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AT&T / refund of security deposit

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On feb 12, 2010 I bought the iphone 3gs and had to put a security deposit of $500 down and was told I would receive it back in 6months. After 6months I called at&t and was told no it takes 9months. Ok fine I waited the 9months and still nothing so I call again and was told no it actually takes a year from when I got the phone. Ok fine I can understand that I called them again just to make sure that it was just gonna take a year and when I called again I was told that no because I had a few suspensions on my acct it takes a year from the last suspension. From all the times that I called not 1 of those incompetent reps had ever told me that. I tried filing a complaint and kept getting the runaround like they always do to their customers. I was given 3 diff corporate addresses and was never provided a corporate number. So now they are saying that I will not receive my refund until june 2011 which is very unacceptable I will fight this to the very end I want my money back no later then feb 2011. At&t is the worst carrier ever I wish I had read about them before I signed up with them. Please people be aware of them they really are the worst they dont care about their customers and the reps do not know anything I am always being told something different everytime I call them.

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  • Pu
      5th of Dec, 2010
    AT&T - Illegal charges to my bill
    United States

    I had gotten a local, dedicated line to my computer, and had it set up for ONLY local numbers. I had been using these same numbers for over a year, and all of a sudden I get a phone bill for $1500.00!!

    I called AT&T and tried to talk to somebody who would explain to me HOW I got this huge charge, and all I got from them was "this is YOUR bill you have to pay it".

    I finally got ahold of some "supervisor" who apparently was some snot-nosed hate-monger...he screamed and yelled at me "ITS YOUR BILL YOU PAY IT"!

    I even got ahold of a woman who didnt scream at me, and I asked several times to have my phone line physically looked at to see if anybody illegally connected to it, or if there was something wrong in the junction box out on the street, but she refused.

    I had AT&T years before this, and they tried to screw me over then, by adding other peoples charges to my phone bill...people who never paid thier phone bills. This is what they were doing now...trying to get me to pay for OTHER peoples phone bills.

    Nobody would listen to me, but I filed complaints with all the appropriate places anyway.

    AT&T is a monster and must be shut down. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

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  • En
      6th of Dec, 2010

    Ask for an itemized bill if you don't have it yet, see where the charges originate from and then dispute the ones that aren't yours.

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  • Pu
      11th of Dec, 2010

    I had asked for PROOF many, many times, and they would never give me any, much less an itemized bill...because it didnt exist!

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  • Ob
      13th of Dec, 2010

    I just received this same response from them. Let me know how things work out for you as soon as they do. I heard talking to the deactivation number works better than customer service. They bargain so you can stay with them.

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  • Ko
      28th of Dec, 2010

    well after calling many many many times i was told that i would be receiving my refund in march 2011. they refuse to give it to me any sooner then that because i should have read the T&C and that is my responsibility. of course they had no answer when i asked how come i had been told 3 different stories by their reps all i got was an i dont know. AT&T is HORRIBLE i hope they go bankrupt

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