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I ordered an iphone from AT&T, and when i found out they charge premium for using service with the phone, i cancelled my account with them and returned the iphone, insured and had proof of receipt by their warehouse. they refused to acknowledge the return, and after dispute with my CC company, they partially refunded the cost of the iphone, only to rebill it to my now closed account along with additional cancellation fees and other crap amounting to over $800. then they turned over the account to an agressive collection agency that started calling me day and night. so in effect, they created a large bill and went after me to collect on it, all bogus and not true. i filed complaints with the State AG, the FCC, and contacted my attorney to prepare a lawsuit against them. we're now tracking down the return and trying to see why they are billing me like this and on waht grounds they are going after me for a bill. they are just a terrible terrible company that is a desparate for cash and try to bully people into forking over their hard earned money by acting like a big fat corporation, typical of all the wall streeters out there!! and after being with them for over 5 years, i was treated like a second class citizen. i would never ever consider them for any service even if it was offered for free. bye bye AT&Crap!


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      25th of Jan, 2010
    AT&T - Everything
    United States

    After paying $52/mo for home phone called to try & reduce bill. Representative redid plan. Next bill was $62. Called to go back to old plan. Was told it was no longer available & I could not go back to it even though at&t lied to me & messed it up. Kept calling to get fixed. Everytime next bill would be even higher. Finially got someone who got my bill down to $38. That means for years I paid a higher bill than I could have. DSL box is 1/2 mile from my house. Cannot get DSL. After several calls was told I could get it & would receive modem in 3 days. Wrong! Again I was misinformed. Someone called my parents home & told them they had made a mistake. Explain why they called my parents number? My daughter is a freshman in college & internet is a necessity not a luxury. Wire card does not work here either. We tried that route. Cell phones have no 3G network but we get no price break on plan. Also several parts of our area we have no service at all. If we have trouble on our way to Elizabethown we are out of luck. Keep getting all these offers w/bill to bundle but guess what...We can't cause nothing is offered in this area. I think At&t service is rediculous. Have searched everywhere for address to go higher up than regular customer service #. Cannot find anything.

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  • Tk
      25th of Jan, 2010

    Get to the retention department. They are the only ones who will actually help you and most likely apply a monthy credit to your bill for your trouble. Don't bother with supervisors or trying to get to corporate.

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  • Yo
      20th of Jan, 2014

    AT&T Sucks ! Is the worst company !

    This company charged me ###ing a giant fine for finish my carissimo phone plan that does not offer me anything!
    I paid the early termination, and that this crap should have done the contract is fulfilled!
    RELEASE my phone! but more than 20 requests, 20 denied protocols!
    Hours and hours with incompetent
    and NOTHING

    Chargeback did! and you take them to small claims

    Someone needs to make a class action against this garbage company

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