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The cheese currtenly being sold, namely mild coloured cheddar, smart price is just like plastic, it will not melt when grilled or baked in oven. It did not used to be like this, infact it was excellent and very good quality, we ate quite a lot of it. Please can we have a return to the previous producers.
J. Beddall,

home delivery and staff attitude

I have had two very difficult experiences with asda home delivery in one week. Firstly my order costing nearly £290 was not delivered on Monday 21st as booked. Instead we had to get up at 6.30 in the morning to take delivery. No one rang us to tell us they were not delivering. Today, however, was even more disgraceful. We were called at 4pm to tell us todays order would not be delivered. A driver had apparently resigned. . We had guests and arranged delivery over 3 weeks ago. We called the store and explained the situation. We were given another excuse that the van was 'stuck in snow.' It has not snowed in this area for 5 days. We have taken photos to prove that the roads are completely clear. The manager promised us delivery. We were called 2 hours later as apparently the bakery manager who was delivering it was being pulled out of a field by a tractor but would be with us soon! We were called an hour later as apparently the tractor driver had told the driver to not go near our house as it was too snowy but they were only 3 miles away. Ten minutes later we called the store and the driver had just returned back (a 40 minute journey away!) We said it was impossible as we were too far away. The night manager 'Clare' said the driver and his helper had just returned. She passed the phone to the driver's 'helper' who was extremely abusive to my husband. She said she had passed our house twice. My husband said the roads were clear and asked where they had been and if they had passed why they had not stopped. She said to another colleague, 'I'm not speaking to him!' and slammed down the phone. I called back. Clare answered and said she didn't know when I'd get my shopping as it was not her job. She told me to hang on and slammed the phone down on the desk. Colleagues in the background all laughed and a woman said, ' I'd just put the phone down on the f... cow!' A man replied, 'She's just an f... c...' I waited 10 minutes, 43 seconds for Clare to come back to the phone. When she did, she just picked up the phone, said hello, to which I repled hello and then she slammed the phone down. We called back and were told Clare was not available. We requested an appointment with the general manager in the morning but were told he would not be available.

I am left with no shopping from a £90 order and have been abused by asda 'professionals' The whole conversation was recorded by myself. I requested a response within 48 hours after which time I will contact trading standards and follow their advice.

  • Ry
    Ryan13 Feb 25, 2011

    Well...get off ur [censor] and do ur own shopping...lazy toff [censor]

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no money no shopping

on wednesday the 23rd december 2009 i took my two children one of whom one is disabled to asda to do my christmas shop. after shopping for 1 1/2 hours i got to the till, my shopping was put through the check out and i was informed that an item had been put through twice and the girl had to call a supervisor to do a void. the supervisor came, and so i thought, put through the void, i was then told my shopping came to £216.97. i knew i had only £207 in my account so i gave her £20 in cash and told her to take the remainder from my debit card. the supervisor then said quite loud in a busy shop you haven't got enough money, i wondered if my husband had taken some money from this account and gave a further £60 to the girl on the check out, the supervisor said she would go and sort out a problem at another till and come back. while she was gone the girl on the till said that the supervisor had made a mistake and not voided my shop but called for the money from my bank and then cancelled it hence there was now a hold on the money in my account. when the supervisor came back she insisted she had not made a mistake and that i could not afford the shopping, she took me, my two children and the two trolleys of food to consumer services, where once i explained what had happened she told me to ring my bank and ask them to release the hold on my funds so they could do the transaction again. i rang the bank and was told that asda had put the hold on my money but they could not release it. when i told customer services the woman there said that although they had a hold on my money because the transaction had been cancelled the hold would be released in two working days. as christmas day was on friday and monday was a bank holiday it would be days without any money and no shopping to show for it. when i pointed this out they said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do. i asked to speak to the manager who came to see me and said that she could only agree with what i had already been told. i said i had proof of who i was and where i lived and that as soon as the hold was lifted i promised i would return and pay for these goods. i was told that they could not do this, i asked what i should do for christmas with no food and no money to buy any and was told that although it was there mistake they could not help me. i did then ring my dad who came and paid for the shopping on his card, but he is a pensioner he needed the money as soon as possible for his standing orders at his bank. the next day i sold some jewellery and gave my dad the money back. on thursday 30th december asda still had not released the hold on my money so i rang head office and was told that they would log my complaint but could not get the money released any quicker and my problem was with the oldbury branch not them. i did however ring my bank and explain what had happened, and was told that due to the length of time the hold had been on they would release it, which they did. i am now sending both the oldbury branch and headoffice a letter of complaint, but judging by the way i was treated in the shop, and the phone conversation with head office i dont expect a responce. i am telling you my story because i am discusted with asda`s policies and had i not been able to call on anyone to help it would have ruined christmas for my family. i will certianly not be shopping there again

  • Ro
    roz373 Oct 31, 2010

    Don't shop there they are selling dodgy meat and poultry the dates cant be right on packaging as i have experienced bad meat and chicken on 4-5 different occasions in the past couple of month. Bought and cooked silverside beef today it came out looking like pork and tasting sour and salty this is not normal. They don't even give a damn about the customer opinion.

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staff rudeness

i was in asda bridgwater with my wife, we queued for grocery, and purchased a phone and two computer game...

on line shopping

you lot want shooting you have taken my daugthers money then cancelled her order after you took the money less than a week before christmas she has 2 some children no money and no food, its disgussting what you have done we will never shop in your shops again as long as we live your just thifes go stuff your shop where the sun dont shine

  • Le
    leannp Jan 02, 2010

    Yes they did the exact same to me too this christmas. ASDA A WASTE OF TIME!

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  • Hi
    Hillcliffe Jan 06, 2010

    Same just happened to us - ordered for a 4-6pm delivery on Monday. Order never arrived, wasted an hour talking to South Africa about it - (the store is a 2 miles away!). Eventually gave up on them and cancelled the order. I was promised a call yesterday to confirm the cancellation - this never happened but they helped themselves to £200 from my account despite not delivering anything. Just wasted another half and hour on he phone top South Africa to be told it will take up to 10 days to get the money back into my account!!! - and it's my banks fault!!! It's the 4th time in two months they've not delivered. Never using this service again - going back to Tesco...

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  • Sl
    Sloppy Asda Harrogate Feb 19, 2010

    Its stiil better than ASDA Harrogate store, the toilets are a social skive area for the staff to use there mobile phones, so customers feel uncomfortable using the urinals and take the piss on the toilet seats, the floor is wet so it gets tramped round the store .
    Dirty green baskets, dirty scanner glass that makes long Q's at self service tills combined with bag hassel because the staff are too lazy to attach the toggle to restrain the bags when being filled.
    I try to help the disabled customers when they want help because the can't reach the shelves at the bakery, SHAME on the staff for ignoring his plea for help, how cold a bread of un caring people they are. But thank you for leaving out the cages so that atleast when we have to remove an empty carboard box from the shelf there is a place to put it, Is there any thing else the fair paying local customers can do to carry your lazzy buts.

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  • Mu
    mummycheshire Jan 05, 2012

    we had to wait 10 days for money back into our account, Asda had taken it twice how can they be allowed to dip in to account twice and take what they want? we did get delivery well part of it some went missing had to ring store get replaced, wait for refund after being talked down to on the phone from someone in south africa? when the store is 15 mins away and manager in runcorn cant help but south africa can? to top it off in store they offered my son a letter from santa fill in a form and santa will write back in time for christmas he was so excited posted it 3 days before end date and hes still waiting... January 5th? explain to a 4 year old why santa didnt have time to write to him? if you cant deliver dont take on another job of offering yet another service you cant deliver... tesco here we come ...

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rude van delivery man

i had a delivery for christmas to my home address and the driver was very unsympathetic to my disability it was a very snowy and icy day and he jokingly asked me to help so i explained to him that i had an accident that left me unable to walk but i could stand his reply was you look ok to me.so i decided to show him the scar down my neck as awhile ago i had an accident due to someones stupidity and ended up paralyzed for 6 month and now i have to use a wheelchair and a scooter to get about.in reply to this he said he had a bigger scar than that and said he had had a heart bypass.i ended up telling him about my accident i dont know why i had to explain myself as it was nothing to do with him i was really upset when he went as ok he had had a not very nice opp but he wants to try being able to walk about one minute then not been able to get out into the country side that you love the next i think asda want to train there staff on better customer relations with the disabled im not sure if i will use asda again

  • Rh
    RHNM Dec 20, 2009

    Dealing With Poor Customer Service

    All companies are only concerned with their bottom line. All companies have very poor customer service representatives. My advice:
    1. First try to settle the matter with the company’s CSR. It will not do any good but you have tried.
    2. Be polite but firm.
    3. Ask for the name, number and state the CSR you are talking to is from. If you are transferred to a foreign country ask to speak to a CSR in North America.
    4. Keep written copies of all your correspondence. Insist that all replies from the company be in writing. Good luck on that one, companies don’t like to leave a paper trail.
    5. If you don’t like writing, record the calls, advise the CSR that you are recording the call.
    6. If you have an attorney and three-party calling, arrange to have your attorney on the line before you call the company. My attorney advised me that you are not required to inform the CSR or company that another person is monitoring the call .Keep copies of all of the bills you receive. The eventual lawyers, FCC, BBB and state attorney general will want copies of all of your paper work.
    7. File a complaint with the FCC about your cell phone carrier, it won't do any good, but it's on record.
    8. If it is not a cell phone carrier, file the complaint with the FTC, or whichever of thousands of government agencies that handle your issue.
    9. Please realize that all government agencies are overworked and have been paid off by lobbyist.
    10. Join any class action lawsuit against the company.
    11. File a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau.
    12. Contact your state attorney general.
    13. During this prolonged economic rough patch all companies are out to make money anyway they can.
    14. Join any class action lawsuit against the cell phone carrier. The lawyers will take the bulk of the settlement after years of ligation. When the company finally settles they will pass the cost of the settlement onto their customers, write if off on their taxes or both if they can get away with it.
    15. Do this with any company or service you are having problems unresolved problems with that company or service.
    16. I realize this is a lot of work, but it’s the only way to get things to change. Don’t expect overnight results, they won’t happen.
    I give you this advice at no charge.
    RH – New Mexico

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a childs plastic workbench aged 2+

i bought my son a workbench set for christmas which we let him have early which contains a retractable stanley knife which is plastic but it also does look like a real stanley knife my son yesterday where we are decorating my son picked up my partner real stanley knife thinking it was a toy. If this toy was to be left on the market what is saying that another child is not going to pick up the real thing and think it is a toy and seriously harm themselves it should be taken of the market
please do somthing about this

  • Pu
    pugru2 Dec 18, 2009

    I cannot believe someone would give there kid a toy with a play knife or gun. Especially a 2yr old. He's your kid, you should have known better. You are the parent, you are in charge of what your child plays with. You should take a child development psychology class, it may teach how your child's mind works.

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  • As
    Asda Complaints Board Oct 25, 2010

    Well Your A [censor]ing Stupid Parent You Should Of Spotted That When You Bought That, , , ,
    ASDA Complaints Board
    D ~ S Davies

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  • Ma
    margaret joan davies May 23, 2013

    hi some of my weekly shop consists of free from products I bought a loaf of free from asda bread which is £2.00 I opened it and never got a sclice as it dropped to bits .also my parents did some shopping for me as I was unable to go shopping I wanted a packet of custard creams which you needed a step ladder to reach them and they had not much choice of anything else .mrs davies

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home delivery

I have used asda home delivery service many times over the last two years purely for convenience not because they provide a good service, unlike other complaints asda have usually turned up at the arranged time however they havent managed on any occasion to bring everything i ordered. Based on the last two times i used them where they failed to bring a massive chunk of my order i will never be using them again.i had to ring the call centre six times, was cut off, lied to, and in the end we wrote off £35 of stuff, this time i have already waited in for a day and a half for re delivery which im pretty sure will never happen. asda have the most horrendous useless customer service department i have ever seen, dont waste your time using home delivery it will cause you ten times more hassle in the long run.

  • Ej
    ejojo Feb 17, 2010

    I used Asda online shopping, my order came to £125. They took £175 from my account !
    Emailed them to tell them of THEIR mistake. They emailed back to say that my money would be back in my account within 10 days!
    the cheek of it!

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  • Bo
    bogart May 22, 2010

    tuesday the 11th of may my sister did her shopping on line at asda like very week it was to be deliverd on the wednesday. wednrseday night i got a call form my sister at 7pm saying her shopping had not arrived it was ment to be deliverd between 4pm and 6pm.she had a hospital appionment for a scan of her baby that day and new she would be home in time for delivery but she worried and so she got the bus from one end of the wirral to the other 4half mile journey picked her other 2 children up from school which is a round the conner from the house she was home for 3;45 plenty of time for asda when i got on the phone to help her sort this out i was told her shopping had been deliverd for 4 hours i battled with a lady on the phone form a call sent say ing my sister had recived her shopping in the end her supervisor told me she would contact the home delivery manager at the relavent store by email so he could contact me to sort this out i enede up thursday mornig ringing the manager my self he had nt recived an email and dnt know any thing about what was going on i went throught the whole thing again he told me he would get back to me which he did the drive said he had droped the shoppping to my sister at 4;15 wednesday and lied 3 times changing his story my sister now had no shopping and no money plus no birthday cake for my nephew who was having a tea party for his 6thbirthday manger did get part of the shopping deliverd in the end and every thing was wrong the birhtday cake was icing not choclate my nice is allergic. no milk no fridge food no fruit what was delevered was 2 days out of date yet they still charged my sister for this my sister was left with no money no food her partner was made redundant a short time ago so living on benefits they have to watch every penny. next day my sister took the children to school and was talking to a nother parent explained what had happend and to her suprise asda had done the same to her and her shopping like my sisters never got to them but did get delivered and signed for by the same people at the same address and drive same drive that said my sister was a liar 10 franklan has had not only my sisters shopping but some one elses as well this is fraud taking what does not belong to you and knowingly why have the police not been brought in to this? i will never shop at asda agin or my friends my sister and every one i know want be at least when i paid for my sisters shopping at tescos and explained to them what had happened they rang to say they were on there way dnt charge delivery asda staff need to be retrained and talk to one and other

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  • Si
    siyam May 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    all ways cancel my accounts please stop it

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  • Si
    siyam May 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please stop for cancel my create accounts

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  • Di
    Dionneh Dec 21, 2010

    Ordered my Christmas food shopping from ASDA, it was not delivered, then without letting me know they cancelled the ordered. To rub salt into the wound they tell me my money would take 7 - 10 days to be put back into my account leaving me and my two young children with no food over christmas. I will never be using ASDA again and urge others not to.

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  • Lo
    lozzo27 Aug 29, 2012

    ASDA Home Delivery has took £470 out of my account!!! I ordered some shopping about 3 weeks ago for the amount of £99 and today (29.08.12) they took £470!!! I am a single mum of two, I had to put my shopping back in Tesco as my card was declined, I have been bank charge, my telephone bill will be massive (20 mins to a 0845 number) My childminder bill bounced and I get late fees!! How can ASDA do this?! I am still waiting for them to call me back!!!

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  • Me
    melissa/t Sep 27, 2013

    have not received our order either and now i am left 105 pound down with nothing.also have know nappies for my 8 month old baby as a result.

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Poor customer service

Today I went up to my local Asda's customer service in order to get my Asda Mobile's content block lifted, as I couldn't confirm my identity over the phone due to not having a credit card. The person serving simply told me that they wouldn't deal with such a problem because she "doesn't know anything about mobile phones". So I got sent to the media desk, who told me they know what needs to be done, but it needs to be done on customer services as they don't have an outside line. Back at customer services I'm told I have to wait until the next day to get it lifted as she needs to wait for the media manager! This is complete laziness. All that needed to be done was for the person serving to make a phone call to confirm my age. That was all. I called up Asda mobile (who by the way are brilliant - I highly recommend them as a phone company) and they told me exactly what I thought - they just need to call them and confirm my age.

So I go back in and ask (not demand, just ask) to see a manager, who finally tells the useless person serving me to call up the number I've been telling them to call all this time. With a disgruntled look she does it, not making eye contact with me at all for the two minutes I was standing there, or letting me know what was going on. Finally, after about 15 minutes of walking around different departments and making phone calls out of MY OWN CREDIT, I get a text saying the content filter has been lifted. After that, the person says "done", puts down the phone and continues to ignore me, as if accepting defeat in a battle, with no apology for not doing her job and providing me a service that she should have.

The point is I didn't argue in all of this, I just told the person what to do and they refused to do it - it took manager authorisation to make a PHONE CALL to ONE OF THEIR OWN INTERNAL COMPANIES.

The attitude stank. I work in customer services myself and I do everything I possibly can to find out information for a customer; even if I don't know the answer I try to find out on my own or at least ask someone else. She did neither of these, and said because she didn't know and had never done it before she couldn't do it. I'm very irritated by this, and frankly the staff need to be taught to listen to the customer as I had been 100% correct in what I had said. It would have been quicker if they gave me their in-store phone and let do it myself!

advent calendar

i bought a hsm advent calendar and a in the night garden one for my two children.we decided to open them...

Bournemouth Food


I recently obtained a pair og spectacles from the optitions In Asda Store, I had them approx 3-4 weeks wen...

floor layout/attitude

Visiting Asda store at Telford town centre i was amazed to se shelves empty. Asked a sales assistant why she said stock for christmas. when i finished my shop, i had to go to Sainsburys to finish my shop. Where i will do my shopping from now on.All you seem to get from Asda is promises they dont keep. For instance i took a joint of meat back and they said they would send a gift voucher, went and saw them, more promises and nothing. I have shopped at Asda for years but not any more.

  • Ro
    Rod Cautela Nov 29, 2009

    Shopping @ ASDA must be the worst experience in the world, they have so many shelf packers, on-line shopping packers @ any one time on the shop floor during peak shopping hours that you can hardly move in the store ( CROSSHARBOURE14). Unfortunately there are not any other options in the Docklands, Tesco/Sainsbury please help!

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don't use home delivery

Here's why I'm never using Asda home delivery again:

My girlfriend and I had a delivery booked for Tuesday evening (3rd Nov), between 7 and 9pm, which we were looking forward to because the cupboard was bare. It got to 9pm and as we had heard nothing at all from Asda, I called the helpline, and spoke to a very helpful person in South Africa who said he would call the store in Colindale to find out what was going on and get back to me within 10 mins. About half an hour later, after hearing nothing, I called again. I spoke to a different person who said the same thing as the first. This time, he did call back to say that the driver was "nearly there". After another 20 mins or so, I called the helpline again, but as it was now after 10pm, it had closed. We had no delivery, and overcome by hunger, had a late supper of plain boiled rice and soy sauce. It wasn't bad, but wasn't the prawn stir fry we anticipated.

The next morning, I called and spoke to someone in South Africa again. He asked me if I'd be in that evening and I said, yes, between 6:30pm and 7:30pm only. I got a call back to say that all was well, and that the Colindale store would make the delivery between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. Apparently, the driver had tried to call the previous night because he was "lost", but didn't get an answer so went back to the store. I find this hard to believe as I was sat next to my phone all evening. He certainly didn't leave a message with a number to call back on, which would've been the blindingly obvious thing to do if someone doesn't answer their phone on the first try. But, like I say - there was no call, no missed call and no message.

Anyway, by 7:30pm that evening, I was on the phone again to someone else in South Africa asking where my delivery was and complaining again about yet again being let down. She called back about 10 mins later to tell me that she couldn't find out what the problem was because they "keep hanging up the phone on me at the Colindale store". I told her I had to leave. She asked if she could re-arrange for the next evening. I reluctantly agreed. I then told her that I would really appreciate a call from either the Colindale store or the driver to explain what had been going on and why they had failed yet again to make the delivery. I then got a phone call from a different person in the call centre about 20 mins later. She told me that she was calling to re-book my delivery, but that the next available delivery slot would be on Saturday. I told her to forget about it. She asked me in a disapproving tone if I was really going to cancel the order. "Yes", I said.

I've complained on the phone and via email to Asda and - needless to say - have heard nothing back. The only apologies I've got are from the poor people in the help centre in South Africa who seem as mucked around as we do. I don't consider it acceptable that me and my girlfriend have had two consecutive evenings ruined by waiting for a delivery that never comes and numerous calls back and forth to South Africa. We will obviously never use Asda again, and let our friends and family know about our experience, but I still feel owed an apology for massive time wasting involved. The arrogance of the Colindale store is quite breathtaking - they couldn't even be bothered to let us know the delivery would be late, let alone that it was never going to show up, for two days running.

  • Mi
    Michael56 Nov 16, 2009

    Had the exact same experience, late delivery they didn't bother informing me was going to over two hours late. Customer helpline was pointless, they had less idea where it was than I did. After phoning them, they said they would phone back...yeah right. I had to phone them back again, to which they said they didn't know where it was. I asked to cancel my order to which she spat okay!, Didn't ask if I wanted it re-dilivered another day or how I was getting my re-fund.

    Now its a war of words between my bank and ASDA, as my bank are adamant I need to get ASDA to tell them they aren't taking the money, and ASDA saying they need my bank to tell them all sorts of codes and such which I am not giving to someone over the phone.

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  • H2
    h2ojo Mar 05, 2010

    Hah! I am so glad thats its not just me then, getting a rubbish service. I ordered on line due to a bad back and asked for the morning delivery slot, then no deliveries four hours later, did the usual phone calls to be told that it would arrive in the evening. I cancelled and now i wont be debited back until the following week. So where is my money ? I would love to walk out of the store with £150 worth of shopping and see what they say its ridiculous that they can debit instantaneouly but not refund.So i amout of pocket and my children are eating beans on toast.I realise there are terrible thing happening in the world but being civil and providing an emapthetic service go a long way to creating harmony.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Spurr Oct 06, 2010

    Same has happened to me. My home shopping delivery should have been delivered this week (Monday 4th Oct 10) between 8.00 and 10.00 p.m. Needless to say it didn't arrive. I phoned the number given on the web site but the call was terminated 3 times so I called the store directly. I was on hold for 30 minutes and at 10.45 p.m I gave up and went to bed. I telephoned them the next morning and they said someone would call me back later that day. I said for them not to call me during the morning as I would be in a meeting and my phone would be off. I turned my phone back on at lunch time to find that they had indeed phoned me during the morning and had left a voicemail apologising and stating that my order had been cancelled. I phoned them back asking who had made the decision to cancel my order and that I would still like it to be delivered. I asked what had happened to my order and the home shopping manager told me that the delivery man had decided not to deliver my shopping because his shift had ended. I arranged for it to be delivered again this evening between 6.00 and 8.00 p.m. At 8.00 p.m. I contacted them as my order still hadn't been delivered and was told that they were running late and that my order was on the lorry and was on its way. Guess what - they haven't shown up again and no one is answering the phone. I'm so angry, I've got to phone them again tomorrow. They have taken my money from my bank account though. What do I do now???

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  • Tk
    Tkins Nov 06, 2010

    I am not sure if I am consoled or even more annoyed that I am not the only person who's been messed around. I see that this chat goes back a year ago and there if still no improvement despite the many complaints that I have come across online. I had the exact experience as the first person who started this chat. I was expecting my delivery on Tuesday evening, the order did not arrive and after many calls I was told that my order was running a little late. I gave up around midnight, the call centre was closed by then. Next day I reluctantly agreed for a redelivery, just to have the same thing happen again. The friendly SA help centre seems to be the only thing that they seem to gave gotten right! I told them to delete my records from their data base as I will most defn never shop at ASDA even if it's the last shop around!

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  • Li
    lisa05030250 Dec 08, 2010

    I have the exact same problem, I ordered a new TV from asda and was supposed to have it delivered on Saturday between 7am and 7pm, at about 6.15pm I called them up and asked where they were and the girl on the phone said she would phone me back, she did call back 5 mins later just to tell me that my order was not going to be delivered, I asked why no one had called and told me and she said because everyone is so busy no one called, I asked if someone could call me back and I can get another date arranged for them to deliver and she said someone will call, its now Wednesday and no phone call, and when I called up to cancel my order and get a refund the girl on the phone said I couldnt that I have to decline my goods at the door so they get them back just so I can be refunded??? I asked could she not just cancel as I have not got the goods and she said no sorry company procedure - am I being messed around here or what???

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  • Dm
    dmallon Aug 05, 2011

    Currently having exactly the same experience. We're still waiting on our shopping that was due between 7pm - 9pm last night. We called the helpline at 9pm to ask what was wrong and was told that it would be delayed by 45 mins. An hour later we phoned only to be told that it would still be arriving that evening but had no way of getting in touch with the driver. It's nearly 3pm now and despite calling them at 8:30am and a subsequent email, we've not been given any update whatsoever. Our account was credited with a voucher giving us free delivery on our next order, however I feel this is a shameless and transparent way of trying to get us to shop with them again. We're now just going to try and cancel the order, and given that they've clearly breached the contract of sale, we're hoping that we'll get a full refund (although the comments here are less than encouraging!)

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  • Da
    davidlesllie Nov 20, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Asda has a crazy policy of letting you buy groceries online, but if you buy articles on offer if they return to normal price they charge you full price.You only bought them in the first place because they were on offer.Other big retailers like sainsburys or morrisons at least tell you when a offer will cease so you can buy accordingly.Asda seem to think you are clairvoyant.

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non compliance with special offer

Dear sir/madam.

Recently i was involved in a car accident...run over by a young man, who wasn`t looking..he broke my foot.
I also then had to undergo intensive dental treatments...
I have a chronic ongoing condition, that makes travelling difficult., .walking extremely painful, and subsequently don`t shop personally very often.
However, coming online, and looking at your shop, and its offers ., i decided, as i could only eat soft foods, and you had an offer for my favourite BEn&jerrys icecream, to come down (I live in BOgnor Regis), and stock up, and take a look at what else you had at a good price.
The first place i made for, was obviously the frozen dept...determined to get my (only) edible foods right now, i intended to stock up..
Before leaving, i checked online, that HAvent supermarket Asda, was partaking in this offer...it was confirmed it did.
You can imagine my upset, and annoyance, therefore, on going to purchase said icecream...(2 for 3£), i noticed they were infact 3£ EACH~~~~dearer than SAINSBURYS...Whic h would have been a 10 min trip!
What i couldn`t believe, was on taking this up with a manager, being told, if i went HOME and purchased this product ONLINE~~~It would not only come from the HAVANT STORE~~~BUT I`D ALSO RECEIVE THE ADVERTISED OFFER!
I went home..dissapointed..tired, in pain...(you also have NO seating for disabled people)...And MINUS my icecream!
Having not eaten for 4 weeks...apart from yoghurt..ugh!..I had to write and voice my complaints!
I sincerely hope this isn`t an example of how you treat your customers!

Yours sincerely, SJ Joyce..(mrs).

Embarrassed to go back in

I suffer with sight problems i approched the help desk of my local store to ask for help filling in a lottery ticket and was refused in a nasty manner. i made a complaint to the head office in leeds and was given an apology. i was then contacted by the store manager and given another apology and invited into the store were she helped with my lottery ticket and told me she had spoke to the member of staff in question i left the store happy that my complaint had been dealt with. however i have been back into store today and when i approached the counter two members off staff were talking about me that i was the one who had made a complaint and i left the store and came home very distressed. i feel that i am being disgrimanated against because of my health problems and now dont feel comfortable in going back into the store were i normally do my weekly shopping. i have shopped in the same store for several years and did not expect to be treated in this way. i feel it may be best to start shopping at a different store and i am now to embarassed to go back in.

  • Vi
    Villin Oct 23, 2009

    Having received my e voucher with free delivery code M4 FD FD 47 Saving £4.50 on all orders placed and delivered on or before the 12th March. I decided to place my order on the 11th March for delivery the following day. This would mean i was within the time frame of the free delivery service being offered. Unfortunately my e voucher was rejected. I contacted the 0845 number and spoke to a lady who promptly told me the e voucher ran out at midnight of the 11th. I reminded her that I had the terms and conditions of the e voucher in front of me. She at no point stated that the e-voucher had been removed and the offer was no longer valid as is also stated in the terms and conditions, had she of said this i woud have accepted that everyone entering the code would be told the same thing. This was not the case and I was merely told the voucher ran out on the date I have already stated midnight of the 11th March I told the representative from ASDA I would be complaining as this was false misrepresentation. This may be a small amount of money but when you have people like myself believing they will be getting a free service it will add up to a considerable amount of money that ASDA will be getting on a promotion that doesn't run to the stated date of the 12th March.

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Oct 29, 2009

    You shouldn't be embarrassed--they should. They have no right to treat you that way and I would complain to upper management about the way in which you were treated.

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  • Gv
    Gvadelupe Nov 05, 2009

    I bought few baby food jars (Heinz) from Colchester ASDA just few days (5 days) from their expiry dates. I bought them on 25th of January and they expired on 31st of January 2009 and even saw them on the shelves the day before expirry date. I discussed my concerns to customer service manager (Laura honey banana, or something like that) she smirked at me and said this is silly and walked away! I asked for her manager to come, she (Caren), was not bothered either, basically neither of them were bothered, this is the baby food we are talking about, they were half price or cheaper, does not matter, you have gone too far to look after your pennies on even baby's almost expired food. I am disgusted by your policies, your staff behaviors, they are as cheap as your services and products qualities, you have lost my custom which would have been up to 4500 a year, but I know you are not bothered, it is the same culture running in all ASDA departments. otherwise your managers would not have been so careless and rude towards their customers. I am sending this email to wacthdog and Heinz as well.

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  • Da
    daymond7 Dec 09, 2010
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    My friends and I have been informed that unlabeled HALAL meat is being sold in asda stoes nationwide, my friends and I have now stopped shopping at asda and now shop at at morrisons which do not do this barbaric practice as the practice of not stunning the animal ( its awake and aware of its surroundings ) before its throat is cut and blood bled while still alive and concious, in which a muslim cleric says an islamic prayer over the beast is not right.
    There is a facebook petition to stop this vile practice of duping the british public and to inform all housewives,
    we want the correct labelling of halala and non halal meat please and to have a choice.
    Dont even try to explain that your meat is stunned becaused I have evidence it is not...

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  • Mk
    mkin Aug 05, 2011
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    My Husband ordered Asda home delivery every week. It was time slot of 10am-12pm. I've been waiting since morning after sending my eldest daughter to school. I waited since 9.15am till 12pm . I keeps looking out form our room window. As it can see through straight to our carpark. Asda home delivery have a big lorry. So able to see very clearly. So about 12pm- 12.01pm my house phone rang, but i was in the loo pee. So less then a minute. I faster dial back to listern to voice mail. It said : as busy schedule unable to come in between your time slot. only can be deliver half an hour to 45 mins later.

    As I always out to have my lunch. I can't wait til half an hour to 45 mins. How about my children then. So I went out to do my my other shooping exchanging and drop by to Asda cardiff bay there. I spoke to the customer service lady. She inform the home delivery manager name Debbie, if I not wrong. She keeps insisted the delivery staff rang my door bell but no one answer. I told her, all the while my time slot time I was at home. Then she told me. oh, you just said you was inside the loo. So the staff rang the door bell. no one answer. Because of high schedule so got to go couldn't wait anymore. As there others home delivery.

    I told her. No. the delivery staff never come at all. But she keeps insisted the staff came. But I was inside the toilet when the door bell rang. So the staff can't wait anymore. Peeing can take how long. I not even 2 mins already out of the loo. If the delivery guy came. How come my door bell no rang sound at all. And post man came also rang my door bell. I even went out to collect signed for mail form him.

    It just ridculous kind of bad atitude. If i choose, i rather pay more money for a good customer services store. So far, I quite happy with Tesco store near Penarth marina and Argos at Cardiff bay. And I ever been to penarth woolworth. Their customer service also very bad. But no ponit talk about it. As they already going to close down soon.

    Customer service very important to anyone. No matter who you are what you look like. What races, what skin colour or even ages. No one should look down on you or even raise their vioice at you. I attend CUSTOMER SERVICE COURSE before. It said: cusotmer are the one who paying for the staff salary of that store not the boss. The boss open the store for customer to come and purchase item form them. Without customer, the boss no money to pay salary to thier staff. And the boss also earn salary from there too. So customer are important.

    Hope Britain can improve their customer service so have a better future together. If you rude to your customer, how will you feel when someone been rude to you too.

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so called &gift vouvhers&

I was given a Gift voucher to purchase an on-line item.
When the gift card was purchased in store the question "can this be used on -line" was specifically asked and was told "yes".
However, with several trips into the store and several contact numbers given, no gift vouchers can be used on-line.
Although the store still have no idea of this and are selling Gift cards with the promise that items can be purchased from their on-line store.
Not even the store manager is aware that items cannot be purshed this way.
I was told by one of the many people i spoke to overthe phone that " ASDA and ASDA Direct are separeat and therefore the store may not be aware of our procedure. This is not good enough! Now i am stuck with a useless gift card, as it was given to me to buy a specific item.
I am appalled that no-one in the store has any knowledge of what can be purchased and how.
And am appalled i was left with several numbers to find out for myself rather than a single member of staff helping! Is it not their moto "happy to help"?
I will no longer be shopping with ASDA and am shocked with their lack of knowleged and communication.

very rude and abrupt trainee manager

i went into the edmonton asda store today to get some wellingto n boots and shoes for my two little...

shocking experience with store manager

On the 15th Sept 2009 my partner who leaves in Blackburn decided to take me to ASDA where i always go for my full household shopping after picking my daughter up from school. My daughter and I leave in Bolton (great lever) near by this ASDA store. As my partner got told about the great offer about the Fairy washing liquid offer of "buy 2 for 1£", we used the opportunity to benefit from the great deal, so 1st we asked a member of staff what the purchase guidelines were and got told that 6 bottles per household were permitted, so my partner got 6 for his mother and i got 6 for myself, getting to the till we got dealt with a new cashier who was yet learning scanning items, so i explained to her that my partner was purchasing is 6 Fairy liquid bottles and i was separetely buying mine as we used 1 shopping trolley! so out of nowhere a "suposedly" manager butted in with absolutely no communication skills and even less costumer CARE skills ordered me rudely exactely this way "put all the items on the belt", i straight away answered to her" i was talking to the cashier!" she just walked OFF but no to far from us!!! while this first negative approach happened the cashier had already took transaction from my partner and started scanning the next costumer's items leaving me with still my Fairy liquid bottles on the side of the till so we quickly told her that she missed out on my shopping and she apologised and asked me to queue up again behind the costumer which we did! the awkward "manager" was stood near by with a body language "looking for troubles", so while we were queuing up she had sent a staff to order the cashier not to sell me my Fairy liquid bottles with no explainations!!!i then followed the saff while my partner and my daughter was still waiting at the till. I explained to that member of staff that my partner had bought his own Fairy liquid bottles and that i was going to purchase my own!!! and reinforced the fact that we were respecting the purchase guidelines of "6 bottles per household", she understood but needed consent from the bad mannered "manager" who straight away got into my conversation with that member of staff, , , so while i was kindely explaining to her what had gone on she again cut me right in what i was trying to say and got personal and treated me like a thief telling me rudely"i just saw you! you went through with YOUR PARTENER! i replied to her that wasnt the point!!!as i was trying again to reset what had happened she was just shutting me up!!!my partner witnessing her bad `behaviour walked straight towards us and asked what was the problem so she AGAIN recited the same lines...talking to us like thieves " you went through as partner..."I replied to her that she was being personal and PRESUMING for the sake of being awkward!!!as how she knew wether we were a couple or some other link!!!I couldnt beleive that we even had to "certify" that we were not even leaving together to purshase Fairy liquid bottles "pathetic", i that point i just could not take in what was happening, she was personal, descriminating towards us"..my partner wouldnt accept it and swore at the situation, thats when she grabbed the perfect occasion to make herself known by saying" right im not being sworn at, im calling the security guard and awww ya im aswell ringing the police" my partner replied to her "just do it what have i done" by then she made a big scene in the store asking the security gard to escort my partner outside the store, , i was having none of it but yet i tried again with a calm and controlled voice to tell her that from the biginning she was set minded to make problems with us out of anything as we just could not communicate with her and that her body language was reflecting it so well!!!another member of staff got next to her and said "at the end of the day your partner should have not swore" i replied to her that surely he should have not swore but what right she had to behave this way!!!but none of my words got listened to as they just kept saying"we ordering you to leave the store...WE ORDERING YOU TO LEAVE THE STORE...again and again! i was fuming then as the manager added" i will make sure your banned from the store", , walking away from her i pointed to her that i would shop again here even though she well put me OFF shopping in this ASDA which was so convenient to me>>>she added "WILL SEE". the only thing she had "managed" was making a scene! i still cant beleive how "DIABOLICAL" she was! ASDA advertise how cheap their products are but so is the costumer service. we still havent managed to reach anybody at ASDA head office in LEEDS as we tried to contact them straight after the unfair incident! something is sure i wont let this go without a complaint put against the store manager.
It affected me so bad that i couldnt even find my sleep over it as my brain would not stop playing continiously what had gone on!!!


I wrote to ASDA to comment on what I considered was an unfair and illogical policy. They replied, ignoring most of the issues in my letter, saying that they HAD changed the policy concerned. Shortly after getting the reply I noted that they had not done anything. I approached the store manager, having received the reply and found that they had not provided the service I had commented on, only to be told that the policy HAD changed and that what I had experienced was a regrettable error. I then wrote back to their Customer Services, in Leeds, to express my concerns, disbelief and scepticism. To date I have not received a reply. When they read my second letter they probably rolled about laughing for a while whilst thinking do we give a damn?

I dared to challenge what looked like a blatant effort, on their part, to put financial concerns above customer service and their silence, so far, speaks volumes. As long as money keeps going into their pockets why should they worry about keeping their customers happy? Their web site (under "contact us") says that they want to hear comments in order to improve. In my experience they will hear but that is where it stops!!! The reply I received clearly stated that their policy had been changed in my favour and it hasn't!!

That's one of the blessings of being in a non-regulated industry you have nobody (except your shareholders) to answer to. Their attitude appears to be one of "put up with it or shut up" & "if you don't like it tough" - we don't care!!

Prove me wrong ASDA!

shocking experience

The last straw was when I recieved my two fresh brocoli with maggots on. I called to complain (customer services in South Africa), was only offered a refund for the brocoli and told the store manager would call me back the next day. Which didn't happen. Still haven't heard a thing - that was four weeks ago. I did one more order with them to give them the benefit of the doubt - two exploded yoghurts (big pots) in a shopping bag with other bits and a week and a half later, they STILL haven't taken the money out of my account for the shopping. this is because, as the lovely South African lady said, with plenty of laughter and noise in the background, 'we reserve the right to take up to 16 days to debit your account'. So our budgeting is up the creek!

The customer service is diabolical - I know Asda is cheap but it's no excuse to have crap food.