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Aspen Dental Management / dentures

1 Deland, FL, United States

I had 21 teeth pulled and received dentures around 6-8 months ago. I went to the new aspen dental office here in Deland, Florida. After the surgery I ended up with 12 dry sockets which the Dr. did go in and pack them. During the first follow up apt I informed the dr. I have not been able to keep the teeth in my mouth. they will not stay in. this has been a problem from day one. It got to the point that the only way they would fix the problem is if i paid out of pocket another $800.00 for an up grade, on top of the $1400.00 out of pocket I have already paid. I said I don't want an upgrade I want teeth that I can eat with and that will stay in my mouth. This issue has continued and it came to the point to where they decided to try a new fitting and make a wax mold then we would try that and see if this worked. Every visit all they would do was grind them down and this last visit i was basically called a liar and walked out I have had my fill. when I asked her about the new fitting she informed me if i wanted to pay another $300.00+ (not sure the exact amount) they would redo the bottom teeth. I have friends that have gone to other Aspen locations and everything was perfect. they have had no problems what so ever. So here we are over half a year latter and I still have no teeth to eat with $1400.00 down the drain and being told that I have to use adhesive to hold the teeth in on the bottom. tried that does not hold them in. I was promised by this Dr. everything would been find. well I'm sorry but this is the worst experience of my life. I know two Associates from my work that have been to the same Dr. and have come away with problems. I don't know if you will even care that I am going thru this but I have to try.

Jan 10, 2018

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