Asurion / 5 replacement phones awaiting the 6th 10 days

Nashville, TN, United States
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I had my cell phone stolen March 11th 2010, it is now April 16th. I have received 5 cell phones which have not worked properly or have been down right unuseable due to the fact that they sent me remanufactured ones from Korea without proper ID #'s. I have been awaiting my 6th phone for 10 days and the "operations specialist" who phoned me back last week lied and said they were going to send me a new phone, so I phoned them back and I am awaiting another "operations specialist" to phone me back again. They clearly stated how sorry they were, "assured" me someone whould phone me back, it took 3 days for the first one and this week it has been 10 days. I have been awaiting my 6TH phone and they said that they can only replace 7 phones and then my claim is released from seervice. Everytime I call, which over the past month has taken 25 + mins of my time each time, I get the run around and apologies, however NOTHING has been done to "assure" me this will not happen again, in fact they seem to care less each time!!! I LOVE Sprint and have been with them for 10 yrs, but if this is the only way I can get a replacement phone?!?! NOT WORTH IT!!! AND I PAID 100 bucks for this CRAP! Good luck to anyone who deals with them! One CS rep told me to go and buy a new PHONE!! DON'T but the equiptment replacement program unless you are prepared for the risk of BS for a month of your life!


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