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i went in for a consultation thats all .they took xrays and told i needed to have all my teeth taken out and new ones put in .they described the procedure to me and my wife and ask which procedure i would like to do if i decided to do it .i picked one and they took impressions and immediately wanted to set an appointment to have the work done i told the office manager i would get back to her with my decision.the very next day i called to tell her i chose not to do it i got a receptionist who said"she would have the manager call me back"one week later the receptionist called to tell me my dentures were in.i said i told you last week i didnt want to go thru with procedure and that the manager never called me back so i assumed it was taken care of.two days later office manager calls and tells me that i have to pay for the dentures anyway so i may as well have "at least some of the work done"i felt threatened so i said i would have ONLY the bottoms done .made the appointment had the bottoms taken out and AS SOON AS the doctor put the dentures in he said they are not going to fit and that i have to have the tops done A S A P .I was very dissapointed in the whole process i went thru from the HIGH PRESSURE tactics to the HUMILIATION of walking around with no bottom teeth in because they dont fit and are my eating habits have changed drastically because of this nightmare at aspen dental.FORGOT TO MENTION that during this whole nightmare the office manager applied for a CARE CREDIT card for me which was approved and CHARGED the same day i was in for the consultation i actually had to contact the credit card company who told me to conatct aspne dental and have them refund the money to them which at some point was actually refunded to the credit card company however i still have an oustanding balance on the credit card and now aspne dental sent me an additional bill which i feel i should only have to pay the care one credit card why should i have to pay twice anyway that is my story i may have left a few things out but that most of it THANK YOU

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  • Ga
      Aug 05, 2011

    Why in God's name would you give you credit card info? Sheesh! If any company asks for credit card info, YOU DON"T GIVE IT. Everyone knows that. They saw you coming from a mile away.

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  • Sj
      Aug 05, 2011

    Honestly, I feel sorry for you, but you should not have gone forward with your work if you did not want to. If you called them and told them you did not want to precede with the treatment, they can not charge you for those dentures that they made because you did not give them your consent to make them. Unfortunately since you went and got the work done, it gets more complicated. It is the bullying tactics that they use to get patients to do the work. It is sad...

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  •   Aug 08, 2011

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