Assurant Renters Insurance / american bankers insurance company of florida

Miami, FL, United States
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I initially heard about this company through geico auto insurance at the time it seemed okay as I never experienced issues with geico and the fact they recommended the company I went with assurant for renters insurance. I filed a claim on 8/`12/2016 I received some damages due to the louisiana 2016 flood losing all contents in my master bedroom. My initial call to assurant went well the representative camelia arias — claims examiner did a great job of telling me what happens next steps etc... The adjuster — tony zabarac came out just as camelia said he would upon arrival the adjuster took pictures and also advised not to throw anything away because someone else would be coming out also. I bagged all the damaged items and placed them in corner of the room and stairwell of my home. The adjuster explained that this could take a while to process in the meantime send in any documentation I had on the items lost and because I had to evacuate the premises be sure to keep all receipts of expenses. Only to find out today that my situation will not be covered on the insurance as they say it did not happen due to the weather it happened due to poor installation this is some bull anyone that lives in baton rouge knows that the week leading up to this horrible flood it rained every day and I did not get any damages until this flood happened. Assurant blames my complex and my complex says that assurant should cover the loss of my personal property meanwhile I am stuck between two companies that no one wants to assist what am I suppose to do... Why does the consumer always have to be played over and if I had read some reviews on this company prior to I would have never trusted them with insuring my belongings. Its enough stress having to deal with the situation and loss but to have the company you put trust and invest money in to mess over me puts my stress on a higher level. I am numb right now I have no reaction or words for these people. Assurant what am I suppose to do now the place is not livable how do you people rest at night knowing that you work for a company that is wrongfully processing claims for consumers not caring of the impact of their decisions have on the consumers that spend there money paying for a worthless policy. Geico should really reconsider endorsing such a company because assurant acts impact your brand as well

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