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AT&T / at&t bundle, does not work, being defrauded

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Last October, I signed up for a bundled service from AT and T and Dishnetwork for phone, DSL, and TV. I have been defrauded from day one. Here is what happened. October through November.
- Signed up for the service, and it never worked. Phone consistently dropped calls. DSL NEVER worked, period. NEVER WORKED.
- Made at least 15 phone calls, spent at least 15 hours on the phone with AT and T representatives to no avail.
- An AT and T field technical came to my house 3 times to troubleshoot the problems. On Visit #1, the technician said “you have ZERO problems” and left. I then asked for a different field tech to come to my house. On Visit #2, the second tech said the first tech DID NOT KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING. HE SAID THAT THE PHONE WAS NOT AT ALL RIGHT, AND THERE WERE KNOWN ISSUES IN MY AREA THAT THEY were WORKING ON THAT ALSO AFFECTED THE DSL. HE FLAT OUT ADMITTED THIS. He left saying the phone was fixed, and only way to get DSL to work was to DISCONNECT THE PHONE!!! There had to be a Visit #3 as the phone still consistently crackled, dropped calls, and callers could not reach us. The tech came back and said "I can't fix it. I don't know what to do for you. I can do nothing."
- After this, I had many more phone calls with AT and T tech service to try and fix the problem. Especially with the DSL Business unit. The tech people could NEVER get the DSL work at all – ZERO CONNECTIONS.
- I am a software development professional, and after a month of no Internet and a home phone much more worse than the WORST cell phone something had to be done.
- I called AT and T and asked to end the relationship. My request was that I had signed up for Service Bundle, and 1 of the services (DSL) does NOT work at all, 1 of the services BARELY works (that is being generous with the PHONE situation). I asked to end the relationship and stay with DishNetwork for TV.
- On the phone AT and T agreed to end the relationship, we settled up the bill, and it was done. RELATIONSHIP ENDED, EVERYTHING PAID IN FULL. Part of settling up the bill was that I did not have to pay for DSL service because it NEVER WORKED. This is important. I thought the terrible experience was over. Unfortunately, it was only just started.
- In January of 2008, I got a call from the DSL business unit at AT and T. Here is what happened:
- They basically said that they didn’t care what had happened before. They said and I quote “AT and T DSL is its own business, and we don’t care what another unit in AT and T said to you. They are a different business. You must pay us.” Even if the DSL NEVER WORKED, I still had to pay for it.
- The most outrageous thing they said is that the AT and T field tech was not an “AT and T DSL employee” so his visits to my house DID NOT MATTER FOR NOTHING. His analysis meant nothing. Somehow, I magically had to know the different between business units, legal entities, and what techs to deploy to my house.
- In the end, I gave in and paid for a couple months of service because they were going to send me to collections. I was very upset, but then thought “okay, this horrible experience is now really, really over. I’ll just pay to make this go away.” Boy, was I completely wrong again. I should have never paid the ### a cent.
- Yes, no joke. If you get Phone and DSL from AT and T it is like doing business with two completely separate companies. And, they give a crap about each other let alone give a crap about you. They sure as hell don’t care if you are caught in the middle of a bad situation with the AT and T the global company. THEY DON’T CARE.
- In March 2008, AT and T “transferred” me to DishNetwork. To this day, no one at DishNetwork can explain what this means. AT and T billed DishNetwork $370.00 since the services were no longer bundled, and DishNetwork has now billed me for that amount. NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT THIS IS FOR. I AM JUST EXPECTED TO PAY IT OR GET SENT TO COLLECTIONS AND HAVE MY TV SERVICE SHUT OFF.
In conclusion, I signed up for a bundle of three services of TV, DSL, and Phone. DSL NEVER WORKED. The phone never really worked. In no way was the land line phone working like a land line phone should. As a matter of fact, last fall during my phone troubles (and after this continuing well into the winter) AT and T was working on the infrastructure in my subdivision. I mean these guys were out in 20 below weather digging up the hell out of the ground and fixing stuff.

THERE WERE OBVIOUSLY UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE ISSUES THAT NO NORMAL PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ACCEPT. Though AT and T was very difficult to work with, I thought the issue was resolved in November when the account was settled in November of 2007. But, they are basically are extorting and defrauding me out of about $430.00 and killing my credit report. I’m a reasonable person and very pro-business. But, this is a case of the big company really sticking it to the average citizen and it is not right. AT and T has ZERO accountability for anything. What else can I say. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AT AND T IN ANY WAY. If something goes wrong, you are COMPLETELY SCREWED.


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