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AT&T / extra charges

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I checked with at&t a year ago, when I began to get everything together to open a new business. They quoted pricing for a business phone. I could get a 1 year contract (because of not knowing how successful this venture would be), rather than a 3 year contract. Then at the end of that year, of course, I could continue with another year, if I was making it o.k. When I received my first bill, it was larger than we discussed, so I called the co. and was told that the person that I set my account up with, did not tell me all I needed to know about the charges, but this new person would give me a rebate, plus a discount each month, to help me out as a new business. They sent me a new contract to sign and everything was good.
About 8 months later I had reason to call the co. and asked them when my contract was up. The rep. told me it was not up for over 2 more years.??? I explained the past conversations, and he said fine, but you should know that if you make this a 1 year contract, we will charge you an ending contract fee, plus charge you back the discount you have been getting.!!!

Well needless to say I was upset, and said, "I know you can't be for real, when your office is the one that set all of this up?" "Well m'am, I just want you to know before hand, that you will be charged, if you end this contract before the 3 years is up". Well guess what? I received a bill the next month for over $400.00.
I called and asked for a supervisor, and they told me they would return my call within 48 hrs. 3 weeks later I have heard from no-one.

I called again, and was told that the super. would have to call me back. "No I'll just hold on while you get her", I told them, after my past experience with supervisors calling back. An hour later, I'm told by the super., that there is nothing they can do, even though she agreed that it was their office's fault. I told them I could not pay the bill, nor did I think it was my place to have to pay the bill. And I didn't. When I received my next bill, with the charges still on there, I finally got another super. and after telling my story for the 5th time, she said she would remove the charges, except for a small portion, and I would need to call them when I got ready to end the service, before the year's contract was up. Several months later, as we decide our economy will not allow us to stay in business, I call to find out when my contract is up, and they tell me, the following day, and they will see to it, that the contract is stopped. I had the phone disconnected when we closed, at the end of June.

The NEXT month, I receive a bill for $202.00. I have already paid my last phone bill, after having paid my bill every month since I talked to the last supervisor, which helped me out. I call them and they tell me this is because I did not send them in writing, 60 days before I ended the contract, that I was ending it. So they charged me $202.00.

What in the HECK, kind of scam is this. Nearly every person I talked to at at&t, gave me some kind of bologna story, and never panned out what they said they were going to do, except for the supervisor whom took the $300.00 and something, off of my bill. If that office told me something, and they tape every conversation, then why don't they follow through? I was a small business owner, trying to make it (and didn't), and they weren't true to their word right from the start.

My store is closed, I have a large debt for the year that I was in business, I have excellent credit, and can not pay this $202.00, nor do I think, because of the incompetence of these people whom don't know their jobs, that I should have to pay it. Something needs to be done.

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  • Va
      15th of Oct, 2008
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    AT&T - Dishonest product
    United States

    Two year ago, I got a contract with Cingular today the new AT&t., I am a US ARMY member., for this reason I moved from Florida to North Carolina., I have almost 22 months as a at&t customer. But today this company that is supposes to support the troop, was negligent and made in my point of view something dishonest.

    I tried to upgrade my cell phone I was sure that I can do this because in July and two weeks ago I called to customer service to be sure if I was eligible to do it. And the representative told to me that I was eligible. Still toning when I check online my account appears as eligible (Sep -25-2008)

    But last weekend I received in my mail a offer from Radio Shack with better prices so I tried to do the upgrade ., but when the salesmen in radio shack called at&t to get the approval, they block my account and they said that I was not eligible . so I took the phone I told with the representative from at&t and he told me that I was not eligible because �I talk too much with my cell phone� I was disappointed I said what kind of excuses is that and he told me that at&t don�t have antennas in the area where I live so they have to pay for this service to another provider.

    When I got the contract nobody told me about antennas., networks and all this kind of bulls�� sorry the only thing that I know is that I paid my bill on time every month and I have ways to probe .i don�t care if at&t have to paid for use antennas or other network. We have a contract and they have to give me good services that include signal and accessories. Anyways I pay for that.

    But the bad thing about this is that when I asked how I can remove the block from my account, they said that the only way was if I bought the cell phone from them paying more expensive and waiting for a rebate for 13 weeks. This is a dishonest way to obligated me to buy a cell phone from at&t.

    I have copies of the notes that they put on my account with the ridiculous excuses .like, you talk too much and at&t have to pay to somebody else. If the business is not good for them just let me know and let me get out of the contract and I looking for an honest provider.

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