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My husband and I went to the Alliance, Ohio location to have preventive maintenance done. He needed 6 cavities filled and I needed 8 or 9 cavities filled. The employee gave us each the amount to get ALL of the cavities filled minus my insurance in network discounts minus what my insurance would pay and maybe some other discount for insurance or whatever. My husband's remaining bill was $158 and my bill was $269. I paid in full that day. I should have no remaining bill. My husband had 2 appointments and filled all 6 of his cavities and I had 3 or 4 filled in one appointment. We both were in so much pain, I couldn't even get the remaining cavities filled yet. To this day him and I can't eat on the right side of our mouths. They damaged my molar as well and I can't floss without sharp pains shooting through my tooth.
Now I'm getting a bill for him for $231 and me $75. They say that my insurance didn't pay as much as they thought. How is that my fault! I paid money already and there was no refund? I don't understand how I was supposed to have paid in full for 14 cavities and still owe over $300 when I didn't even have all of mine done! My insurance said they do not pay until the service is done so I have no clue what that office is trying to pull over on me.
Your peace of mind promise says no surprises and when you call the phone message says you don't ever pay more than your quoted. If I Knew the actual price I wouldn't have went to aspen at all. I couldn't afford it. Now, we're both in pain still and it's been like 5 months. The other cavities are hurting so much that I can't sleep, have headaches every day and can't eat very well and I cry from the pain. I have called my insurance and they say that it is your fault and I shouldn't pay you. I am going to use social media to my benefit if this is not taken care of and more.
And just for reference I've had cavities, deep ones at that, filled before and was never in so much pain before.

Jul 26, 2018

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