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Dear customer service,
My name in iakovos panotas
On march/13th I file a claim of a lost/stolen phone. Claim number [protected]
March/21 assurance solution send me a blocked iphone (unable to be used) after a phone conversation with t-mobile associate, as told me, will send me a return label to send the blocked iphone back to send me a new one.
Which I did as they said. (several weeks later they told me it was a wrong what they did) however, 2 weeks past didn't received nothing, I call and they told me nothing arrived at the warehouse, should call fedex find out if phone lost or what happen. And, to file a claim with fedex.
I did that, 2 weeks later fedex send me a letter, that is not my business, assurant solution should give you a new phone and they should file a claim with fedex, not you!!
Time past and my wife needs the phone which use for business.
After several phone calls and a week later, they told me they investigate and will send me a new phone asap.
In the mane time, we buy a new phone as t-mobile requests.
We request now to send us a check the money.
Last week, they told me the case is close b/c the $175 deposit for lost phone is disputed, which is a lie (however, my amex card has stolen and several weird charges out of ny state thousand of $ and automatically stop all payments) however, after I spoke with them and new card arrive they said will try to contact all those charges march/april period.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Atlanta, GA
Yesterday, I was on the phone once again with assurance solutions supervisor three way call with t-mobile.
First they told me all the past info assurant had gave me it was wrong, my claim is approved and looking to find out why I didn't received my money.
Get in to the point to finalize and t-mobile no need to stay on line any longer, assurant came again we on the phone after 136min, they told me that, according to t-mobile pc notes, this specific blocked iphone it was activated from march/21 until march/28 and b/c of that reason, the case is close, nothing else they can do. They can't pay for a new phone.
I said, what?. Just like that?
I went to t-mobile store once again for 10th time, and they said, this is a lie, we do not have a note like this on our computer, that this specific imei # is activated. Is not possible. It was blocked to start with. How can we activated. T-mobile told me,
And why, assurant solutions send you a return label to send phone back? And why you by a new phone? And why you file a claim?
It is very simple, they do't want to pay you. That what t-mobile told me.
Typically they messing me around give me none sense answers to avoid pay me.
I will deeply appreciate to please take care of this issue if you can.
I very disappointed for this such horrible experiences I have. This people lie to me over and over telling me excuses to try so hard not to pay me.
Thank you very much in advance,
Iakovos panotas

May 19, 2017
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      Sep 11, 2019

    Someone in my contact list sends messages asking for cash to individuals. They put in the spam filter the contact's messages, so the answers go to spam. I haven't clicked on any email links, so I don't know how they keep getting the password. Someone was talking about a bot. I also ran malware bytes and super anti-spyware, but only non-critical adware turned up. Any suggestions about my next move to resolving my issue? Should I go for a geek squad support help... but they don't answer me well as I always opt for another website like ... if any suggestions would be better!

    Thank you!

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