Aspen Dental / unprofessional behaviour

North Port, FL, United States
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My wife, Karmen Grandal, 79 lost all her teeth and needs full dentures. We visited AspenDental 03/13/18 and on 03/16/18 we already received new dentures. We were very pleased to Dr. D. Smith, DMD who did this work very promptly. The problem begins 03/21/18 during the first adjustment appointment. D. Smith, DMD did not see his patient, my wife, even once and instead he sent his young assistant who could not do anything herself and used as the shuttle communication only between Dr. and his patient. He was next door and we could hear about 10 times his instructions given to his assistant even without seeing his patient, my wife. Every time he did something to the dentures and he even did not check with his patient what he is doing. I did not look like doctor patient relationship, it more looked like communication between unscrupulous body shop mechanic and his client in waiting room. It looks unethical, unprofessional and nonhuman. The next adjustment appointment is set for 03/27/18 and my wife fears to go. We do not know what to do.

Mar 23, 2018

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