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Credit harassment phone calls

I have been called on my Cell Phone every day for the last 9 months. I was sent a bill for something in 2001. I am being called and told I need to pay this huge bill that I have no idea why is so much. I am more concerned about the phone calls because they don't leave good messages on my answering machine and they harass me constantly. How can I dispute this bill. When I have tried to call the number provided they don't answer either. Is this even a real company. Ive heard allot of bad things about this company and do not wish to send money to someone who it doesn't belong to.

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    natjones Jun 23, 2010

    I also getting phone calls everyday for the last three years about a bally total fitness acct, they will not give up about this bill only been there one time, this back in 2000 over 10yrs old i told them that i'm not paying one cent from a long ago.what should i say to them next tme they call?

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Resolved Scam!

I just received a summons to appear for a suit being filed by Asset Acceptance LLC on a credit card account that is 9 years old, is for more than twice what they list the account balance at, and I am not certain this is even my account. I had to file for bankruptcy due to wife's breast cancer and had thought I had listed all accounts. I have received no proof that this was actually my account. If it was an account that I missed when I filed, I live in a state where the SOL is 5 years anyway. If this was first proven to actually be my debt, I would consider repayment since I have recovered financially, but to have the amount due listed at MORE THAN two (2) times what the account shows is ROBBERY!