for my cousin who entered a memory care facility in August 2016.

On November 21, 2016, I wrote Customer Service requesting that her account be discontinued and the account cancelled.  I included a copy of the POA.

On February 13, 2017, I received a bill for $181.27.  Upon speaking to Customer Service, they cancelled the account, but said that I still owed $181.27, that they had never received my cancellation request in November. 

I had not received any further bills after payment of the October 5-November 4 statement of $59.69.  Consequently, I presumed the account closed, but then here comes the bill for $181.27.

Customer Service said my only avenue was to write to AT&T Resolution, PO Box 580, Lee's Summit, MO 64063, which I did on February 13, 2017. [I've since been advised by customer service that they do not show such an address.]

Today is March 16.  I have received no response from AT&T Resolution, but I did receive another  bill, this one for $145.42.

I have scoured the internet  for a phone number for AT&T Resolution, Lee's Summit, to no avail. 

There is a Resolution Center number on your website of [protected].  I called and they said they deal only with bills, that I would need to call [protected], which I did, only to get automated assistance that took me into commercial accounts billing.

I found [protected] on your website and they told me they would need to put me through to the Landline Department, who could resolve my problem. 

The Landline Department told me that there is no way to cancel service through a request by letter, that it must come via telephone.  After checking the bill, I see no where that it says anything about cancelling service, let alone the format through which it must come.  She told me that she would transfer me to someone who could resolve the problem.  I went on hold, and then a voice message came on announcing, "The person you have called does not have a voice mail set up yet.  Goodbye." 

I entered an Online Chat with two people, neither of whom could help, but they did indicate that there supervisor would call within 15 minutes. I received an automated call and ended up with a customer service rep who said she could not speak to me because I do not have Power of Attorney. Told her that I'd submitted two POA's. She said, "sorry."

Mar 16, 2017

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