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My name's is Martina Bannister and I visited your office on Tuesday the 21th of November because one of the claps on my bottom denture came off.
It was on the one on the left side. There denture tech said that "someone" must have messed with it trying to blame me, but I never touched it other than for cleaning. He also told me that it was ok to just have the right clasp on there it would keep my denture in place. This bottom denture had been a problem ever since I received it, and yes I understand that it is temporary and it will hurt, but this one was scratching in to the bottom of my mouth before because it was too long and now the clasp came off.
I asked for Dr. Gillespie but he wasn't there. So I left with just that one clasp in my mouth. After about one day I noticed that when I was chewing on the right side, the whole denture would lift up and go down because I didn't have anything on the left to hold it down. I started having pain on Wednesday, we left Thursday/ Thanksgiving to go somewhere and I are there and my pain got worse and worse. Since it was coming from over of my teeth, I knew it had to do with the clasp pushing all the way down into my gums and jaw. There pain and thumping pain got so bad that I called emergency services from Aspen Dental and Dr Gillespie called me and put in some antibiotics and Motrin in my pharmacy.
I have been taking those, but I can tell that I have some kind of pocket of infection down my jaw and in my cheek. My face is swollen, muy gums are swollen and the last time I tried to put my bottom denture in I cried because it was so painful.
There are a couple of things I wanted to tell you, the tech said it's OK that a clasp can scape enamel of teeth, he also told me that he couldn't fix my denture that he made it seem like I broke because her had to go to lunch and it would take a day to finish it. I can not believe that it would take a day and a half to fix a clasp. Either way when he told me that it was ok to wear my denture like that I just believed him. Now that I am still in so much pain I would like to see Dr Gillespie because I know there is apuss pocket in my jaw and I don't want that to spread.

Nov 26, 2017

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