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AT&T / no one would listen to me at at&t

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I got a call about 2 weeks ago from our Family Service Counselor at Sunrise Memorial Gardens. Now for everyone's information we are in the death care industry so it is very important for our main line to function properly. He told me that there was something wrong with the phone lines. Our current provider is at&t. So I asked him what the problem was? He said, "Well I can't get calls in and I can't check the voice mail on the main line." He said that you can't fax out and you can't receive faxes in on the fax line. But, when you call the fax line it rings on the main line. So we assumed that because of some bad weather that we had been having that the lines got crossed outside or something along that line. So, I called at&t customer repair. I talked with a customer service rep. and they connected me to one of the techs. in the area. So he said, "Yeah it must be the outside lines I will send someone out as soon as possible." So about 2 days later a tech came out. We tried the phone lines and it still didn't work. So I called at&t again and told them the problem and that it was not fixed. They said, ok we will send out another tech. By this time about a week has passed and finally another tech shows up to fix the lines. He leaves and we check the lines and they still aren't fixed. So again I call the phone company and proceed to get them to understand how important this matter is considering what kind of service we provide. Then they said that on 9/10/07 they would send a tech out to look at the inside of the building because they think that's where the problem is and not outside. So they go, ok we will send a tech out between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This time no one ever even showed up at all no phone call or nothing!!!! So I call them and they tell me, oh I have no idea how come they didn't come out. We will send someone out on 9/11/07 to look at them again at about the same time they were supposed to on 9/10/07. Again today it's 9/11/07 and they never showed again. NO PHONE CALL OR ANYTHING!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? It has been about 2 weeks to get someone out from at&t to get the phone line fixed. I had to take time out again and call at&t to tell them that I need this fixed immediately and how ridiculous there customer service was. So here I sit after 2 weeks with no phone line at that location because I can't get any kind of help! All of our corporate offices use this phone company and how uneasy is it that we can't even get our phone lines fixed so a Funeral Home can call us to tell us about someone who is deceased because AT&T won't give me a straight answer or get the job done like keep telling me they are going to do.

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  • Da
      9th of Nov, 2007
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    AT&T - Very poor customer service!
    United States

    According to the person I talked to today at AT&T their new slogan is "If you don't like it go someplace else". I'm paraphrasing just a bit there... the actual quote from their tech supervisor was "If we are not meeting your needs, there are many other providers out there to choose from". WTF? At least in the old days they pretended to give a ### about their customers.

    Background: We notified AT&T on OCT 10 that we would be moving our office effective Nov 2 and needed our phone lines and Fixed IP DSL moved on that day. Perhaps trying to show us how efficient they are they cut our phone lines at the old location promptly at 8am. Unfortunately it was 8am on Oct 1 and we were left with no phone or Internet the entire last day before the scheduled move.

    Phone Lines were up and running at the new location by noon on Friday Nov 2 as scheduled except... oops. Only one of the office lines and the fax line has dial tone. No second line and no dsl. Called 611 and after they mentioned 4 times that there would be a $95 charge if a tech came out and the problem was on our side of the dmarc and I explained 4 times to them that we had no dial tone on the line at the dmarc and that they had just set the lines up the previous day they said they would send a tech out the next day.

    Next morning tech shows bright and early. diagnoses a bad card somewhere back at the switching office and assigns a new pair and bingo dial tone. He then checks the dsl line and after going back through his order ticket says there is no dsl order in progress on this line. When we ordered the change back in October we were informed that there may be a few days delay in getting the DSL provisioned at the new location because of our desire to keep the same phone number and IP addresses at the new location. OK, fine, we're moving and getting stuff set up so not too much actual work time lost... Well now it seems that their definition of a few days means 8 to 14 business days.

    After calling DSL tech support number and playing pick the menu for 10 minutes and then another 10 waiting for a supervisor of the first tier script reader, it was explained to me that it would take the biggest tel-com company in the world 8 to 14 more days to move our DSL service a mile and a half.(In addition to the three weeks prior to the move heads up we gave them when we ordered the change).

    So after all this we are still SOL on the DSL for at least another week and I am once more left all warm and fuzzy by how well we are served by giant corporations who care so greatly for each and every one of us little people.

  • Ry
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    I was reading your post and thought to myself, self, this is exactly my experience that I have just gone through with AT&T for my residential phone. How hard could it be to get a phone line changed from one location to another, apparently a month and still screwing things up. I would like to mention, I am now a Verizon customer. Never again will I use AT&T for ANYTHING..

  • Sa
      22nd of May, 2014
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    I've had the same problem with att here in South Carolina.

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