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I paid close to $3, 000.00 for dental services at Aspen dental. I got an upper partial and it broke today. I have only had it for 2 years.

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      1st of Feb, 2013

    I went through hell with the Fort Myers Aspen Dental Office. I was charged over 4500 out of pocket. I was sent out for my teeth extractions because I am a heart patient and they wanted to pull one at a time, WTH were they thinking and the Dentist told me herself that she was uncomfortable with my heart Hx and I needed to go have them all done at once which cost me another $490 out of pocket and then due to Aspen using up right away my $1500 insurance allowance I am now paying a almost $800 balance the SWF facial Surgery. OK, I had 4 front vineers put on, wasn't told they would widdle my teeth down to sticks (horrified) and they keep failing off and not even a year old. I only did the vineer because they said it would close the space inbetween my front two teeth. Now I have the upside down black triangle. I am so unhappy. My partials look fairly good but you can see all the metal clasp and another (second opinion) dentist said "no, you should not see these" and that they are wrong. My partials are not sharp at all and I have trouble chewing and alos I have to use alot of fixadent to hold the uppers in.

    When you try to get in for adustment, you will set for 2-3 hours freaking hours (I have a life). I am trying get anyone that wants to, to join me in sueing their ### for the bad service, Hippa violations (I hear other ppls business in their office all the time), long waiting times, ripped off by them etc. You name it I have experienced it with these ppl. I cry alot because when my vineers fall off in public for no reason (I am and have never been a front biter) I look like a crack hoe. Please contact me at [protected] I want to file a class action suite against Aspen Dental and I want all the ppl hurt by them in anyway to join me.

    Carla Covert Fort Myers Beach Florida

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