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aspen dental mass action lawsuit forming

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If you have been a patient of Aspen Dental and you believe that you have received unacceptable dental care resulting in:

- Physical injury associated with the dental care provided

- Unnecessary, excessive or questionable dental treatment

- Poorly fitting or cosmetically unacceptable dentures

- Protracted pain after your dental procedure

- Emotional Distress as a result of your dental visit

- Financial abuse which you cannot resolve with Aspen Dental

You may have a Legal Right to financial compensation.

A multi-state Mass Tort Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group. If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your “Aspen” experience, including your name, contact email address and phone number to the following email address:
Attn: Aspen Dental Management (Mass Tort / Consumer Fraud Allegations Unit)
we are requesting that in your email you identify your complaint as being in one of the three following categories:
1.DENTAL MALPRACTICE – In which you have been physically injured by their dental “care.”
2.CONSUMER FRAUD – Includes cases in which office personnel of Aspen Dental used high pressure sales tactics designed to take your money with false promises of providing competent dental health care.
3.Combination of Malpractice and Consumer Fraud.
You can remain anonymous!
When you email the description of your complaint for inclusion in this action, simply request that we assign you a confidential identity. As a new patient, a reasonable person would not expect Aspen Dental to take unfair advantage of a dental problem – after all, they are considered to be a healthcare facility; however, when you sit down with the Office Manager to discuss your dental treatment plan it becomes clear that your money, not your health, is Aspen's primary objective. The job of the Aspen office manager is to force you into accepting the most costly and extensive dental work possible. This is termed “conversion” and is against the law.
Aspen Dental rewards its employees with financial bonus incentives for exceeding monthly production goals. This bonus system is based upon Aspen's internal use of “metrics” which pressures each office to compete against other Aspen offices. Unfortunately, since Aspen’s Management Team is composed of individuals whose background is in “consumer retail” – not in healthcare - they operate the dental care facility as a retail business in which you are not viewed as a patient - instead, you are simply a paying customer. Aspen Dental’s motto is: “To create a happy, paying patient.” But, unfortunately once you pay, you quickly discover that you are not happy.
This Mass Tort Lawsuit will effectively make Aspen Dental accountable for their acts through the unified and coherent voice of thousands of patients who have been wrongfully injured by Aspen Dental.
This Mass Tort Lawsuit will channel thousands of patient complaints into a collectively powerful force which will finally stop Aspen. We look forward to consulting you in this matter. Have a nice day.
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A  19th of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Hi, I would like to join this class action suit against Aspen Dental. They contacted my insurance company to confirm my son's coverage after stating that he needed scaling and that he needed his four wisdom teeth removed. I paid his portion of the bill before both procedures were done and then found out that he had to be on the dental plan for 6 months to have the procedures done. He had been on the insurance for 4 months when the scaling was done and 5.5 months when they removed the wisdom teeth. He has just received a bill for an additional 70 dollars and was told when he went to get his teeth cleaned that it would cost 70 dollars (cleanings are free with my insurance), so evidently the 70 dollars was related to this. Furthermore, they will be going after him for the entire surgery, as they did not really check our insurance. They would have been told that major dental services are not covered for the first 6 months. I do not have the money to pay them and he is over 18 and in school full time. After reading some of this information online, I now wonder if he even needed the surgery or the scaling. We both went to a local dentist for years and his wisdom teeth were never a problem. I found it hard to believe that his teeth had deteriorated so much in just over a year. It made no sense and Aspen Dental kept saying that the dentist we used prior to this did not do a thorough job and that is why none of this was detected. It is pathetic that my son will have bad credit based on Aspen Dental, when he's been ultra responsible with his credit by paying credit card bills off each month. I got four crowns in my mouth last year by them and now I am wondering if that was necessary, too. At that time I had different insurance and had a lower co-pay toward the crowns. After reading this stuff, I am concerned that they are making things up and telling people incorrect amounts that they have to pay and then will bill them afterward. I plan to contact Aspen Dental tomorrow, as we just got the bill today and we will both go to different dentists. Amazing that they have been able to get away with so much and nothing is out in the papers about this company.
A  10th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
PLEASE HELP us with a class action lawsuit. Your contact info would be helpful which I will forward to the attorney filing the case. Your help would be appreciated. Please forward to reachpartners@verizon.net
A  10th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I know I should file...they never scaled my son's teeth and charged me for it...Also, I am not sure if he will be able to get his teeth scaled, since insurance was involved and they may say that because they paid something towards it last year, that they won't cover it again for another year!
Most definitely a horrible place to go, at least the place in Peabody, MA...
A  19th of Jan, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Is this lawsuit the same class action suit being brought about by attorneys in CT and NY? I have a pretty scary story to tell about malpractice, but have already spoken with an attorney that is forming the suit.


And for other readers - you are not alone. Aspen Dental is a criminally corrupt company who inflicts intentional damage on patients to extract more money from them. Heinous behavior. I would also suggest the attorneys to explore the relationship between the BBB and Aspen's corporate office. How is it that they have such a high grade with so many complaints? My complaint was quickly shut down after Aspen simply denied any wrong doing. No request for information, nothing. The BBB just closed it! Someone there is on Aspen's payroll!
A  19th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
The BBB has been out of the closet for some time on their connections to bad businesses. It was a few years ago that it was exposed that BBB is bought by a company simply paying them. It has no real standing and for any business I would use Yelp to find out whether or not a company has a good track record (Yes, I wish I used my own advice, as I would have never gone to Aspen Dental to begin with).
N  30th of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
My name is Patrick K Hayes 129 Knob Hill Road meriden ct 06451. 203-639-0522 I was being over charged and they messed up financing and wanted me to pay more. They out sourced me to another dentist because their dentist was busy. They said I had all kinds of work that needed to be done. I called other dentists and to pull a tooth was only 105.00 with insurance and they were going to charge me 3000.00 for work. I'd like to be included in lawsuit and help.
A  21st of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
About 3 years ago went to aspen dental at 434 north main street east long meadow ma.01028.Thought they could fix some teeth and give loan .they push you in office do loan as cheap as possible I paid for 3 years cant ware lower dentures top don't fit to big fall out .when complain she put glue in teeth and slam down on gum hard with glue stuck to mouth and lips I left crying nurses said go see owner at aspen dental in PATRICK DERMESROPIAN ROUT 5 RIVERDALE SHOPS WEST SPRINGFIELD MA.I CANT EAT LEFT JOB FROM BEING HARASS LOST 34 POUNDS DONT GO OUT DONT DATE WONT GO OUT TO EAT HAVE NO LIFE GO TO THERAPY HATE MY LIFE NEVER USE TO BE LIKE THIS FEEL BAD FOR PEOPLE STILL GOING THERE .PAULA DOYLE .2013.
A  2nd of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
On May 5 2014 I had a toorh pulled at Aspen dental in hermitage, pa. I was told at my first visit after a full mouth of xrays that I would need a full set of dentures. I was told that I would have nothing but problems with ny teeth...I am a diabetic and have been for the past 42yrs. I was told that " I would be much happier " with a full set of dentures...I was told my "teeth were not worth saving". Unfortunatley I felt they were the Doctors and I should Listen.So on 5-20-2104 I had all my teeth pulled I spent every penny of my dental insurance plus another almost $3000.00. My life has been destroyed...I cannot eat, talk right..the dentures are HORRIBLE do not fit...I have been back 3 times since receiving them and was told that I just need to get a better attitude. I have contacted Aspen numerous times for my refund...they are not giving me a full refund and I still have not received it. I have been to 2 oral surgeons and another dentis...I was told bt all 3 that they did a horrible job.I was told by the last dentist that the dentures Aspen gave me were for the size of a full grown man. I am 5'2 very petite and small features. I was also told that there was absolutley NO reason for ALL my teeth to be removed. I had a crown in one of my bottom teeth. The other dentist said that they had no right to ever pull that tooth.He said it could have been left there for an anchor for a bottom bridge.Among other teeth that should have been saved. I now have to have oral surgery done on my mouth Mon 7-7 to fix the mess they left...which is going to cost me an additional $2300.00 Have a new set of dentures made that will be a little over $1856.00 and the 2 posts put in botton jaw wich will cost another $3000.00 Not 1 single time did Aspen ever, ever sit down and talk to me about anyother options NEVER...they are a complete a total rip off scam.And now I live not eating, very, very, depressed and ashamed of how I look...This is a CRIME.
Mary Beth Kustelega
526 Spencer Ave.
Sharon, Pa. 16146
A  30th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
I'm from Texas, I went to the Lubbock Texas Aspen Dental, they started out good enough than things start to linger on, visit after visit, x-
ray, after x- ray, I lost count, I ended up with 6 visits to get one root canal with crown, they had to do 2 root canals on the one tooth because it was still painful after they did the first one than getting the crown took forever, they had to order it, why can I go to Mexico and get the crown made that day or the next but not here????Aspen Dental kept wanting to mess with teeth that didn't have any problems, I have other problems in which I will go down to Mexico this fall and get fixed because I have wasted all my money on this one tooth and crown. They've bill me through their finance, in which they where paid 1, 564.92 than I was billed from their office for 936
.75, total 2, 501.67 that's a lot of money for one very small tooth and it looks really bad, It's next to my two front teeth so it's right out there for all to see, besides the pain I went through waiting to get the second root canal on the same tooth, I'm still afraid of Ice Cream, I have to pay the finance company but Ill go to court before I will pay the 936.75, that, s just wrong to charge me more because the finance would not send them any more money for work they didn't do.My biggest question is why s Aspen Dental still open, harming more and more people
D  1st of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
I lost a tooth & also my bridge that was attached to the tooth because of Aspen's Dental Malpractice. A Dr. Shah from Lapeer, MI was at Aspen in Bay City, MI when I went in to complain about my pain. He said "No decay on X-ray". Looked in my mouth & said "no problem". The pain left me shortly after, I believe, because I was on Vicodin from surgery I had just had. Two & half months later when asking for a 2nd. opinion re: that tooth with a different dentist who I go to when visiting AZ, the decay had destroyed the tooth. Root canal failed, tooth was extracted, along with my bridge. I filed a small claim in Bay City with Aspen when I returned to MI. First thing Judge said, "Do you have a witness?". Judge told me I could have subpoenaed Dr. Shah. On the small claims I filled out, I only saw Corporation on the side of the Defendant. Judge said the court isn't allowed to help. (When I had returned to MI to tell Aspen what had happened to me, I asked to talk to the doctor who told me I had no problem. Aspen said he was no longer there. So, at that time, I didn't know his name or where he was). The logical thing to me was to name Aspen Dental as the Defendant. The second dentist I have (who discovered the decay) was in AZ. So, that's all I had to go on was all the dentists' written reports. Dr. Shah said on my report (that he did not tell me) that I may have an open margin on the mesial. That was exactly where my pain was when I went into Aspen in Bay City & where the tooth was extracted--along with the bridge. If he would have verbally told me that, I would have sought immediate help with a different dentist. while in Bay City, MI. Aspen's rep. said the Vicodin caused me dry mouth & that's what excellerated the decay. Judge dismissed my case. I would have had to have the dentist from AZ testify in person.

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