AT&T / billing error

United States

If you read the visitor posts on AT&T Facebook page, there is a recurring theme. AT&T does not care about customer loyalty and does not care about providing good customer service. I have been with AT&T for many years with my mobile service. During hurricane Irma I was out of the country I had my roaming turned off and now they want to charge me $65 because a family member was trying to reach me to see if I was OK during the hurricane. I spoke to a customer rep, to a specialty rep and to a supervisor. Still got nowhere. It’s a shame I have to cancel my service and go with T-Mobile. Maybe they will value my business. Bottom line is I didn’t make any calls, I didn’t answer any calls, I didn’t listen to any voice messages, yet I am responsible because somebody called me to make sure that I was OK during the hurricane. It’s such so ridiculous it even seems silly to have to post this.

Oct 23, 2017

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