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Incident date: 11/11/2016

I pay for insurance every month and am unable to use it. I purchased a new iphone last month through jump. When I went to return my phone, I was told to do an insurance claim since my screen was cracked. The t-mobile rep told me that this would cost $175.00 instead of the $250 they charge in store to return the damaged phone. I called assurant solutions the next day and was told that I couldn't submit a claim and to go back to t-mobile to have them mail my phone to assurant solution's warehouse. When I went into t-mobile, they told me that they have never heard of this and don't even know of an address to any warehouse. T-mobile suggested that I go to a store that replaces cracked screens. They even gave me a business card to a place. I went to the store and was told that curved screens are the only ones that these stores can't repair. So I logged on t-mobile and submitted a claim online through a.S. A few days later, this was denied. I called a.S. Today and spoke to a rep. She told me to write down this address and ship my phone to the warehouse. I asked her what happens if you don't receive it or it gets lost in your warehouse. She had no answer so I asked to speak to a manager. I am terrified at this point that my phone is going to get lost and t-mobile is going to charge me the full price of the phone. A supervisor gets on the phone, listens to my whole story and then says that I should call t-mobile's customer care where they should be able to help me. I ask, how are they going to help me get my phone to my insurance provider (that I pay additional for) so that I can complete my claim and save the $75? She told me that this was the best advice she could give to me and that I shouldn't have done a jump if my other phone was damaged.

I did crack my screen prior to filing for a jump upgrade. I even admitted this to the rep who ordered my new phone. She indicated to me that I should wait until I get my new phone, that way I don't damage my old phone again prior to receiving my new one. This whole process has taken so long on both a.S.'s end and t-mobile's end. Now I have to go into t-mobile tomorrow to pay $250 for a phone that I no longer use. If a.S. Could've pointed me in the right direction from the beginning, I could've returned my new phone, then filed a claim on my old one. Now my 15 days is up, I don't get to file a claim and t-mobile gets another $250 out of me. Sounds like a scenario where everyone wins but me. I am so frustrated with both assurant solutions and t-mobile that i'm considering just leaving. No consumer paying nearly $400 a month in cell phone fees should be experiencing the amount of grief and lack of customer service that a.S. Provides.

Nov 28, 2016

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