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Asset Acceptance LLC / Bunch of thieves!

1 P.O. Box 2036Warren, MI, United States Review updated:

What a bunch of thieves!!! My fiancee had some problems with a loan in 2002, when he was married to his ex-wife. Asset claims they purchased this account in 2005; however, they have "last activity" listed as 09/07 on his credit report. Not true!!!

He had to call them SIX SEPARATE TIMES to just get proof of this debt; by the time they faxed it to him, he had 4 days to get a loan for $3,700.00!!! They told him they'd settle for $4,000.00 and pushed back the settlement expiration date by 4 days because they claimed that they had no record of a settlement letter ever being sent to him, and tried to claim that he owed them over $12,000.00 because he "asked for proof of debt"!! He had to fax them their <b>own</b> settlement letter to show that they did indeed offer to settle for $3,700.00 and that the offer expired 02/08, not 01/08!!!

He kept telling them he needed these documents immediately so that if the debt was his, he could get a loan to pay the settlement; they told him that they didn't "know why he was in such a hurry" when he had never accepted their prior settlement offers. When he explained that he never got their prior offers, they told him it was HIS fault!!!

Asset Acceptance LLC is nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing! They claim to be doing good work when all they do is screw people over!!!

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  • Ju
      8th of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    In order to keep this company from making harassing phone calls...sign up for $10 a month to I do not represent in any way, its just a convenient fax system through your computer, which allows you to send 100 faxes per month for $10 bucks.

    Research as many fax numbers as you assigned to the offending company and send them a fax all at one time such as:

    To whom it may concern:

    Do not call this number: xxx-xxx-xxxx....

    You do not have permission to call this number at any time, by the owner of this phone number.

    Continued violations of this letter will result in a complaint made to the FTC, the local BBB, and legal action will be taken
    in which all further phone calls will be liable to a fine of $5000 per phone call levied against your company.

    Fax numbers can be found by Googling the company's name and adding Fax (Asset Recovery Fax), and it is most certain a number
    of Fax numbers will show up. You can also call the offending company without disclosing your name and asking for their corporate fax number.

    Re: Asset Recovery, the number of fax phone numbers I found are:

    In the letter, tell the offending company, that any further correspondence to the owner of this number (unnamed) should be directed in writing to: (Give bogus address if you want).

    I also suggest that you scan in a bogus signature, or the signature of your attorney, and attach it to the letter by copying and pasting to the new document... as some of these disgusting companies will not stop calling you without a "signed letter." Fine! Not a problem.

    My best to everyone....
    Judy Weismonger Esq.

  • Fr
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    I am in a similar situation.. and would ask for any advice.

    Asset Acceptance apparently sued me in Florida on something outside SOL.

    The problem is that i lived in Kentucky when they went to court and was never provided with a summons or anything.

    any suggestions on how to fight this. Of course you only find these things out at inopportune times, and I need this to go away immediately.

  • An
      15th of Jun, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I received something similar. How is it that these scammers can exist?

  • Cr
      29th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I sometimes wonder how people tolerate such calls. Few days back I got a call from this number 800-545-9931. The call irritated me. I've found a forum thread at debtconsolidation care community on this company. Is anybody promoting them there?

    here is the link:

  • Re
      1st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Every one of you losers need to stand up and take responsibility for the money/goods you stole from the rest of America and the government. Quit spending money you don't have on junk that you probably don't have anymore. I am sick and tired of the losers that try to blame someone else for attempting to collect money "credited" and never repayed. This country is crippled by useless unresponsible jerks like you that continue to think someone owes you something, when in fact it is YOU that owes the debt.

  • Wi
      11th of Jun, 2011
    -1 Votes

    To are an idiot. Nobody stole anything from anyone. You make assumptions as to what the situations are of the people who have had these encounters with Asset Acceptance. They purchase accounts that have even been in many cases for a few hundred dollars in arrears. After all of the late fees and multiple other fees have been applied these debtors wind up owing upwards of $4, 000.00 to $5, 000.00 when in fact the original balance on an acount was maybe $200.00. I had this occur to me. In fact, the acount HAD been paid in full, the credit card company had agreed to remove the late fees but never followed through. So basically, you are paying interest and late fees on interest and late fees. There is something horribly wrong with that. Then the credit card company just eventually writes off the account because it knows that those fees will never be collected. Then here comes Asset Acceptance who purchase groups of these type acounts and they add tons of additional fees to them after the accounts have been dormant for upwards of 6-7 years. They(asset Acceptance) then sneaks in like a slimy snake and sends you a letter demanding some outragous balance with no complete information as to whom they are collecting this money for. So you, as the "bad person who owes money" to this huge corporation has no way of figuring out what this demand of money is for. Good Luck...they will not provide that information, but they will sue you fasyer than you can blink an eye. Then they will try to make a deal with you outside the courtroom, then if you make a deal to send them money every month they will harrass you 2-3 times a month by phone and send you multiple letters. Meanwhile you are sending your payments to the office they told you to send them to. However the calls are coming from a completely different office who has no idea about the actual amount you should be paying each month. Then if you miss a month you will be harrassed like you have just murdered someone. But it doesn't end there. If you owe them about $500.00 after paying almost $4000.00, then lose the paperwork with all the necessary information after having a death of an immediate family member, then you move to another state, and you are in such grief from the loss of your loved one that it's the farthes thing from your mind, they WILL FIND YOU. And when they do, they will begin the process all over again and you will start at square now owe them, once again $4500.00 + all the court fees, etc. etc. Then they file to garnish your wages. How this works is that I personally bring home about $600.00 ever two weeks(or $300.00 p/week). That's not a lot of money. That garnishment that was placed on me for 1-1/2 years cost my salary/take home pay from $600.00 bi-weekly to $300.00 bi-weekly. Now you tell me if that is fair!!!

    This was all after they had already received $4, 000.00 to begin with. I had only owed about $400.-- or $500.00. Basically, I paid them about $9, 000.00 + for what was originally about a $400.00 debt that was over 7 years old. But I was not psychologically in a situation to fight them because I was so emotionally distraught by the death of my dear mother.

    Asset Acceptance took me for a $9, 000.00+ ride. They still have not sent me a release which I did request months ago. I assume I will never see anything of the sort from them.

    But today I received yet another NEW letter from them. Now they say I owe another $500.00. No information as to who this person/companmy is that I owe this monry to. But I'm sure it is yet another very very old bill that was probably less than $100.00 and is more than 7 years old. I know that when I call for additional documentation I will never receive it. And I know that my credit bureau record will also show fraudulent information with regard to "activity" being within the past 2 years, which is also untrue. Any monies that I did I were very small, due to an illness, and had all be "written off" and the acount closed. That was back in 2000-2001, well it's 2011 so how in the heck do they get away with these lies.

    And to the Asset Acceptance people/employees I say how do you sleep at night when you know that the majority of people you are dealing with are people who have experienced a financial trauma in their lives, or illness which caused the inability to repay the monies. I do hope that you reap what you are sowing. It's call KARMA!!! There isn't a peson on this earth who is immune from some sort of financial problem in their lifetime. So remember that when you call and harrass people. You could be the recipient of your horrible hateful calls some day in the future.

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