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AT&T Business Line / billing issues!

1 IL, United States Review updated:

I own a company that uses AT&T business line services, from the conception of the company until now I have made every payment on time and usually a few weeks before it is physically due. I have not received a bill from AT&T since the beginning of January when I paid them yet another $150+ (rip off) funny my plan is supposed to be 59.99 and yet I'm paying 3 times that every month. Back to the point, They never issued me a bill for February and I've been patiently waiting for 3 weeks now, Today I get my bill that says I am about to be disconnected and I will incur cancellation fees and so forth.

THESE IDIOTS NEVER SENT ME A DAMN BILL! How is a business supposed to pay it's bills on time if they can not send the bill before it is due!!!

The rep swears that all the billing is sent out 3 days after it is printed, so I asked her to show me proof that it was sent and the [censored] told me I would need to contact my postal service to find out that info...

How is the postal service going to know when AT&T sent out a bill? So I asked again, when was this bill sent out, she could not give me an answer/.


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      12th of Apr, 2008
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    I really have been bragging about the u-verse system. Now if I could only have it fixed!!!

    Day 1, Tech #1 comes out at 9:15 am. He calls tech # 2 1.5 hours later #2 shows up. They then call tech # 3, 2 hours later he shows up. 2 hours later he tells be he'll be back tommorrow. I said I can not miss another day of work. He tells me "we will work around your schedule". the next day I get a message that they have fixed the external problems and "I am 100% all set". I call te reschedule and they give me a date of 1.5 weeks later. Saturday the tech shows up at 11:50 am and departs at 8:45 pm. 9 HOURS!!!
    While he is in my condo he calls a superviser to schedule an appointment to be at my location on Wednesday. HE NEVER SHOWS! I miss another day of work. I call and they send someone out Saturday to figure out why I am not getting proper signal. He spends that day for 45 minutes and tells me I keep loosing the signal.REALLY!!! I DO??? I SHOULD OF BEEN A TECH! I call again . A superviser named Tom in the Addison Illinois Area tells me he will send someone out Saturday. Again I am wasting my valuable time. HE NVER SHOWS! I call Tom back on Monday and he says " nobody showed Really, I'll find out what happened and call you right back...never to be heard from again. 3 days later I call explain my long story and when I was done the "customer service rep" said "What would you like me to do."??Yes I blew up. I then talked to Kimberly a supervisor that was very nice and professional and called me back 3 times to make an appoint for Wednesday at 6 pm. The tech called me at 7pm to say he would be finishing up a job and would be at my location in a few minutes. 2 minutes later Kimberly called to confirm this. I then got a call at 8:30 that they would not be able to make it.LOOK AT THE MANPOWER THEY HAVE WASTED. LOOK AT MY PERSONAL TIME I HAVE WASTED. IF THEY COULDN'T HOOK ME UP THEY SHOULD OF SAID THAT AND KNOWN THAT BEFORE THEY EVER ENTERED MY HOME. THEY ARE DUE HERE TODAY BETWEEN 12 & 2PM. IT IS NOW12:30 AND I HAVE NOT HEARD A THING. WILL THEY SHOW? IF THEY SHOW WILL THEY FIX IT? DO I SAY PULL YOUR CRAP OUT OF HERE. OR DO I TELL THEM TO GET IT MONDAY BETWEEN 4& 9 AND I WON'T BE HOME.

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      22nd of Feb, 2009
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    I have the ultimate night mare experience with at& t and am about to explode but a friend who is a former worker told me to complain to my state publice utlities board they hate it, it causes them not to be able to get rate hikes so i down loaded the forms,
    I have argued with them since nov 15 when i tried to move my office and they screwed me out of 6 days phone service, for a business THAT WAS CRIPPLING TO ME. I guess they cancelled my dsl contract instead of delaying it til i did move on 1-5-09. they keep biling me 790$ for cancelling service that i never cancelled I have it now. i have wrote letters, one was 9 pages long, i have called and got tons of notes, was assured every time by business office just pay this "amt" and the credit takes time to go thru. Then i get collection notices so again I call business office, i call acct receivebales they tell me its fixed and then here comes another call and they always insist there are no notes on my acct! HOW CAN THAT BE ? I WROTE LETTERS, I HAVE SENT EMAIL FROM THE WEB SITE CONTACT US, I HAVE 2 INCH THICK FILE OF NOTES.
    so last friday they CUT MY PHONES OFF IN MIDDLE OF DAY. so again i am on the phone with 9 people, each one wants to hear the story only to tell me they cant help, they transfer me. I had told the lady in collections the other day HELLO I AM THE CUSTOMER IT IS THERE JOB TO FIX THEIR INTERNAL ISSUES ON THIS NOT MINE I AM SICK OF CALLING, WRITING ETC.. so she cut my phone off and after hours of arguing with them i had no choice but to pay the $ 790 THAT I DONT OWE. then they assured me they will work on a credit,

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