Asda / rip off

handsworth, England, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

its just discusting how the prices are going up they added 19 p PER pack ov asda home brand bourbon biscuits that is just 1 example... it wouldnt be so bad adding the odd penny shopping bill came to a extra £8:24 today from wat it did last week... i go to asda twice a week n every week somethings gone up in price ...iv been talking to some friends and friends ov friends who have proven morrisons and tesco are cheaper...they did a makeover on our asda witch to tell you the truith was unnessacery (and were paying for as the prices of food started goin up around then) ...all it did was mess the whole shop up n they changed it round (dont get me started on that ) we all are wondering why it looks so scruffy now ...and the car park is rediculouse the cars are parked wrong so you have trouble seeing wats coming 2 entrance and only 1 exit ... theres quite a few of us that are going to shop else where ...18 monts ago asda was excelent but now IM REALY DISCUSTED to sum it up its scruffy expensive the car parks dangerous (netto should have taken over asda not the other way round )


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