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cancel your phone insurance if you aren't happy!

To all the people complaining about the insurance and the refurb phones they get, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FOR $50?

A NEW cell phone can cost from $150 to $500! What would you rather pay upfront? $50 or $500? Yeah, that's right, you would pay the $50. The reason why the cell phones are cheaper initially is because you sign a CONTRACT to get the cell phone at a lower price.

If you don't like having the insurance, GET RID OF IT. Then pay for your replacement phones at full price.

Or better yet. Take care of your cell phone and you won't have to worry about getting a replacement!

  • Da
    Darkclad Jun 23, 2009

    An average car is worth 28000
    An average car insurance is 1871 a year

    That gives ratio 14.96525

    An average new cell phone (without contract) is 300
    Asurion insurance is 84 a year

    That gives ratio 3.571

    Does not take a rocket science to figure out their PROFIT !!!

    Plus. I would never buy a car insurance with deductible of 4666.6777 !!!

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  • Je
    jessihoe Jul 08, 2009

    ever think that maybe some ppl do try theyre hardest to keep theyre phone but are just accident phrone or ### things just seem to happen to them.!!

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  • Su
    sukmidic Aug 01, 2009

    you are a fricking ### no one is complaining about having insurance or paying the 5 a month.its the service we recieve and the way we are no doubt work for them and have your head up your butt as far as they will keep seeing complaints untill we break down your doors and take the fight to the better bussiness bureu..what a tool!! we pay top prices for top phones and top coverage we expect top treatment...this company provides 4th rate compliance at best!!

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  • Su
    sukmidic Aug 01, 2009

    and im sure you are stupid enough to think that mark up on cellphones isnt 100% like the store or the insurance company might be paying half of what they charge ifr that much and asurion just admitted to me over the phone that they deal in refurbished models as well. pop goes you head dumb as a stick that means you can drop another 25% off of that .now so you can understand me re re keep up now...a $500.00 phone after the overhead is $250.00 now refurb price $150.00 and you already said i pay $84.00 a year plus i have a $100.00 dollar deductablenow thats close to what 34 dollars for every unit replaced and there are quite a few claims issued daily..i dont think there hurting to much if you ask me.gawd i just wanna piss right in your eye i hate stupid people

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  • Hi
    hippop Jan 14, 2010

    I gotta hand it to you, your attempt at conversation falls just under the 3 six packs limit for logic ...

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  • Su
    sukmidic Mar 18, 2010

    i have to admit...suk mi dik ### if i wanted your opinion i would have asked your wife and daughter what it was after our three way u ###!!!

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poor service/worthless insurance

I had Asurion's insurance covering my phone, which I got through Verizon. It was only 5 dollars a month, so at the time it didn't seem so bad. The time came where I had to use it, so I received a replacement phone, which I had to pay 50 dollars for. I received it within 2 days of calling; everything seemed fine.

The phone I received, however, was defective - it would shut off randomly.

Asurion said they would replace it, but mentioned right before they had finished the claim that if they found any damages on the phone that they would charge me up to $300 dollars. Fearing a charge that would have been more than I initially paid for the original phone, I told them about a small mark/dent that was on the plastic case covering the battery. It was there because I had to remove and replace the battery several times in order to get the phone working after it shut off, because it was defective. I attached a photo of the issue to this complaint (Not of the entire phone, just a super close up of the plastic case covering the battery with the dent in it)

They told me that because the phone was damaged, they couldn't take it back and I would have to pay another 50 dollars in order to get a new phone. I told them that was ridiculous, and that I shouldn't have to pay another $50 for a tiny mark on the back of a defective phone that they sent me, which was already defective. I told them I had already paid 5 dollars a month for over two years (120+ dollars) plus the 50 dollars I paid for the original claim and that they never really resolved because they sent me a defective phone. They told me there was nothing I could do unless I wanted to pay another 50 dollars.

So after that call, I was still upset about it so I called them back a few days later to cancel my service and leave a complaint. They already had a CEO complaint voicemail set up, in which you don't talk to anybody and nobody calls you back - you're pretty much leaving a message that'll probably get deleted.

The fact that they have a complaint box ready like that shows they know they're a big scam that'll steal at least $120 from you every 2 years, and they know they'll get away with it because in the end people continue to blindly purchase their insurance, while the CEO's bask in our money while ignoring their complaint voice mail box.

I've read several reports now that have had a similar problem as mine or worse. I think it's time that Asurion felt the effect of our society's powerful "word of mouth" function. Tell people not to get Asurion's phone insurance (which is offered through Verizon, Cingular and other major phone companies) and if you already have it, cancel it.

poor service/worthless insurance

  • Mi
    mikey1 Mar 31, 2009

    this is the most useless thing to come up with my daughter broke her phone got another from them and the mic was bad ok got another and the dam thing fell apart the hinge come aprt in less than 10 minutes to hell with them and their refubished phones

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  • On
    onemanhero Apr 02, 2009

    The guy that I talked to from Asurion said they "test their phones" and "hope that there isn't anything wrong with them". Nice worth ethic, right?

    Luckily for me, Verizon was kind enough to replace Asurion's defective, non-replaceable (through Asurion) phone without charge.

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  • An
    Anon A Apr 24, 2009

    Cancel your phone insurance if you aren't happy. Then you can buy a NEW phone at the full retail price!

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  • Ta
    Tam May 18, 2009

    What's The Point?!
    What is the point of having insurance on a cellphone??? My Blackberry was stolen a few days ago, so I did what any individual with insurance would do in this scenario. I called and the lady states "your phone will be there tomorrow" needless to say I just got it today and to top that off...Here's the good part, when I received the box, it was a brand new phone still in the original box, pop the box open, nice new shiny Blackberry, but guess what, when I called to activate the phone, Sprint tells me that the ESN number that is on the phone is already registered to another device!!! So guess who has to go another who knows how long without my Blackberry>ME!! So I'm suuuuper pissed!! Thanks ASSsurion!! You guys blow!!

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worthless warranty

The warranty on replacement phones is worthless! In December 2008, I received a cell phone after filing a...

poor cell phone insurance

T-Mobile offers 3rd party insurance (Asurion) for lost or broken cell phones at a low cost of $5.99 per month. On Feb. 14, 2009 my cell phone was stolen. Feb. 15th I filed the claim with Asurion via the phone. At that time Asurion told me the phone was not in stock and I would be contacted when it was in stock (Blackberry Curve). The customer service rep couldn't even give me an indication if it would be re-stocked in days, weeks, or even months.

Feb. 20 again contacted Asurion to determine if the phone was in stock, it was, paid the $130 deductible via credit card and waited for the phone to arrive via UPS. Feb. 28th again contacted Asurion to check up on the shipping status since the phone had not arrived. Asurion said it did not ship and again processed the order so it would ship. March 9th again followed up with Asurion to check the shipping status of the phone. Again Asurion said it did not ship and again they processed the order to have the phone shipped.

I gave up and bought a new phone. The insurance is worthless because Asurion could not provide me with a replacement phone in a timely fashion. Who want's to wait over 20 days to get a replacement phone. My suggestion is do the research and pick a different cell phone insurance company. Worth paying slightly more to have better service.

  • Jp
    jpl19 Feb 04, 2010

    I had Asurion through Verizon. And while I usually have nothing but good to say about Verizon, their choice of affiliating with Asurion makes me question them!

    I found Asurion's protocol during my claim as designed to dissuade me from continuing with the claim and just buy a new phone!

    The claim has since been completed (5 calls later) and I have canceled my Asurion insurance.

    This is a scam people! Don't sign up!

    You pay 5.99 a month and when you need a phone you do not get one. BEWARE!

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  • Di
    Digusted1 Mar 06, 2010

    I agree that assurion is a huge ripoff. I have had to submit 2 claims with them over lost phones? Both times I was sent inferior phones that always seemed to break after the 7 day return period had passed. On the 2nd occasion, the lost phone was found about one month later and coincidentally about the same time that the piece of junk they sent went belly up. When I took the orignal phone back to Verizon to reestablish service on that phone. I was told that the ESN on my phone had been blocked by Assurion and a call to them revealed that my original (lost) phone now belonged to them and I must send it to them immediately. I offered to send them back their replacement phone and keep my original which they adamantly refused to do. I have been a longtime customer of Verizon and their association with Assurion leaves me puzzled about what type of business practices Verizon is now employing

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cell phone warrenty

Bought cell Phone from Verizonwireless and then added Insurance for 4.99 a month extra and then the Samsung would not hold a charge and after calling Asurion and they told us we had to pay the 50.00 deductable which was no problem and told we would get the same phone in replace of the bad one, they sent us a down grade of the more expensive one and we then upgraded thru Verizon to a new phone and now since we have had 2 claims in 1 year they have stopped our insurance for 1 year. I have given the phone to my grandson that is also on another Verizon plan but they will not let him put insurance on that phone either . They are saying that even tho the phone is not holding a charge that they cannot do anything about it since we gave it to him and it voided or warrenty!!!Now we have a worthless phone and Asurion will not stand behind their product in honoring us as a valued customer to at least work something out with us. Anyone that has this same problem I hope they work better with you and as far as Verizonwireless I hope they stop them from being their insurance company!!!

  • An
    Anon A Apr 24, 2009

    Cancel your phone insurance if you aren't happy. Then you can buy a NEW phone at the full retail price! Oh wait, that's right. You won't pay the full retail price because you are cheap and then complain about paying $50 for a refurb REPLACEMENT cell phone.

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terrible business practices

This company wanted to pull a fast one on me and sent me a phone that APPEARED to be the same but was clearly a cheaper and infierior model to the cell phone I had purchased. It wasn't even the electronics company that made the phones actual product! Do not use this company, its not worth the hastle that they put you through to obtain the phone. I would have rather bought a new cell at $200+ than had to have dealt with them. Its disgusting that in these economic times that something such as an insurance company would try to take your money to send you a "free" replacement which they lied about.

  • An
    Anon A Apr 24, 2009

    Cancel your phone insurance if you aren't happy. Then you can buy a NEW phone at the full retail price! Oh wait, that's right. You won't pay the full retail price because you are cheap and then complain about paying $50 for a refurb REPLACEMENT cell phone.

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  • Aw
    awesome_beast Jul 18, 2009

    You nailed it. There is a 2 to 1 chance your replacement phone will be loaded with software which is not the original manufacturer's operating system. And, the so-called $50 replacement fee doesn't account for the following factors: (1) your monthly fee you pay whether or not you make a claim; (2) they'll cancel your policy after you make 2 claims; (3) even if your phone model is no longer being manufactured, you can only receive that same model as a replacement; (4) you have to put up with them trying to sell you accessories when you file your claim; (5) they have other less obvious business rules for denying your claim which change from time to time based purely on their profits.

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my cell phone

Well after I lost my phone I reported it stolen to verizon. Asurion sent me a brand new phone in one days time which was great, but not so great when I activated it and it didn't work. The phone didn't accept calls or txt messages and if i did recive any they were delayed by 2 to 3 hours. Not only did they screw me by this little incident that lasted about 3 days, but when i eventually found my old phone I wanted to put my service back on to it. Who would of known that Asurion was going to really make my life a living hell. They told me they couldn't take the phone off the stolen list intill the new one was sent back. This was fine I thought just send it back no big deal, so I did and once I did I realized I couldn't activate my old one for another day which made life hell even more cause I had importent calls to make. I flipped! Asurion is a terriable company with terrible coustomer service absoultly ###! I even tried to say hey can you just charge my credit card for the phone an just take the charge off when you recieve it, but no wouldn't that make sense and not screw there coustomers from being withut a phone during a very importent work day. I think Asurion needs to think about how they can help there coustomers cause if im a 18 years old with ideas that make sense for there company to do, then i dont know whats really up with Asurion besides there straight ### and can't help you with the smallest problem. ###!

  • Ky
    KylieMareesMom0203 Mar 22, 2009

    I don't know who you spoke with, but we don't require that phone back just to take you phone off of the lost/stolen list... I work for ASURION, and I've never heard of this before... I can't believe half of the things that people are saying about our company, we don't try to be rude, but if you customers are rude, it makes it hard for us to do our job properly. So as long as you are nice and let us do our job, you'll be very satisfied with our service..

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  • Gi
    gigismom Jul 03, 2010

    Completely appalled. I filed an insurance claim with Asurion for a device that was lost. My daughter's phone arrived and we activated it through our carrier (which I am an employee of). Approximately 3 weeks later the slider slid right off the phone. It's now in two pieces. So I told my daughter not to worry because I KNOW that's a known issue for the phone and as an employee for the carrier I have personally replaced several of these devices for customers under manufacturer's warranty due to the manufacturer's technical bulletin. Okay so I call Asurion and state my problem and they tell me oh no, that's physical damage. I told them you're WRONG! I WORK for this carrier and I am looking at a technical bulletin right now that notes the defect in the screw in the slider. I even went on to tell them how to identify which units are affected by this issue. So they tell me once again that it is physical damage and my only recourse is to pay another deductible to have the phone replaced. I don't know if you are aware but if you have two claims in one year your insurance becomes useless for another year! At this point I am canceling my insurance on all my lines. I pay approximately $130/year for insurance plus a $39 or $89 deductible depending on which phone is lost. At that price I can purchase a certified pre-owned device and have no worries. I'm appalled to know that Asurion can pick and choose which manufacturer's defects they will honor. Had I not been an employee of the carrier I would have never known.

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  • To
    TOW PRO Jul 29, 2010

    Asurion insurance for T-mobile and ATT phone's are simply a JOKE!!! Not mention the very high deduction price (like $90.00 for a REFURBISHED blackberry curve), they actually send me phones with problems, like bad usb port, not able to charge etc... the paper work is extremely harsh and slow to make a claim. As of right now, I am making my third call to them because they said my picture id is too DARK...

    do yourself a favour and save the monthly insurance charge... but aside and get another on from ebay.

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  • Fa
    FABRICIO LUNARDI Aug 16, 2010

    It is more than 35 days since I started the process to replace my damaged cell phone and it has been a very painful situation for me.
    Your company has the worst service that I ever had in my life, should be out of market not doing business with large cell phone carriers.
    I just read all scams and rip offs from asurion and I will be posting another bad review for your company in the internet for poor quality service.
    This is the third time that I send my affidavit form by fax. I assume that nobody is in charge of this section in your company or situations like that will be avoided.
    I am very busy person and I depend on my cell phone to work, and right now I am having a very hard time to use my broken cell phone.
    I want to know if I will be reinbursed some how for my waste of time and trouble that I am having.

    Fabricio lunardi

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very poor service/rude individuals/misleading and uneducated representatives who do not know their own product

I have had Assurion insurance on my wireless acount for two numbers with one carrier and two numbers on...

scam and cheating

On 10/26/2008 I filed a claim with Asurion for a Nextel mobile phone that I lost. I was assured that the phone was in stock and would be shipped on promptly. I had to call their toll-free number because their website did not let me file a claim.

After the claim was filed I continued to check the claim status on their website which every day said 'Check back in 24 hours' so finally on 10/29/2008 I called the toll free number and I was assured my phone was shipped and I should get it that same day. When it did not arrive I called back on 10/30/2008 and was told that all the past agents had lied to me and the phone had NOT BEEN SHIPPED, it was backordered for '10-15 days.'

When I asked for the CEO by name I was sent to another department. I was finally told that I should purchase a new phone and I would be reimbursed in '2-4 weeks.' Now my problem is I have no way to trust a company that has already lied to me. I am in goodfaith going to do as the agent suggested but I want to let everyone know what this company's business practices are.

  • Re
    REGIS POSSINO Jun 03, 2009

    I tried to file a claim for a damaged phone and was told that the deductible was $125. This was a fact that ATT did not disclose when they sold me the insurance. Had I known, I would not have gotten the insurance.
    It turns out the cost of the insurance deductible and the premiums paid to date are more than the cost of the replacement phone.
    The ATT insurance is a total SCAM, and the business plan of the Asurian "claims service" group is not to pay any claim, or to make the claim payment so expensive that it becomes another revenue stream for ATT. I finally abandoned the claim, canceled the insurance, and when my contract expires, I intend to change to Verizon or Sprint. Too bad, after 10 years with ATT. Bad customer care and relations. SCAM.

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  • Re
    REGIS POSSINO Jun 03, 2009

    Revised complaint:
    After leaving numerous messages, I finally reached a rep. I settled my claim for an older model phone with a lower deductible. Still not satisfied with the non disclosure by ATT, and the price of deductible.

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  • St
    Stephanie Mundy Oct 01, 2009

    Really Asurion is repairing my playstation three. . They are the third party insurance company for my extnded warrranty. My playstation goes to the one in smyrna, tn.I can really relate to what everyone is saying about Asurion because this is the FIFTH repair they have made for the same problem. I

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  • Am
    amarwadi Oct 12, 2009

    Asurion is also tied up with Verizon. Here is my situation:
    1. A couple of months ago, I had problems with my phone and noticed that my battery was causing problems as well (but nothing major).
    2. I went into the Verizon store and then requested a new phone. i wasn't charged anything for the new phone because I was paying about $7/month as a part of my insurance. However, when I got the phone, I didn't get a new battery. Apparently, they don't consider a battery to be the part of the phone. RED FLAG #1 to be alert about.
    3. A month passed by and my battery started acting up and I went back to Verizon and let them know that I didn't get a new battery with my phone and now Verizon also states that "The battery is not a part of the phone and when you get a replacement for the phone, you don't get a battery." Holy Cow. This country is rotten shameless.
    4. Now I call Asurion who is the insurance provider and ask them to replace my battery since Verizon was charging me $50 for a new one. Asurion says, "since battery is not a part of the phone, it is not covered by our insurance."
    At this point I was pretty pissed off @ both Verizon and Asurion. Verizon offered me a 25% discount for being a loyal customer, but I think I am going to wait a month and when my contract expires, I will try and do a power play on them to see if they give me a free battery.

    If not, I would love to do the following:
    1. Go into a verizon store and take off the battery from a phone and put it in my phone and walk away. If they catch me at the door, I would love to respond with, "hey the battery is not a part of the phone now is it?" :)

    Don't we hate insurance companies.

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rip off handset insurance

I bought my daughter a SideKick at TMobile in 7-08 for $350.00. I signed up for handset insurance at the same time, but wasn't given a written policy. The phone was lost on November 24, 2008. I informed TMobile of the loss and they transferred my call to their insurance carrier, Asurion. I told the agent at Asurion that my daughter had the phone in her backpack at school and the battery had died. Then, my daughter switched the SIM card to another phone until she could charge her SideKick when she came home. That same day the SideKick was lost. Asurion told me they would not replace the phone because "my insurance policy was on the SIM card, not the SideKick." The SIM card was temporarily in another phone. I told Asurion I would not buy insurance on a SIM card since SIM cards cost $15.00 to replace, however, SideKick's cost $350.00 to replace. At the time I signed up for insurance, TMobile's rep told me I was buying insurance to protect the phone. I had just filed a complaint with the FCC and will cross my fingers to see if the SideKick is ever replaced! What a rip-off!!!

bad service

In July of this year, my daughter damaged her cell phone while on vacation in Rhode Island. Asurion sent a new phone to my mother's address in RI. On our way to the airport July 26th, we dropped the pre-paid postage envelope with the pieces in the mail. On 9/10, I noticed a $ 175 charge from Asurion on my checking account. This caused 7 other transactions to overdrawl. I called for a refund which I received for the $175 but when I demanded compensation for the bounce fees they refused. In the mean time 6 more transaction overdrew due to the money going to overdraft fees. So I am out $455 for nothing. When we call we are put on hold for up to an hour each time and then put to a general mailbox.

  • Valerie Oct 08, 2008

    I believe ASURION Insurance Company and Verizon Wireless are intentionally miss leading its customers. Today I had my phone (Motorola Q) examined by a Verizon Wireless technician. I was informed by the tech that the phone is malfunctioning beyond repair however I was insured through ASURION for phone malfunctions. He handed me an Asurion pamphlet for subscribers of Verizon Wireless phones with 'Terms and Conditions'. On the front of the pamphlet it clearly states "Asurion Wireless Phone Protection" LOSS, THEFT, DAMAGE, MALFUNCTION. My claim was denied because my phone is malfunctioning. It doesn't make sense. Ive paid $5 every month for insurance for four years (Thats $240) for nothing. Im sure Im not the only customer that has been taken advantage of, please speak up so we can stop this from happening again.

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  • Ky
    KylieMareesMom0203 Mar 21, 2009

    There IS a warranty for damaged phones.. They have a 7 day physical damage warranty.. Outside of those 7 days WILL require a $50 deductible... I don't totally agree with that, and I work for ASURION... See, I strive for customer satisfaction, and I'll do everything I can to make my customers happy.. So whenever you call, hopefully you get lucky and speak with the right person.. And I apologize on behalf of ASURION for poor service...

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  • Mo
    morovan Apr 09, 2009

    I called today with a claim on two phones. The operator tells me that it's a mfg defect, deductible will be waived on both. Then I get the email from Asurion, and there is a $50 on both phones! I'm waiting for someone from disputes to call me . . .

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  • Bs
    bspinning Apr 29, 2009

    I too had issues with Asurion on my daughters Verizon cell phone. When Verizon pitches the insurance they tell you you will get the exact duplicate to your phone. What they do not tell you is if break your brand new phone you pay insurance on, Asurion sends you a remanufactured phone. After the experience from hell, It was told to me by Asurion they they have 3 tries of sending you a refurb phone before they have to replace it with a brand new one. So at 5$ per month for 12 months (60.00) and the 50.00 fee at replacement...$110.00 gets you a refurbished phone, not a brand new one you have been paying on. and if you happen to find the lost brand new phone after receiving a refurb from Asurion, they will tell you, you no longer own your original brand new phone.
    I no longer pay for insurance on the kids phones. If they lose/ damage it, we turn on an old one.

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  • Ma
    MarC09 Oct 20, 2009

    I submitted a claim for a damaged phone, was sent a new phone and a postage paid envelope in to return the damaged phone.

    I followed the instructions, put the phone in the envelope and the postal employee that comes into the office of the elementary school where I work personally picked up the mail on August 25, 2009.

    Shortly thereafter I received a phone call asking for the damaged equipment. I returned the call, which was to an automated system which prompted me to put in the claim number and the choice which indicated I had returned the equipment.

    On September 15th I received a letter stating that the phone had not been received. I immediately called and was told by the representative who took the call that the warehouse had probably not processed it yet. She said she would extend the time and there was no reason to worry.

    On October 9, 2009, without any notice, my account was put into a negative balance because my it had been charged $150.00 for a so called non returned phone.

    Once again I immediately called and the representative who took my call said he would credit my account and transfer me to someone who would take care of returning the money to my account.

    She proceeded to argue with me and ask me to return the phone. I assured her that I had done so and that was why I was calling her. She was even bold enough to tell me that the G1 phone was the most non returned phone. I assured her that there must be a problem with the processing department if I was not the only customer having this problem.

    I cannot even begin to express my frustration with this matter. I am hoping that Asurion is an upstanding company who will make restitution as soon as possible.

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scam and cheating

Was told my phone was not in stock would be put on a waiting list may take 3, 4, 5 months they had no idea...

phone insurance: ripoff

Don't ever subscribe for cell phone insurance unless maybe you paid $500 for your phone. Then again you can probably use the insurance thru your AmEX card and it would be better. It's not worth it with the monthly fees, the high deductible, the crappy replacement phones, and the lousy customer service.

The customer service reps are not very helpful and are misleading; they must make commission off how many phone calls they take. Twice, 2 months apart, I called them to cancel the insurance, not knowing or being told that I should cancel the insurance through T-mobile. Then they wouldn't acknowledge that I had even called. Selective admittance?? Now I'm responsible for those charges because I didn't cancel them before the end of the billing cycle!! How was I to know that the charges were going to be on the bill, until the bill was billed?! Then they can't give me credit! Bull XXXX! I was even nice to the reps.

sending bad phones once claim is made and deductable is paid

I paid monthly premium and when phone went bad, I paid $85 deductable and got a used and barely working...

poor service, rude

Very bad service, rude, rude customer service. Ordered a replacement phone, got a refurb (Junk), decided that I was better off upgrading to a new and better phone after wasting $5.00/month x24 months!!! What a waste only to get a junk phone!! So I return my refurb new phone takes them more than a month to credit my deductable $110.00, plus they took out 25.00 because they did not get my old phone that I was supposed to return after getting my replacement phone!!! What a headache! Until now I am still waiting for them to credit my $... Dont buy phone insurance!!! What a waste of money, esp if your dealing with asurion!!!

  • Ky
    KylieMareesMom0203 Mar 21, 2009

    I understand your frustration with our company, I am an agent for ASURION myself.. Me, Myself, strive for customer satisfaction, and I do EVERYTHING I can to make my customers happy.. EVERYTHING I CAN.. I deal with irate customers all day long, and when customers are rude, it really does make it hard for us to do our job. But no matter how rude someone is to me, I always keep my composure, and provide excellent customer service. And I apologize for any inconveniences that you've had in the past with our company... I hope your later experiences are much better..

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  • Di
    digitalbeachbum Jan 13, 2010

    Asurion sucks. They only exist to steal money from people. They charge you a lot of money each month to protect your phone from damage, but the % you pay out to the cost of the phone is negative returns.

    You'd be better off saving your money and flying out to Las Vegas and playing Blackjack. Your odds would be better than trying to get Asurion to actually replace your phone or to give you good service.

    I paid coverage for almost 2 years. That money I spent could have been used to purchase a new updated phone with better features. On top of that, Asurion wants to charge you a deductible?

    A ###ing deductible? What is this? Home Owner insurance? Car insurance? How dare they charge a deductible when you are paying a monthly fee which is 1000% higher than it should be.

    This isn't insurance, it's a scam.

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bad service

I believe ASURION Insurance Company and Verizon Wireless are intentionally miss leading its customers. Today...

premium paid but not covered

My cellphone stopped working. I called T-mobile customer care and they transferred me to insurance section where a lady walked me over through reset options and when it did not work she asked me to file claim which I denied. Later i called them back they said already there were 2 claims opened and they asked me to file affidavit which i did through T-mobile dealer. Now they called me back and said that I have three claim file opened and they are denying it. They are getting $12 a month premium paid and now the damaged phone is with the dealer and I am not getting covered by the insurance .

Is there any person either in T-mobile or Assurion who is willing to understand what really happened and help me with this.

I become a stupid person paying premium and getting not covered.

  • Ha
    haolebrah Jun 15, 2010

    That company sucks my [censor]! They never want to help out and always claim they didnt get your old one back, so they can charge you hundreds of dollars! DONT USE THEM!

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unacceptable service

My ordeal began last Thursday May 22nd when I misplaced my Metro PCS cell phone. I immediately called Metro...

lock replacement cellphon

How stupid is this! I received a replacement cell phone that has been locked by someone else whom had this phone and sprint can't unlock and I tried calling for one hour to asurion and they have their stupid recording that eventually hangs up on you not allowing you to speak to anyone. What a business! Oh, but if you are giving them business at&t was able to pass me thru to talk to individual and now that i'm having problems with phone they sent they won't put me thru. How funny how business works when your giving them money they treat you well but when you needing something from them you get crab from them!

defective phone!

Asurion sent me a replacement phone that had 5 separate defects, it is my firm opinion that asurion is shoveling garbage out of their warehouse, it is my opinion that asurion knows that a certain % of the replacement phones that it ships are defective. It is also my opinion that asurion management knows that a certain % of these substandard phones will not be returned, these defective phones are generating revenue, again my opinion. If you buy the phone insurance plan from t-mobile you may or you may not get a defective phone from asurion, want some advice... do not buy phone insurance from t-mobile/asurion, DO NOT BUY THE PHONE INSURANCE!

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