Ashley Furniturerude store manager

Bought a small floor decorator item, value $16.
Was under the mistaken impression by previous encounters and purchases of a 30 day return policy. Asked to speak to store store manager.
By the end of that conversation, I have no desire to return to that particular store. She ripped me a new one with her condescending and rude people skills. Never yelled, just quietly and professionally told me what she thought of me. I was not yelling and she admitted as much. She then stated if the money was that important to me she would approve it. That shows the store runs its own policy and there is room for independent judgement on each situation. This was not a win/win but a win/lose. She lectures and makes the customer feel bad then offers to accept the return. Wow. I was floored and stated I'll keep the item and box it up. No use for it. With so many stores with such a no question, no hassle return, you'd think the customer wouldn't have to go through the conversation I did. I had the receipt, too. I hope Ashleys can use that $16. They must need it worse than I do.

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