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Aspen Dental Management / very rude customer service and treats patient like [censored]!!

1 Mentor Oh, United States

I went into Aspen dental in Mentor oh last wk, I was told nothing was wrong but come back in 1 week. Within that time I ended up in the ER where they clearly seen the cracked tooth that is causing me issues an sent me home with antibiotics so I can get the infection down. I went back to Aspen today for my appt an was treated like I was trash! Because I do not have dental insurance I was told I have to pay over $7000 upfront before they can finish fixing 2 of my teeth. They dug at my teeth an made it a hundred times WORSE then it was when I went in! When I sat down to speak to the financial aide lady, she was VERY VERY rude, and VERY unprofessional! I am on disability due to being hit by a drunk drivers in 2007, that also left me in ICU for 3 months so it has ruined my credit an I have since been rebuilding it. So because I do not have perfect credit an I am low income, they refuse to help me. Even after they already began digging n grinding at my teeth that are causing me problems. So not only did they cause MORE damage to my teeth they refuse to fix it unless I've got close to $8000 upfront! The entire point of a payment plan is so you can pay a monthly bill. The financial aide lady had the nerve to tell me "well it's not our fault you are such a low income patient an can't carry dental insurance so I don't know what you want from us". I simple explained to her I just need a monthly payment plan I can pay for monthly when I get paid. She proceeded to inform me that "well you can make monthly payments and when you pay the full amount we will then complete the process we've already began on your teeth". Your facility is a joke!! You have false advertising and treat people like they are nobody's! I have NEVER been so disrespected an treated more horrible in my life!

Aug 28, 2018

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