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I went to Aspen Dental about two weeks ago for 1 extraction and have never been so upset or in so much pain in my life! I had the procedure on Thursday and by Friday I clearly had dry socket and my "hole" was extremly infected and leaking puss into my mouth like crazy. Im pregnant so I didn't smoke to cause this to myself and Im not really supposed to be taking pain meds but I ended up having to since these people wouldn't help me! I called Saturday and spoke to the man who pulled the tooth and he wouldn't see me because he was 90% sure it couldn't be dry socket and was sure it wasn't infected just claimed it was my sinus leaking. I suffered in terrible pain ALL DAY Saturday and Sunday! Finally Sunday night we tried calling him again and he wouldln't answer his phone nor would he call back the page. I was crying for the last two hours becasue even after taking pain meds the pain was insane and I couldn't even stand to be in my own skin. Finally their lead dentist called back and my husband told her I NEEDED to be seen asap he's never seen me in so much pain and all she had to say what she better stop taking pain meds its bad for the baby (they wrote me the script for the meds mind you) and we can see her tomorrow morning, def not tonight. Can anyone else believe this????? I felt so hopeless and knew I couldn't stand the pain and oozing until the next day so I called a local area dentist who saw me in 10 minutes and helped my out with numbing it, cleaning it, and treating me for dry socket! I felt relief after this man worked on me for 10 minutes tops! I coudnll't BELIEVE that a big place like Aspen wouldn't send ONE person in to see me and treat me for dry socket, have they never had this to know who horrible it is especially when you can't take pain meds????? Id like to see them go through it thats for sure. So here I am almost two weeks later still in awful pain because my jaw bone is haning out there in the air constantly causing me dry socket pain and as of this morning they told me I will probably have this pain for 4 more weeks because its going to take 4-6 weeks for the gum to close over the bone. I have to just accept it and thats that, be thankful im not in the hospital like some people after extractions. wow really they mess people up so bad at aspen that they have to be hospitalized????? How is this place still in operation and not being looked into by higher ups???? Im disgusted and want to scream from the roof tops to STAY AWAY from aspen dental, they do not care about their patients and its a sad sad thing going on there.

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      9th of Sep, 2010

    Do you know that Aspen dental is a member of the Better Business Bureau and will remain so unless people file complaints?

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