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Aspen Dental / outrages costs

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I went to a dentist in my area, who told me I had gum disease, but after the xrays found out he was not in network, so I searched around (online) found out aspen dental was. Well for scaling, they wanted 1200 $ out of pocket for quads, complete mouth. So I called back the out of network dr, he wanted 900$ total mouth now my insurance pays 50/50 meaning out of pocket will be 450$ what a save... they are rude, receptionist is very rude!

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  • Ro
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    Please, I beg of you DO NOT make dental treatment decisions based on price alone. I have worked in the dental field (management) for 19 years, the last 12 with the same provider and have seen patients make this same mistake over and over. First of all perio disease is a VERY serious disease which has been linked to heart disease, the ability to manage blood sugar in diabetics, premature births among other illnesses. Scaling/Root planing is a procedure to TREAT a DISEASE. It is NOT a cleaning. It involves special instumentation, medication (for some situations) and the removal of bacteria below the gumline. Perio Disease is a BACTERIAL INFECTION. My office (Michigan) charges $191 per quadrant for this treatment. This price does not include the xrays which a REQUIRED to make a diagnosis or the Dr. exam. The ADA (American Dental Association) defines active perio disease as the patient showing 1.Bone loss 2. bleeding upon probing. 3. Pocket depths of 4mm or more in three + teeth in each quad. There is NO CURE for this DISEASE. Scaling/Root planing can HALT the advance of more damage, in effect putting the disease in remission. You will NEVER have a regular cleaning again. You will have Periodontal Maintenance which will be cleaning the teeth above the gum line and also going below the gum line to remove any plaque, debris, etc. that has accumulated in YOUR pockets since the last visit. Without proper HOME care on YOUR part, the disease can become active again and may require retreatment. You simply cannot price shop for this care. You get what you pay for in dentistry and you must be informed and ask questions. Using a rotodent type electric toothbrush is a must to help keep your disease under control Oral Rinses are important to treating this disease and special toothpaste (RX) is also used for most patients. My office also prescribes a low dose antibiotic to be taken orally for 9 months during and after treatment to treat the bacterial infection. This drug is called doxycycline. Please reevaluate your treatment mindset away from the money and focus on your health long term. Just because a dds is in private practice does not guarantee he/she is better than a chain DDS. I've seen some very sad/scary results from other dds in private practice. I've also seen some DDS not want to treat or advise patients on their perio status because they're afraid they'll lose that patient because of the cost associated. This is malpractice and called managed neglect. It saves the patient money, however, leaves them open to toothloss, heart problems, etc... Do you want your MD to treat you like this??

  • Ji
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    I believe Aspen Dental is a complete RIP OFF. They suck you in with FREE exams and x-rays, please don't fall for this phony baloney. I went there not more than a year ago, and Aspen Dental ruined my teeth. Aspen Dental is too expensive and they work too fast. When you are there, Aspen Dental tries to sell you everything but the kitchen sink. Then Aspen Dental offers a CareCredit type baloney; which will really get you into trouble. I emailed all my friends and relatives and anytime anyone anywhere starts talking about dentists, I bring up Aspen Dental. They did trifling work on me. The root canal which I believe now was unncessary really screw my teeth up. Then the phoney tooth Aspen Dental made was too long, way off the color of my other teeth and my tooth hurts. I will be very careful in locating another dentist, a real one that cares about their patients instead how much money they can screw them out of. So please beware of ASPEN DENTAL DENTISTS; ESPECIALLY IN THE SHADYSIDE AREA.

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