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ATT / poor customer service

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I had heard about AT&T’s U-verse service and kept watching and checking to see when it would be available in my neighborhood. I wanted it for a couple of reasons. I have become addicted to only watching recorded tv shows. U-verse advertised that you could record up to 4 channels at one time. It also offered internet speeds at 4-5 times faster than my current AT&T dsl. I work from home, have a home office and thought the faster download speed would be nice when working on large files from co-workers. I also pay for and attend online classes and the faster speeds would help when reviewing video lectures.

There was an ATT truck outside my house one day and I asked what he was doing. The phone service box for the surrounding homes is in my front yard. He said he was installing U-Verse for my neighbor across the street. I went across the street a couple days later and asked Jim about it and he indicated he really liked it. I thought what the heck, I called ATT and ordered the largest bundle they had. It would give me every channel offered plus super high download speeds and digital phone service all in one package. I was told by the ATT rep that everything was good and set an appointment.

My install was on February 17th, 2010 between 1:00 and 3:00. The technician showed up at 1:30. I was already planning on what shows to record and was wondering how nice the extra speedy internet service would be. But that is when the nightmare began.

The tech looked around the house then left. Within 15 minutes I had no internet service and no phone service. The tech didn’t come back until 5:30. He told me he could not get U-Verse to work at my house. I asked why not, indicating my neighbor has it and the ATT box is right there in my front yard. He didn’t offer any explanation. After he left I noticed I didn’t have internet or phone service. I used my cell phone and called ATT. I got somebody in India or somewhere, who wanted to follow some script of how to repair the internet. I explained that a tech was just at the house and he did something to disconnect the service and this had nothing to do with my computer or modem. She insisted my service was still connected and the problem was either my modem or my computer.

After a couple of hours of explaining details, being transferred and being placed on hold, I finally gave up and thought I would resolve it the next day. Thursday morning I started calling first thing. I needed my internet for work and school. Once again I was bounced around all over the world. Finally I spoke to someone that told me, ATT shut off my dsl to convert it to U-Verse but they had to follow Federal guidelines in switching it back. She said one screen was showing the disconnection, while another screen was still showing a connection. She said she would fill out a form herself and walk it into a manager for approval so she could expedite the reinstallation of my system. She said someone would call me back.

No one called so Friday I called again. The same thing happened I spoke to several people before finally talking to someone who said he understood my situation and that I would receive a call on Saturday with a solution. Nobody called. By this time my phone was being listed as disconnected.

Saturday I spent several hours driving around town looking for a hot spot for my laptop. I use my desktop for work and school because my laptop doesn’t have enough memory to run my programs. But at least if I found a hot spot I could check email. Starbucks has ATT internet but it costs like $4 for 2 hours to use it. I finally found a business who offered a connection without a password.

On Monday, I called ATT once again. I spoke to a rep who said the installation was scheduled for Wednesday. Great, I finally I can get back to my normal activity.

I started working at our corporate office, but it’s 75 miles from my house. Sometimes the commute takes 2 hours each leg because of traffic. But since I couldn’t work at home, that is my only option. Wednesday I came home expecting to have the internet turned on. It was not so I called ATT and was told the technician would be there before 8pm. Sure enough he showed up at 7:30, then left. He returned at about 8:30 and stayed in his truck outside and called me on my home phone. It worked. Assuming I had internet also I hung up, he left and I went to check my modem. No internet.

I called ATT right away hoping to get him back and was told there was nothing they could do until the order department opened the next day. I called on Thursday. Again, I spent more than an hour on the phone. This time I finally spoke to someone who said she would do whatever she could to help. This morning (Friday February 26th) I called again. I was told by a customer service rep that they could see all the notes and attempts to expedite the reinstallation but said she could do nothing. She did say there is now a schedule for installing dsl on March 2nd. At least now I finally have a date and time.

Everyone asked why I don’t just switch providers. I would but everyone has my email address and I don’t want to change it right now.

I have spent more than 8 hours on the phone with ATT trying to get my service back on. I have spent hours driving to locations to get internet service. I have spent extra money and time commuting to an office when usually I can work at home. I have missed my online classes that I pay monthly to attend. I have fee based services I use for both professional and personal use that still charge my credit card, even if I don’t have the internet.

I am amazed on the lack of concern and commitment to re establish my service. I never once raised my voice on the phone but had customer service people who would here my story and tell me I was being transferred to a higher level department. Then I would end up being transferred to India or somewhere. I firmly believe most of the reps I have spoken with really could care less about my need to have internet access. I think some just transferred me because they didn’t want to deal with my problem.

I asked several if they could take ownership of my problem and follow up for me. I was told repeatedly they were not allowed to do that. I asked how I could reach someone consistently so I didn’t have to explain my issues over and over. Reps don’t have extensions.

All I wanted to do was upgrade my service. I didn’t expect to get a lesson in how to provide poor customer service. ATT disconnected my service in 5 minutes and if I get service back next week, it will have taken 2 weeks. It took me 10 days just to get an installation date.

I have had my phone number and internet service for at least 15 years. I have never called them ever to complain or ask for help. Yet I am convinced they have indentified me someone in there computers as not being a valued customers. I can not think of any other explanation why no one at ATT acted concerned or wanted to help. Since they don’t care I plan to open an email at Google. Once everyone has it, I’ll be leaving ATT. They won’t care that I’m gone.

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  • Ta
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    Good luck trying to communicate with the phone company. Over a year ago, a young man came door to door selling Uverse, the new ATT answer to cable. We signed up only to be contacted by ATT a week later to say that Uverse was not available in our neighborhood. Poor salesman. Our neighbor now has Uverse. We called ATT and were told that it was still not available. We explained that not only does our neighbor have it but the connection is in our backyard. Bottom line - there are only so many ports and our backyard connection is full so too bad. The Uverse customer rep named Renee was very rude and when asked when we could receive this service, I was told that it would be up to the engineers if they would ever add more ports. We have DSL and two phone lines with ATT and this is how we're treated. I have tried to email ATT to try and resolve this issue but it seems that email is not their mode of communication but the man on their answering system will not allow you to talk to a person until you've gone through about 50 prompts. FRUSTRATING is all I can say.

  • Ro
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    I also had a nightmare experience with AT@T on October 17/08.
    I received a voice recorded message at 11:29 a.m. that "Your DSL internet service would be turned on October 21/08." I was then told what my new telephone number would be.This was a Little Rock, Ar.number, I live in Mississippi and have had internet for about a year and a half.The recorded message then gave a number 1-877-722-3755 to call if I had any questions, which of course I certainly did.Was I dealing with identy theft here? I had just been in Little Rock a few days before and had given a couple of checks at two different stores.I tried twice to call this number and no answer.I called residental business office twice, no answer. Called the number for businesses to use, they connected me to residental business office.The next three and a half hours was a total nightmare.I was continuesly connected to someone else. Put on hold til I had to hang up. I did not get a call back.I had to keep calling back.Put on hold, had to listen to music, listen to advertisements, asking for new employees, which I hope they get.I ask if I could get connected to an AT@T business office in Little Rock to see if I could find out what this was about.I was given this number to call 1-800-616-1171.I called this number which wasn't in Little Rock and got a real rude jerk who said "this is Mr. Frost".He was such a smart-A I told him to kiss mine and hung up.By this time I have talked to about six people.One lady even connected me to Tecnical Services. She couldn't understand why I was connected to her.She connected me to somebody body else.By the ninth person I am right on the edge of losing it good.A VERY nice lady named Miss Tonya Coleman had the intelligence to know what to do. She got a third party on the line by the name of LACY--oh! she gave birth to rudeness.She found the answer to the problem but pushed me to my limites to call her a B--.Ms Coleman told her I had been on the phone three and half hours trying to get help.That didn't phase Miss Yankee Rude. She pushed my last button to the point I again cursed her and she hung up. I was crying by then.Mrs Coleman was very kind and I thanked her so much. I have some major health problems. I have had some small strokes, Take heart medicine and have a life threatning illness. I am not suppose to b e under bad stress.I don't imagine one thing will be done about this and I will look into making a change.You can ask for a" higher up" and you don't get it.My experience shouldn't have happened to any body.

  • Gr
      5th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Similar experience.

  • We
      14th of Sep, 2011
    +1 Votes

    They have terrible customer service! They transferred me like 10 times!

  • Do
      7th of Oct, 2015
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    I've had AT&T U-Verse internet service for eight months now and nearly every month, they've "forgotten" my credit card number and needed another one or told me hat my higher limit credit cards that work just fine and dandy everywhere else and are paid off regularly are being "declined." Odd since they seem to work just fine for everything else. In the past, I've even provided them with my bank account number. When I end up having to call to complain on pretty much a monthly basis, I'm treated rudely and impertinently. There must be a note about me not taking any guff from their sales team or something and that must be something they look upon in a negative light and don't like to have to deal with. When my service was actually shut off today even with all of this varied payment information that they have of mine on file, I called in. I'm horribly ill with the flu and a bad cough and I was actually hung up on thrice because I "wouldn't speak up!" That is inexcusable. I excused myself and apologized for having to call in while hacking and coughing and not having much voice left, but there's no reason that they would possibly be unable to understand what's being said. For some reason two of the reps I spoke with today could hear me just fine and said I'm so sorry you've been made to call in and have to deal with this while you're not feeling well. I said thanks u for that. The last manager I spoke with today before I simply canceled my service and picked up with xfinity was horrified to hear that I was disconnected for being sick. I'd love to have been able to call when I'm feeling well or better yet be billed properly and ethically and not have to worry about calling in at all, but I own a business and I need my internet. To have no internet is not something that's acceptable to me and it's not any of my doing certainly. As I mentioned, it's AT&T's lackadaisical billing practices that necessitated my calling in the first place. I had no choice in the matter. To add insult to injury (or injury to insult as the case may be), I was told that because my account had been suspended, they couldn't run any of the cards they had on file and that they needed another bank account number. I stopped in my tracks and simply said are you kidding me? Look how poorly you've handled all of the other billing information you have at your disposal. I've been double billed, had added extra charges tacked on that I've had to call monthly and have reversed and you've literally lost my billing information more than once. There is no way in heck that I'm providing you with my bank account information again. Absolutely not. I said credit card billing is one thing. I can always have the charges canceled with my company if I find AT&T engaging in fraudulent billing practices while in possession of my credit card. If they bill my bank account improperly, I'll have to come in and sign a sworn affidavit saying that AT&T does not have legal permission to bill my account and then that information will be sent to my bank's corporate headquarters for review, at which point I may or may not get my money back, so heck no. I will not provide a disreputable company with my bank account number. That will. Not. Happen. AT&T could've kept a customer tonight. Instead, they've lost a customer-a writer no less with a big social media following and they've gained a dissatisfied former customer who will tell anyone and everyone who will listen that their billing practices are unethical. That's too bad for them. I am severely disappointed in my experience with AT&T.

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