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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA]customer service

I work at a physician's office and I have to call to verify insurances for bcbs of nc. The wait time is ridiculous. You are on hold for over an hour regardless of what time you call. I cannot hang up, because I have to verify a patients' insurance so they can be seen at the office. The longest wait time is 2-3 hours. Unacceptable!! How can we provide customer service for our patients to be seen in our facility if we cannot verify their benefits and eligibility. This is the worst insurance company hold time. No other insurance company from aetna, uhc, aarp, humana has you on hold this long for customer service. Yes you have a web site, but I need to speak to a live person each time. Worst hold time ever

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    Nov 10, 2018

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] — surgery needed and denied day before surgery

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I was scheduled for surgery on Wednesday November 7 th for a fusion of the...

    Oct 19, 2018

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] — will not let me log in to my brothers account

    After calling and finding out I could not get info on my brother his web page was taken down. since then all...

    Medicare Plus Blue — physical therapy

    I had a reverse shoulder replacement on 7-18-17. Finely took off my my huge shoulder brace on 8-31-17 which...

    Blue Cross Blue Shield Association [BCBSA] — insurance coverage

    $357 was never refunded to my mother who was left with no choice but to pay out of pocket for her...


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    NC Blue Cross/Blue Shieldhealth care

    Ha. The local paper just reported that 2 executives at NC Blue Cross/Blue Shield got over one million dollar bonuses. These are the same people who just sent me a revised 'Explanation of Benefits' for a procedure I had done 10 months ago and had paid in full. They pretty much lied to me and said that the company that provided my service had refiled a claim with them for the service from 10 months ago(May, 2016). After multiple phone calls to the company who did the service, I felt certain they had not refiled anything. I also now believe this same issue is happening with thousands of people. Finally, after a whole lot of hassle and my request that they contact the other company, BCBS admitted that they had 'fixed an error' and that I am pretty much on the hook for something that happened 10 months ago. I filed an email claim with NC Insurance asking if that's even legal and what prevents them from coming back again, and again. Horrible thing to do while the few at the top rake in millions. I could not sleep at night if I stole from the little people. Horrible ethics and a dishonest company.

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      Blue Cross Blue Shieldblue cross blue shield

      Absolutely worst experience of my adult life!! Long and short of it, I have my 8 years old son and myself on an HMO plan. Without notice it went from $525 to $758 without warning and of course its automatic payment so I'm calling day after day to cancel and what do you know, not one of the 12 reps I got tossed around to could help! I'm so furious I could scream!! Worst company ever!!! Steer bad as it gets😬😠😣😯

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        • Updated by Lanni · Feb 03, 2017

          Health insurance crook's game should be taken before a judge! Bcbs of Florida

        Blue Cross Blue Shield — repeated failure to pay doctors bills

        Initially I was happy with Florida Blue. Early on I wound up having to under go a major procedure. It was all...

        Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Floridareimbursement

        reference number: 1-[protected]
        agent: joedie m. In florida
        2 years it took after over a dozens phone calls to get reimbursed for eyeglasses.
        2 pertinent pieces of information were missing without which the check could not be send out.
        After asking representatives for the right way to fill out the forms and confirming the forms and the faxes sent - still nobody until today was able to
        1. Identify the problem
        2. Address the problem
        3. Resolve the problem.
        I do wonder how this company works and is in existence?
        lets say there are 10, 000 representatives employed, sitting their cubicles in florida.
        My representative joedie and her supervisor were are 2 people out of 100 who were able to help.
        So i am not a mathematician but 200 representatives out of 10, 000 are able to do their job and keep this company afloat?
        amazing. Close to a miracle
        seriously, this company is a disgrace to florida, to the united states and to our health system.
        How can that be that it takes 2 years and 100 reps to figure out a minus issue that have been confirmed by that same company in the first place?
        i called and spoke with quinton and i asked him pertinent questions about the company. He as a supervisor had no idea about his company.
        I also told him that has he ever considered the fact that if the company is so careless about their customers doesn't he think they also are as careless about their employees?
        food for thought
        now next week i have to get new glasses and this whole process that should take up to 30 days may take...?
        i will keep you updated
        thank you for you time

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          Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgiacobra: medical, dental & vision

          On April 13, I paid almost $500 using my bank debit card for Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of GA COBRA because the US Government requires insurance coverage. Normally, I would use a credit card in case something happens, however, it required that my payment was in the form of debit card. Now, I know why! On April 19, I had dental surgery. The dentist put me on antibiotic and gave me something for pain. When I got to the pharmacy, my insurance was declined. I called COBRA administrator and BCBS and had them on the phone. I was told that it takes 10 days. So, I had to pay for the meds. On April 28, I called the vision company to order contacts. I was told that I was terminated. I called both COBRA and BCBS because I was not going to pay for May insurance and I could not get service in April. Then, my dentist called me this week and informed me that BCBS rejected my dental claim that was submitted on April 28 (more than 10 days). I had to pay them on Friday almost $400 because I don't want my credit ruin by BCBS. I would just like my money back. I am going to contact GA Insurance Commissioner and Health Care. Gov because I don't want to be penalized for not having insurance coverage when I did. BCBS/COBRA please refund my money immediately!

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            Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield — denial of procedure, mri

            In November 2015 I went to my family doctor and complained of left shoulder soreness. Because I had a...

            Blue Cross Blue Shield — insurance through the affordable care act

            Blue Cross Blue Shield terminated health insurance for hundreds, possibly thousands of patients. They...

            BlueCross BlueShield Florida Insurance — misquoted benefits

            We triple checked our insurance coverage booklets we received, found an in network provider, and had them...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Blue Cross Blue Shield — prescription supplies

            My doctor order a prescription for blood monitor because I am on warfarin, after a month they don't...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Floridafraud

            I began coverage in 02/2014 with BCBSFL. Used their website to locate a Dr. who told me, after several visits, that he did not take my insurance, leaving me with several thousand dollars of bills. I made payments for February, March & April and discovered in April, when I went to refill my insulin prescription that my insurance had been cancelled on March 31. I contacted BCBSFL to discover that yes, my policy had been cancelled for non payment in April. I explained that sent April's payment and they discovered that I had so, they stated that they would send me a refund for that payment. Several weeks went by and I received no payment, no calls from BCBSFL, still no letter stating that I had been cancelled. I contacted the marketplace and was advised that I had been terminated wrongly by BCBSFL so they did a review and I was told my insurance would be reinstated. I spoke again to BCBSFL, who was not contacting me mind you, and was advised that yes, my insurance was reinstated. So, back to the website to find a doctor. The address of the office was incorrect on the website and then, when I did locate it, across town from where it was listed, I was advised that my insurance card was inactive. I contacted BCBSFL and they verified that yes, my insurance was inactive due to bills I owed for the months that they had cancelled my insurance. WHAT??? I was cancelled and had no coverage at all, how can you possibly charge me for a service that you were not providing? Terrible, bad, horrible experience. I will never deal with them again and would strongly recommend others not do business with them either.

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              Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield — bad services, don't use them

              I moved to another state and needed to change my insurance provider. I went to Highmark Blue Cross Blue...

              Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Of New Jerseynon-payment of claims

              I am writing to inform you of the ongoing difficulty I've encountered with Horizon BCBC of NJ. After ten months of numerous written correspondence and phone calls and promises to call me back, I find myself in a position where nothing has been accomplished regarding several claims from various medical providers submitted to my Horizon policy. Depending on which phone call I make to them or letters I receive from them I'm told something different. Supervisors tell me they will call me back on a predetermined day or that they will send me specific forms and I don't receive either the forms or the phone call. I've been told that Horizon requires additional documentation and questionaires from providers, and then I'm told they have received all of the necessary documents. When I call to inquire on the status of my claims I am told once again that they haven't received the documents that they told me they had previously received. Horizon has informed me that two of the questionaires they received from two different providers were returned "blank'. T've been told that the documents went to the wrong department within Horizon and sat there for thirty-four days until I called again. Each explanation requires additional time and more requests for duplicate documents. I've lost all confidence in Horizon and I don't believe that they have made a genuine effort regarding my claims. The only thing that has not been lost or sent to the wrong department is my monthly premium which is $399.49, just for me. If I took as long as Horizon, to pay my premium, they would terminate my policy. Just as they expect to be paid in a timely manner I also expect my claims to be handled ethically and fairly. I've adhered to all of Horizon's policies and specific instructions regarding only seeking medical treatment from "in-network" providers, submitting all the preadmission authorization forms and paying all of the co-pays as required in my policy. I've never encountered such delays, miscommunications, and mishandling of important documents as I have with Horizon. I believe that they are purposefully delaying their different "review" processes to intentionally stall so that I'm beyond my appeal time limit. I don't believe that horizon has diligently tried to do anything to resolve this issue. Currently, I'm receiving billing statements from different providers and they want to be paid. I've been advised by these providers that I have incurred thousands of dollars in medical expense liability due to Horizon's unwillingness to complete their "review" process. Horizon tells me to give them their provider's service phone number, evidently this doesn't accomplish anything because I still receive their statements. I'm at atotal disadvantage and have never dealt with a "reputable" company with as much difficulty as I have experienced with Horizon. I've curtailed all of my medical treatment and also the most basic annual medical tests for fear of being put through this same ordeal. For $399.49 per month I am not able to seek any type of medical treatment without fear of delays, denials, and additional medical expenses. I don't believe that Horizon has acted properly or made any effort to remedy this matter. I don't want to pay them another penny for healthcare and am looking for a "legitimate" health care insurance company because I certainly have not found this with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

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                • Du
                  Dukenukemx Jul 27, 2013

                  Got their coverage April 1st and claim my Hernia and Urinary Track Infection as pre-existing condition. My doctors don't agree with them, and they keep refusing and continue to claim pre-existing.

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                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Bluecross Blueshieldbluecross blueshield rejecting all my dependents medical claims wrongly stating last name is wrong.

                I have account with my health provider Mercy with account number:[protected] and my
                Insurance provider is Bluecross Blueshield the member-id of the same is WMW-12900337W.
                I have 2 dependents that Iconsult at Mercy.
                Mercy has been billing the insurance company Bluecross Blueshield for the
                insurance amount from all the medical visits from 2012.Bluecross Blueshield have been rejecting all the claims from June 2012.
                I have done multiple calls during this year and last year tom Mercy and Bluecross Blueshield and the
                insurance team is rejecting all claims that Mercy files with them.

                I work for Walmart and I have provided my name and my dependent names correct while applying insurance.
                There is a inherent problem in the Bluecross Blueshield system that can hold only 15 characters for the dependents last name.
                My both dependents last names are more than 15 characters long and Bluecross Blueshield keeps
                Rejecting the claims mentioning the name is wrong.

                Mercy has been trying the claims multiple times and Bluecross Blueshield representatives keeps on saying we never recieved the bills.

                Once in the call Bluecross Blueshield associates even asked me to change the name while claiming from Mercy, but Mercy mentioned that that is illegal and refused the claim with a change in name.

                After multiple call back and forth, I asked Mercy to file the claims not electronically but in the form
                of hard mails and/or FAX. Mercy mentioned that they tried that option too but still the Bluecross
                Blueshield is rejecting all the claims made since.

                I have been paying all my health insurance bills accurately and never did fault on a single bill.

                From last 2 years the Bluecross Blueshield insurance company keeps rejecting all my dependents claims
                and keep on saying to me that it’s not their problem but their system problem.

                As a customer I really don’t care if their system cannot hold more than 15 characters in the last
                name, but I should get all my insurance amounts paid on the bills that I sent to Bluecross
                Blueshield. I have provided my accurate details as per records to my company and my company mentioned that they
                have my name and my dependents name correct in the system and the forms submitted to Bluecross Blueshield.

                Please help me with this complain as I am tired calling the two, the health provider and the
                Bluecross Blueshield to get my claims paid. All the claims are rejected for my both kids.

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                  • Pe
                    Peninsula Surgical Jul 17, 2014

                    I work for a healthcare provider, verifying preauthorization for surgerys. Calling bcbs and getting a person is almost impossible. On 7/11/14 I called and was on hold for 1 hour and still didnt get anybody. Today Im trying again and am on current wait time of 19 minutes. How can I do my job if bluecross wont let me. If I cant contact them I cant get the preauth needed and then bluecross denies the claim, which means no payment. I have other things to do then sit here on hold for hours.

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                  Blue Shield and Blue Crossblue shield and blue cross health insurance premioum price fixing probe

                  An investigation on behalf of all individuals who, from May 17, 2008 to the present have paid health insurance premiums for individual or small group full-service commercialhealth insurance by Blue Cross and Blue Shield was announced.

                  If you paid health insurance premiums from May 17, 2008 to the present for individual or small group full-service commercial health insurance by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of any of the below listed states, you have certain options and you should contact us at [protected] or call +[protected] – 6157.

                  The investigation by a law firm seeks to determine whether Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the above listed states have driven up health care costs by conspiring to carve up the insurance market. More specifically, the investigation concerns whether that several state Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans through their national trade group – the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association - have potentially agreed not to compete.
                  The states that could be affected include the following:
                  1. Alaska
                  2. Mississippi
                  3. Western Pennsylvania
                  4. Iowa
                  5. Michigan
                  6. Rhode Island
                  7. Arkansas
                  8. Montana
                  9. New Hampshire
                  10. Southwestern Virginia
                  11. Nebraska
                  12. Delaware
                  13. Hawaii
                  14. North Dakota
                  15. Illinois
                  16. Indiana
                  17. Kansas
                  18. Maine
                  19. Tennessee
                  20. Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
                  21. Maryland

                  Recently a purchaser who paid health insurance premiums to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association over an alleged ongoing conspiracy in violation of the Sherman Act. The plaintiff alleges that the defendants have charged inflated premiums as a result of the alleged illegal conspiracy and as a result of anticompetitive conduct it has taken in its illegal efforts to establish and maintain monopoly power throughout Alabama.

                  The plaintiff claims that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is the direct result of an illegal conspiracy in which thirty-seven of the nation’s largest health insurance companies have agreed that they will not compete with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama in Alabama

                  According to the complaint the Defendants’ alleged illegal conspiracy has perpetuated monopoly power of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama in Alabama, which has resulted in skyrocketing premiums for enrollees in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama for over a decade.
                  The U.S. Justice Department has been investigating whether a contract provisions, commonly known as “most favored nation” clauses, which ensured that Blue Cross received the best prices for health care services, in North Carolina and other states violate antitrust laws.

                  Those who paid health insurance premiums from May 17, 2008 to the present for individual or small group full-service commercialhealth insurance by Blue Cross and Blue Shield in the above listed states, have certain options and should contact us at [protected] or call +[protected].

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                    Blue Cross Blue Shieldthey only want your money

                    I was looking for an individual health policy for my wife, my current policy through work cost over $10, 000 per year. This is the response I got from Blue Cross Blue Shield :

                    From: Marc Dwiel
                    Sent: 09/12/12 04:46 PM
                    To: [protected]
                    Subject: RE: RE: Marc with Blue Cross and Blue Shield — your Florida Blue HEALTH QUOTE-adv

                    Can't get individual coverage due her health. The rules will change on 1/1/2014 if Obamacare goes into effect. I suggest you keep her on your group till then.

                    Marc Dwiel

                    Florida Blue
                    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
                    Toll Free: [protected]
                    to learn more about me:

                    It makes it clear that the only thing these # insurance companies care about is money, money, money!
                    If your not 100% healthy they want nothing to do with you, they might actually have to pay a claim!

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                      • Ma
                        marc dwiel Apr 18, 2013
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        please not that he is complaining about the insurance company's guidelines not marc dwiel, the agent.

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