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AT&T Bellsouth / scam

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Small business owners beware of bellsouth at&t small business and their 'special' deals!

Stay as far away from them as you can, they will sign you into contracts that you did not want and then rip every penny they can directly out of your bank account without your approval and without informing you.

Here is my experience with this company, you judge for yourself...

In 2006 I was convinced by a bellsouth sales person to go onto a small business plan that would save me $100s of a month and nothing would change.

Months later when I wanted to move I find out that I was signed into a 3 year contract at a rate that was far more than competitors.

So I continued to pay them the exorbitant fees for the remainder of the 3 years, never once late on a payment.

During this time I am continually harassed on a daily basis by at&t bellsouth sales people, trying to sell me 'even better' deals... I told them to stop calling.

I was on the do-not-call list and notified att on at least 10 occasions that they were violating this and not to call me. I also filed complaints with the do-not-call list but nothing was done.

I have pages of dates and times of these harassing call but apparently the fcc was not concerned with att because they are the phone company and I was doing business with them, so they could continue to harass me, even when I asked them not to.

Anyway, after the 3 years were up, I waited a few extra months to make sure there was no question and then moved to comcast phones (For less than 1/3 of the bellsouth rate and for better service)

A month after canceling and moving to comcast, I get a letter from at&t / bellsouth telling me that my old 2005 contact auto renews!

I am now in a brand new 3 year contract, that I did not want or ask for in the beginning and have to pay them huge early termination fees. (2 1/2 years of the the contract)

I file a new complaint with att & bellsouth and with the fcc and better business bureau. I received a letter back from the fcc stating that at&t/bellsouth had resolved this with me (They had not). Then I got a call from at&t bellsouth telling me that their resolution is for me to pay them all the money! No compromise... Nothing.

I tell them in writing that it is still dispute and I am not paying them.

I file a new complaint with att, fcc and bbb and have not heard back.

However, in the mean time att decided that since I once had a direct debit from my back account for payments (Something I had cancelled long before), that they were going to simply take the money without my consent or approval. This is what they did. They simply took this money without my consent (And I assume illegally) from my bank account with no regard for my current complaints and disputes... They will not refund it.

At&t / bellsouth are completely unethical and in my opinion are no better than crooks, liars and thieves and if you own a small business then I would recommend that you stay as far away from them as you can.

Do not do business with this company ever!

Ps. I am in the processing of canceling my at&t wireless account with 4 smart phones, over this. I hope it was really worth it to them.

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  • Li
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    AT&T / Bell South - Misleading the customer!
    United States
    Phone: 404-228-1901

    I am currently in the process of moving and called bell south to set up services. They a running a special to receive 3 services for 99 .00 per month. Phone service, DSL, and direct TV. There was to be a 50.00 deposit total, because of credit issues. Upon calling the company to change the installation dates, I was informed that they would need a credit card # , to pay for my DSL services. I was told that they would have to debit my account monthly, just for dsl services. Not only did the customer service rep not discuss this with me, I was told that an order was never placed for installation for dsl services. I was given a installation date of February 1,2008 between 8-11 am. I was told that I would receive the 6.0 modem at 100.00 and it would be divided equally in my monthly payments. I was even given a e-mail address.If the calls are recorded then everything that was said should verify the information I was told. I was offered a reward of 250.00 for transferring my service from my previous carrier. Now I am being told that I can't receive that because I didn't complete the order. I was told to call 3 weeks from installation to get my reward. I was given a phone number and e-mail address to do this. This is outrageous, I feel that my order should be processed the way it was agreed upon by me. The customer service rep made an error according to the team leader and all I can get is an apology? If the company had more stipulations on the package deal they should have been told to me in advance.I would have been missing 3-4 hours from work waiting for installation that was never going to happen.I don't have a credit card.I would love services from your company, but only for the package that I agreed to.When I asked to speak with a supervisor I got a team leader. Not only will you lose my service, but you will lose the service of many others once I tell them how dishonest your company is.

    Lisa G. Stroud.

  • Ta
      2nd of Mar, 2012
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    Called for a repair, never showed up billed me $85 on my bill for repairs never done. Called again and was told the modem they sent me was no good and would replace for free, billed me over $120 for a modem you can buy at ebay for $13.
    Complined about the bills and never ever even got an answer. Theifs selling scams and trash service, do not so business with this garbage.

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