Ashley Furniture / damage (new) furniture

Sterling, United States

I am soooooo upset!!! Ok, so my ashley's furniture was delivered today over an hour ago and I examined the furniture while the delivery men were here did not see nothing wrong. I left for a few came back in the house and started examining the furniture some more to find the wood on the love seat coming off, the material on both pieces are riped in the left side corners, the wood piece on the sofa has some little chipped pieces (Not noticeable unless you are on your knees looking close), and I just noticed the wood (From the inside) is showing on the sofa too! I am pissed! & the lady going to ask me "did I examine the furniture" well of course I did, I am only human... Anyone can take 5 minutes to examine something & not notice everything!

Now I have to wait for a "technician/inspector" to come out friday to see if I can get some "new pieces" r u serious I just spent cash on this furniture! I want a whole new livingroom set.

This is not a way to treat your "paid in full" customers!

The store location where I got my furniture was sterling, va... This store has some rude sales associates, they do not even speak to the customers when you enter the store. I only purchased because they are the only 1 near my house.

I need to speak to a district manager, the ceo, or someone above the store managers (Who has not called me back as of yet).


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