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AT&T / switching carriers problem!

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On or about April 11, I contacted AT&T long distance with a question about my bill, at which time their representative encouraged me to switch my local phone service to AT&T as well. He stated that the cost would be less than $25 per month and no mention was made of any other charges. Shortly thereafter I received a bill in the amount of $142.52, a far cry from what I was expecting. Included in this bill was a charge listed as “Service Order Charge – Installation” $65. SURPRISE!! Nobody mentioned this charge to me nor did I ever agree to same. I promptly canceled both phone services with AT&T on May 10, effective May 11, at which time I made it clear that I would not be paying the surprise $65 fee and that they should play the tape to determine that I had not, in fact, been informed of this installation charge. Had their representative advised me of this fee, as required by law, I would have declined to switch carriers and left my phone service as it was. Obviously they chose not to play the tape of the conversation in question and a demand is still being made for their surprise fee. I didn’t agree to it and I will not pay for it, since it represents almost as much as my weekly grocery bill and as a senior citizen, I would never have knowingly chosen between eating and switching telephone carriers. They continue to demand payment, using the statement that this is a mandatory charge. What? Isn’t it also mandatory to advise the consumer that there will be such a charge? They are threatening to compromise my credit rating unless I pay and I cannot and will not pay for something to which I did not agree. There must be a law against this type of predatory charging/billing as well as AT&T’s bullying collection tactics. I have requested an itemized bill for the remaining charges for which they say I am liable. I will pay what I legitimately owe but that is all! I have also requested a copy of the tape of my conversation with their representative, which proves that I was not advised of their $65 fee. They have denied both requests. I have a right to both an itemized bill and proof that I was told of their outrageous installation fee. AT&T does not agree, at least not according to their third-world country representatives.

Plz advise smb!

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  • Mi
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    I hate AT&T with a passion. I moved out of state to an area they don't provide, so obviously I cancelled my service with them. They explained that I would need to pay off my previous balance in full. Done. Next month, I find out that they not only charged my credit card, they charged my boyfriend's credit card from the online bill pay. We experienced the same run around, the same routine of explaining the situation to multiple, clueless operators, and still no resolve. In fact, now AT&T is claiming that I owe them approximately $40 and now have a collections agency after me. I have responded with a letter, proof that they charged me twice, and demanded that AT&T review this rebuttal. After reading all the complaints on here, I doubt this issue will ever be resolved.

  • Va
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    AT&T - Scam and fraud
    United States
    Phone: 800-288-2020

    I received an advertisement in the mail from AT&T Consumer Services which offered unlimited local and long distance for $45 per month and AT&T High Speed Internet for $19.95 per month. The offer also promised a $50 rebate for local and long distance service and a $50 rebate for internet service. I ordered the phone service plus in-line repair plan and AT&T High Speed Internet Pro which were installed on March 3, 2008.

    I called countless times concerning the rewards to no avail and finally wrote them a letter including a copy of the offer. They responded to the letter by leaving a message on my voice mail telling me to call the same reward center I had already been calling! During my last call on July 21 I was promised both rebates in 3-4 weeks. This week I received information in the mail telling me to log on to the reward center. There was a reward of $50 for the Internet Service, which will not be mailed to me until September 12. There is still no information on how to claim my reward for the phone service!

    Also, the monthly phone service should be $50 per month is over $65 each month after the addition of all the surcharges, fees and taxes. My bill for phone, internet and wireless services is over $130.00 per month!

  • La
      13th of Aug, 2008
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    Ok…why do you sound so surprised? You almost sound shocked! Welcome to the NEW AT&T!!!

    As I’ve said before, in their bottom line…they count on the fact that the customer will get the runaround and FINALLY give up on the rebates. I once asked…”why don’t we just give the customer the rebate automatically on their bill after 90 days?” Response: “Because statistically, only 15 to 25 percent of rebates are actually ever paid out on rebates that the customer has to follow-up on themselves.” To add to that, I had a manager tell me…”within the 90 days the customer has already called in and hopefully, has been changed to another package and that new package no longer qualifies them for the rebate…”. Oh yeah…no one ever told you if you change the services during the rebate processing time, you won’t get the rebate!!! Genius isn’t it!!!

    Also, when you took the service…I can sure as hell guarantee that the rep said “all these services are only going to be $45 per month…plus fee and taxes…”. The customer only hears what they want to hear…and then they pass out when they get the bill for three times more than what they “heard”. Of course, that is IF the rep ever mentioned that last part at all.

    1) People…people…people…always…always start with the basic service and go from there. In some states, it cheaper to add to the basic service, in others, the basic service is almost $20 and it’s cheaper to go with a package from the get start.

    2) To whatever service you do get, add $8-9 in federal charges and another $10 in taxes and that doesn’t include the taxes that you’re going to pay on your long distance calls.

    3) Don’t take a service because of a rebate you may never get and when you do, it’s been so long and such a hassle, that it didn’t make a difference anyway.

    4) DSL Lite is crap!! The company knows that but is federally required to offer a cheaper high speed internet service to their customers. Also, you get no rebates with the dsl lite but you need the same equipment for dsl lite that you would need for the other dsl’s. Again, it’s to the company’s benefit that you get dsl lite (no rebate at all to worry about) and realize it crap and then upgrade.

    As always, this information I’ve provided is completely FREE and I’ve told you nothing here that you couldn’t have found with a little research. Good Luck!!!

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